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  • outrage

    I think it was an outrage that Larry Kudlow referred to our President as Mr. Obama on your Squawk Box program. CNBC must accept some responsibility. You pay your commentators. i pay to receive your station. I do not accept without reaction such disrespect for the office that represents the hope of the world.
  • Joes opinion on teachers unions

    Maybe you do not know a lot about wisconsin but scott walker, gov. of Wi. all but abolished the teachers union. many teachers have left the profession or have taken early retirement because of the situation here. teachers have basically O say in most that goes on in there schools. insurance has changed to the cheapest insurance,with no input from teachers, teachers cannot disagree with administration without the chance of being relieved from there position and the demands on time are max. almost every student has real close to an IEP and this is extremely time consuming. there are no unions to negotiate with school boards and administrations about wages and school year. In the last three years my wife brings home less and less every year and this year is worse than the last. You lay the blame on unions for lack of child education, I think you are 95% wrong. It is people like yourself and those in politics, who have a pulpit to preach from, THINK they have all the education answers. why cannot the teachers, those who are giving people like yourself an education so in return you can be a critic about how poor our education system is, be the ones who call some of the shots? I know letters like this go no where and it truly is a waste of my time, but I am very tired of people like yourself taking shots at our educators. by the way, I am a retired teacher of 32 years who still works to make ends meet. Larry Basky
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