Season 1 Episode 4

Chalky Trouble

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Nov 06, 2005 on Adult Swim



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    • Granny: We ain't drivin' no witches from his body.
      Early: Well it's done.
      Granny: Tonight we hold today we hate whitey rally.
      Rusty: Look at my hand daddy.
      Early: Yeah. I see that.
      Rusty: It hurts!

    • Early: ...Now go ahead and put your arm up right here.
      Rusty: Why I gotta do that for, Daddy?
      Early: Witches be gone from his body!
      (Early cuts one of Rusty's tentacles off)
      Rusty: Ahh!!
      Early: My will has been done!

    • Granny: Russell, you ready for the special night tonight?
      Rusty: What we goin' to do? Go down Atlanta and whip our shirts off? Start a bunch of bull mess?
      Early: Nope, funner than that.

    • Early: He ain't ready.
      Granny: That's not rightly fair Early. We all of us love them Doobie Brothers.
      Early: Yeah, I reckon you right. Damn them Doobies and they Chinese grove.

    • Early: Rusty, what do you think of white people?
      Rusty: Well, I reckon they ok, specially them Doobie Brothers!

    • Lil: Your mama's white.
      Rusty: No!
      Lil: And fat as hell too

    • Sheriff: Now Rusty, if it weren't for us whites, your land right over here would be completely overrun by red indians.
      Early: (pulls out gun) Uh uh, hell no! (shoots) Not this land, red man! (continues to shoot) Now get on back to your teepees!

    • Early: Santa Claus is dead!

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