Squid Girl

TV Tokyo (ended 2011)




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Squid Girl

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Squid Girl is a comedic anime series that is an adaptation of Masahiro Anbe's Shinryaku! Ika Musume (The Invader Came From the Bottom of the Sea!). Squid Girl is set in a world where the environment is continually deteriorating and the inhabitants are beginning to be fed up with the continual state of slum-like conditions. Enter Ika Musume (literally, "Squid Girl"). Tired of pollution pouring into the oceans, she decides to rise up and take the fight to those humans responsible for the mess, vowing to annihilate all those who pose a danger to her ocean-dwelling species. Though Ika Musume has the passion and drive to rid Earth of the evil culprits, as soon as she leaves the water, she is forced to confront her own limitations. Ika Musume may be a dominating presence underwater, but on land she is little more than a helpless fish out of water. Ika Musume may not have the power that she wants, but that does not stop her from undertaking her goal of bringing justice to all of the evil polluters.

Opening Themes
Season 1: "Shinryaku no Susume" (侵略ノススメ☆ ) by Ultra-Prism
Season 2: "High Powered" by Sphere

Ending Themes
Season 1: "Metamerism" (メタメリズム) by Kanae Ito
Season 2: "Kimi o Shirukoto" (君moreless

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