Season 1 Episode 5

Family Trouble

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Nov 13, 2005 on Adult Swim



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    • Krystal: Kinda looks like Charlie Sheen?
      Rusty: Not him either.
      Krystal: Or is Charlie Sheen?
      Rusty: Mmm no, not Charlie Sheen.
      Crystal: Is he a football team?
      Rusty: Nope.
      Crystal: Is he the groundkeeping crew for the football team?
      Rusty: No.
      Crystal: Are you sure it's not Charlie Sheen?
      Rusty: No momma, Early Kyler's his name! About yay high> I've been told we look alike espically around the eye region same shape of eye you know right here?

    • Krystal: How is your daddy?
      Rusty: Ah he's good, he's good, just got out of prison not to long ago.
      Krystal: No I am sorry. Who, who's your daddy? Anyone I know?
      Rusty: Uhh, Early Cuyler.
      Crystal: Tall guy?
      Rusty: Nope.
      Crystal: Big belly?
      Rusty: No, not the one.

    • Doctor: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Congratulations! Somebody's pregnant!
      Shreiff: Uhh actually doctor, we're here to find out who's dad he is.
      Doctor: Of who? This rabbit? This is dead.

    • Early: I told you boy, if your momma's white then that makes me a damn chalky lover. Now do I look like a chakly lover to you?!?
      Rusty: Well I don't know daddy you do drink alot.
      Early: Yes I do and I fight.

    • Rusty: Bitch.
      Early: Russell! You need to respectify your Aunt Lil!

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