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CBS (ended 1983)


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  • Johnny Slash Rules!

    "Square Pegs" lasted only one season and it's too bad that CBS didn't renew it for a second season. CBS couldn't tell a good show from a bad show. And the TV Guide article on the show didn't help much. It's too bad, I love the show very much. I only wish that more episodes were produced and it movie to a network the accepted them. I love the characters very much, but my personal favorite is Johnny slash. he's cool and he's the best thing about the show. The rest of the cast is cool, which makes "Square Pegs," more than a show. It's one of the most coolest show I have ever sat though.
  • this show only lasted one season but it gave us great actors of tomorrow. we see sex in the city. we see kirk's son later in life from star trek search for spock. we get to see some of the before they were famous lines right here square pegs square.

    if only we let this one go another year or two. johnny was great and so was the nerd with glasses who gets fame from sex in the city. we see some of the italian stallion in here and the great arquette we know and love. some of the other actors were just square pegs but who trys to fit square pegs in round holes. we do and that is why this is funny
  • I fell in love with Sarah Jessica Parker watching this show. Long before you, Mr. Broderick

    Ms. Parker was absolutely fabulous during this show. Actually, I got to give a nod to the whole cast. The writing was suspect, but we'll be forgiving.

    How delightful that this teen star went on to bigger and better things without having to experience the terror of contemporaries. No drug issues. No eating disorders. No scandals. Just a talented actress who grew up to be an assidious member of the Hollywood elite.

    Ms. Parker is also, IMHO, the lovliest actress out there. She carries herself so very professionally, and her husband compliments her and visa versa.

    While I will probably be eternally jealous of Mr. Broderick, I can only wish them the very best, and thank them for setting an example that so many other "famous" couples would do well to emulate.

    Square Pegs introduced us to this lovely lady, and I await her next project.
  • It had potential.

    Square Pegs was created and produced by former Saturday Night Live writer Ann Beatts. Her stated goal was to make a "Dobie Gillis" for the 80s. I don't know about that, but this was a funny show about high school life. It featured an excellent cast and off-beat guest stars. Square Pegs lasted only one season and was the subject of a TV Guide article that claimed the series was ruined by rampant cocaine use. Beatts denied the charge.
  • A true cult classic

    This show was underappreciated during its original run, but over the years it has developed quite a following. We may never know the real reason why it was cancelled. There have been so many stories over the years. It doesn't even matter. This is another one of those shows that we appreciate so much more because of its short run. Had it run for five or six years we probably wouldn't remember it as fondly as we do. Everyone was so talented I don't know why they didn't all go on to be as successful as Sarah Jessica Parker, Tracy Nelson and Jami Gertz. RIP Merritt Butrick.
  • Square Pegs was a teen-age comedy with funny characters and some funny lines, but with internal problems.

    Square Pegs was a teen-age comedy that was doomed from the start. The creators were alumni of Saturday Night Live, but in the early 1980’s that wasn’t saying much. There were rumors, later confirmed in a TV Guide cover story, that drugs, especially cocaine, were in common use on the set. The most famous alumni are Sarah Jessica Parker of *Sex and the City*, Jamie Gertz of *Still Standing*, and Tracy Nelson of *Father Dowling Mysteries*. Jamie Gertz\\\'s character was a preppie that was involved and excited about every school-sponsored activity. She didn\\\'t understant why everyone didn\\\'t feel the same way. Tracy Nelson\\\'s character was a bad-girl, girlfriend of the resident hood. Sarah Jessica\\\'s character and her best friend, played by Amy Linker, were just trying to survive high school.