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  • its terrible

    this show just sucks its just people getting shot and explosions. the plot to it is just stupied sqids are rednecks and they just blow $h!t up it will make you brain dead aqua teen is atleast good this is just stupied. i dont know what is wrong with these people giving this show a ten its pathetic. the people that like this show probably have adhd and they have to see explosions and guns every second. i tried watching this one episode i couldnt even watch it through till the end. so thats my review for this crappy show.
  • it isnt very good

    Squidbillies is about a bunch of redneck squids who live in the applachain mountains the is a father a son a grandma and another 1 i odnt rememberw ho she is. There is also a sheriff. They go around doing stupid redneck things trying to be funny but rarely suceeding. The animaiton is one of the worst I have ever seen besides home movies and 12 oz. mouse. If the animation was better the show would be a little better. The only really funny part was the patrick swayze epsiode when rusty was dancing on him. I have watched this show like 12 times it reminds me of athf.I wouldnt really care if it got cancelled.
  • A poorly drawn cartoon about hillbillies... in the form of squids

    This show has a bad background. All the characters seem to be able to randomly die, it's not funny anymore. It was good with Kenny (south park). The jokes aren't funny, it's just proving how retarded they are and we're supposed to enjoy that? The art is equally horrible. Doesn't give much to want to watch, I could enjoy/dislike it just as well without watching and just listening to it while I do other things, there's nothing there in terms of visual. The characters are also random to a degree where it's got funny lines like my favorite quote from this
    "But I want one of those tiny babies... you know... the kind that I can cuddle and hug and leave in the backseat of a hot car as I go play Video Poker". As entertaining as that one was, it's not enough to have one laugh every few disturbing episodes to make up for it.
  • i dont get this show?

    the graphics are horrible, the caracters are lame, why??? why would they put this on adult swim!! Futurama and Family guy are ok but the others and squidbillies rot! ugh! it doesn't even make sense! Squids on a show for adults, how lame! You know what, no wonder its before the good shows, this i can't stand, i just wish i can go to the place were its running and destroy it! and they sound so stupid, i hate this show so much! ah, its just my opinion, i don't really care who likes it or not, so theres my opinion.
  • Its a laugh at your own poor judgement and lack of character, but dont worry nobodys gonna notice, afterall its only comedy.

    How do you describe a masterpiece? using words like perfection, brilliant and fantastic. But that has absolutely nothing to do with what Im about to say about Squidbillies. Ok ehm umm this show is like a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bag of pork rinds, you know you shouldnt consume but you do so irregretably when your angry..and desperate..and alone. Squidbillies, is a random fusion of squids and hillbillies in case some of you couldn't have guessed that, in which case I pity you. Well anyway, this shows about Family values, patriotism, hard honest work, and so much more Bull..I mean Bologina, no actualy its about making fun of all those and poking jokes at minorites, handicap,and the lot. Watching this show youd expect the main character Early to just pop out of the TV set grab your throat and say "what you starin at boy?"
    So do take his advice and look away, then when hes gone get right back to staring until your eyeballs bleed. Don't worry about gettin a job or anything productive like that, just plop down and enjoy the obscene, outrageously offensive, perverse and insanely violent nature of Squidbillies. Yes Sir, thats what God and mother earth intened.
  • One of the better shows Adult Swim has

    When I watch this show, it makes me laugh. That's really all that matters to me. I don't care if this show's not the best drawn or if it is squids living on land. I just find the characters funny. You have a trashy redneck squid who got released from prison early and lives in a trailer park with a trashy wife and son. The sherieff doesn't seem to do much about anything. Well at least this show isn't a bunch of crap like a lot of the other shows on Adult Swim. For a 15 minute show, this is pretty good.
  • Wait. Wait for it. Wait.

    Many people think this show is stupid. I don't. I personally love this show. I even downloaded the theme onto my MP3. The animation may not be good, but its a LOT better then 12oz Mouse! Even though 12oz Mouse is a good show. So give it a shot. If ya don't like, or even hate it, well than, get ready for some serial pain, cause we still got 90 more episodes to go. >:^)
  • So completely Hilarious. Give it a shot!

