Square Pegs

CBS (ended 1983)


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  • Square Pegs was a teen-age comedy with funny characters and some funny lines, but with internal problems.

    Square Pegs was a teen-age comedy that was doomed from the start. The creators were alumni of Saturday Night Live, but in the early 1980’s that wasn’t saying much. There were rumors, later confirmed in a TV Guide cover story, that drugs, especially cocaine, were in common use on the set. The most famous alumni are Sarah Jessica Parker of *Sex and the City*, Jamie Gertz of *Still Standing*, and Tracy Nelson of *Father Dowling Mysteries*. Jamie Gertz\\\'s character was a preppie that was involved and excited about every school-sponsored activity. She didn\\\'t understant why everyone didn\\\'t feel the same way. Tracy Nelson\\\'s character was a bad-girl, girlfriend of the resident hood. Sarah Jessica\\\'s character and her best friend, played by Amy Linker, were just trying to survive high school.