Squid Girl

TV Tokyo (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Shinryaku!! Ika Musume

      Won't You Break It?: The MIT Trio's game console broke, so they made a new, sturdier one for Ika Musume and Eiko to beta-test. However, it is literally impossible to play, with unbeatable game difficulties and extremely stiff buttons.

      Isn't It Normal?: The usually shy Ayumi can talk with Ika Musume and Chizuru but not Eiko. This is because they are not normal humans, which upsets Chizuru, so she tries her best to be normal.

      Won't You Hide?: Ika Musume plans to hide from the rest of the Aizawa household for the duration of the day with the hope of everyone missing her and worrying for her safety.

    • S2 Episode 12
      S2 Episode 12
      Episode 12

      Won't You Train!?: Ika Musume convinces the Lemon to have a practice invasion, in case a real one ever occurs. However, she intends for the practice to be the real deal.

      Isn't It a Festival!?: A quarrel between Ika Musume and Eiko leads to the two not talking to each other. At the festival, and with a little intervention from Kozue, they have the ultimate test of their friendship.

    • S2 Episode 11
      Episode 11

      Isn't That Hypnotism!?: Sanae tries to hypnotize the girls at the Lemon, and ultimately Ika Musume, only to have her plan blow up in her face.

      Isn't That an Alliance!?: Ayumi's father and the MIT trio team up in order to create a new Ika Musume and challenge the original in order to see which one is the true Ika Musume.

      Isn't It Just the Two of Us!?: Ika Musume tries acting more like an invader, but Chizuru doesn't react. Even worse, she wants to spend the day with Ika Musume alone.

    • S2 Episode 10
      S2 Episode 10
      Episode 10

      Won't You Grill It!?: The Aizawa household is eating yakiniku, but, thanks to Chizuru and Ika Musume, Eiko has a hard time eating anything.

      Won't You Defend Yourself!?: Since Ayumi is an easy target for boys to flirt with, she learns self-defense from Chizuru.

      Isn't It Cold!?: The MIT trio's newest invention turns a scorching day on the beach into a freezing nightmare.

    • S2 Episode 9
      S2 Episode 9
      Episode 9

      Won't You Play House!?: A little girl wants to play house with Ika Musume and company, although this little girl's imagination isn't what one might expect.

      Won't You Keep a Schedule!?: Ika Musume receives a bag and day planner hand-me-downs from Chizuru and Eiko, and tries to use them to become more organized and efficient.

      Won't You Go to an Amusement Park!?: Eiko's favorite amusement park from childhood is closing down, and she wants to relive her fond memories one last time.

    • S2 Episode 8
      S2 Episode 8
      Episode 8

      Won't You Watch the House!?: Ika Musume is left to housesit when a burglar enters.

      Won't You Quit!?: After falling into a trap, Ika Musume decides she needs to give up shrimp for her benefit.

      Isn't That Heat Stroke!?: Ika Musume and Sanae both collapse on the beach from heat stroke, but can they really be left alone safely?

    • S2 Episode 7
      S2 Episode 7
      Episode 7

      Won't You Come for Dinner!?: The Aizawa residence has dinner with Ayumi's father, and they are not used to his type of hospitality.

      Isn't That Amnesia!?: Ika Musume falls down the stairs and loses her memory and becomes very distrusting of her friends.

      Won't You Join a Club!?: Ika Musume founds an Invasion Club with Kiyomi and her friends, and they set out to "invade" as many places as they can.

    • S2 Episode 6
      S2 Episode 6
      Episode 6

      Won't You Go Jogging!?: Goro spends the whole day jogging with Chizuru so he can be alone with her. Meanwhile, Ika Musume, Eiko, and Takeru sightsee around the city.

      Aren't You Special Police!?: In order to protect her, Sanae becomes Ika Musume's personal bodyguard. She just has to make sure not to let her desires get the best of her.

      Won't You Go on an Adventure!?: Mini-Ika Musume is flown out of a window and has a grandiose adventure on the way back home.

    • S2 Episode 5
      S2 Episode 5
      Episode 5

      Isn't That Radio-Controlled!?: Takeru gets a new toy car, but Ika Musume ends up breaking it. Feeling guilty, she needs to find a way to make up to him.

      Isn't That Tanabata!?: Among all her desires, Ika Musume needs to make just one wish to place on the Tanabata bamboo tree.

      Won't You Play by Yourself!?: Everyone is busy, so Ika Musume is left to play by herself.

    • S2 Episode 4
      S2 Episode 4
      Episode 4

      Isn't That English!?: Being an American, Cindy is quite fluent in English, and tutors the Aizawa household, with Ika Musume being quick to adapt to a new English. Eiko, however, has difficulties.

      Won't You Stop It!?: Ika Musume derives joy from trying to tickle others, Chizuru included. This leads to her getting hiccups and needing to find a way to stop them.

      Won't You Go with the Flow!?: Ika Musume joins Takeru and his friends as they races grass boats at the river. Ika Musume enjoys a fantastic voyage and ends up following hers all the way to the ocean.

    • S2 Episode 3
      S2 Episode 3
      Episode 3

      Won't You Go for a Walk!?: Sanae's dog, Alex, is jealous of all the attention Ika Musume receives from his master, but Eiko suggests Ika Musume take him for a walk so they can get to one another better.

      Won't You Do Exercises!?: Ika Musume sees a group of people doing morning exercises and unconsciously begins doing them all day.

      Won't You Help People!?: Ika Musume joins Goro as a lifesaver, but can only protect the sea in her own way.

    • S2 Episode 2
      S2 Episode 2
      Episode 2

      Won't You Go to Elementary School!?: Ika Musume follows Takeru to elementary school and quickly becomes the most popular "student" there.

      Won't You Cosplay!?: Nagisa dresses as a boy to overcome her fear of Ika Musume, and Ayumi dresses as a maid to overcome her shyness.

      Aren't You Lighter!?: One of Ika Musume's squid abilities is being able to drastically change her weight and Eiko and Chizuru want to know the secret.

    • S2 Episode 1
      S2 Episode 1
      Episode 1

      Aren't You Going to Invade!?: Ika Musume renews her resolve to invade the surface, and is about as successful as ever.

      Aren't They Love Rivals!?: Sanae is jealous of Kiyomi for being such a close friend of Ika Musume.

      Isn't That a Jellyfish!?: An overflow of jellyfish leads to a contest on the beach to see who can catch the most.

  • Season 1
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