Square Pegs

CBS (ended 1983)


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  • I fell in love with Sarah Jessica Parker watching this show. Long before you, Mr. Broderick

    Ms. Parker was absolutely fabulous during this show. Actually, I got to give a nod to the whole cast. The writing was suspect, but we'll be forgiving.

    How delightful that this teen star went on to bigger and better things without having to experience the terror of contemporaries. No drug issues. No eating disorders. No scandals. Just a talented actress who grew up to be an assidious member of the Hollywood elite.

    Ms. Parker is also, IMHO, the lovliest actress out there. She carries herself so very professionally, and her husband compliments her and visa versa.

    While I will probably be eternally jealous of Mr. Broderick, I can only wish them the very best, and thank them for setting an example that so many other "famous" couples would do well to emulate.

    Square Pegs introduced us to this lovely lady, and I await her next project.