    Squidbillies is fantastically funny, full of funny things to say and hear, funny images and dialogue, this is great. If you love adult comedy, namely anything [adult swim], you will love Squidbillies. Completely original and well-done, give it a chance; if you know what comedy is, you won't be disappointed.
  • Squidbillies is the kind of cartoon show that you can relate to Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I think it is fuinnier than ATHF. The humour in Squid Billies is hilarious. It makes it even more funny when you know people that are "Rednecks" I really do enjoy this

    Squidbillies is the kind of cartoon show that you can relate to Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I think it is fuinnier than ATHF. The humour in Squid Billies is hilarious. It makes it even more funny when you know people that are \"Rednecks\" So if you get a kick out of if you are a southerner. Early and his son Rusty and Early's sister Lil, are a bunch of squids living in the Gorgia mountains. In a episode Rusty got hurt in a "Cock Fight" so Early had to homeschool him and that was some funny sh*t. I recomend this show to anyone that watches Adult Swim
  • I think this show is just like ATHF. It is so funny! I can tell it'll be on for a long time.

    I agree, npmadman88. This show is so freakin' hilarious! Especially in the new episode where Early beats up Granny, thinking that it's Rusty. How could you think that this show is not great? It's awesome! I think that it's the best thing since Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Squidbillies is awesome!
  • A family of inbred squids that tear ass out of all of north Georgia.

    This show is about a family of squids who are rednecks. This show may not have good animation, but neither does 12 Oz. Mouse, Stroker & Hoop, Perfect Hair Forever, and Tom Goes To The Mayor, but it is funny as heck. This show was written by the same people that wrote The Brak Show, Aqua Teen, Space Ghost:C2C, ect. The patriach of the squid clan, Early spent 15 years in jail, has a short temper, hates white people, and is quite the drinker. His illegitimate son, Rusty, was raised by wolves and is now being raised by his aunt and his father. For the most part, he misses the wolves. Granny is both a voice of wisdom & confusion, mainly confusion, and she refuses to die. The aunt, Lil, cares for her nephew when she isn't making meth. Sheriff is the crappiest sheriff in all of Georgia. Believe me, I live in Georgia. He thinks he is Rusty's father. Rusty's mother is fat and sleep's with anybody. That is America's favorite family in a nutshell.
  • It doesn't get better than this one. The writers definitly have a great understanding of the "White Trash" Culture.It is Laugh out loud funny.

    This show has it all, Guns, Cursing, Mullets and Drinking. I think the family this is base on lives down the road from me. A true celebration of "White Trash". It is as funny to look at as it is to listen to. Dads quick to curse, kuss and shoot any thing. I want to live there and hang out with Son #2. Mullets and Acne are funny on any species. A laugh out loud classic
  • Alright but it could be better

    This show seems of been created in the image of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (An excellent show) but lacks the quality.

    The sloppy animation, though intentional and sometimes funny, takes away from the show (I feel the same with that 12oz. Mouse which isn't real funny at all).

    Early with the shotgun moments are probably the best and the sheriff adds pretty well to the story (especially in the job-search episode)

    It does indeed have its moments but wouldn't be too sad to see it cancelled.

    I must say that at first this show was a little hard to follow, and the episode where they light a big bonfire and yell about "whites" borders on inane; however, overall it is a freaking hilarious show. The humor ranges from blatant to subtle (and the subtle humor is some of the best on tv). It truly captures the essence of white trash, podunk, redneck, etc. I hope they release many more seasons of this show!
  • Average

    In the class of off-the-wall comedies like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, this show really doesn't enhance it's genre. It's just more of the same in a different setting. It could turn out to be a good show in another season if they let it grow, but I doubt it.

  • Best new show (cartoon or not) in ages

    I don't understand how anyone who enjoys sarcastic, eccentric comedy doesn't love this show. The two most common criticisms are missing the point. First, the rough animation is appropriate, and in perfect keeping with the show's tone and content. Second, the redneck-inspired humor is hilariously accurate---and besides, how could anyone take offense at jokes mocking stupid people? The show isn't insulting all southerners, just dumb ones. Face it, there are lots of people like these squid...but they tend to get mad if you laugh at them.

    The show's simplistic presentation masks a nonstop stream of hilarious jokes. I rarely watch any show more than once, but I've seen the job-hunt episode four times and catch something new every time. Just about every line is absurdly amusing. I sincerely hope the show continues, and finds the audience it deserves.
  • One of the funniest shows I've seen; an excellent parody of hillbilly life.

    Squidbillies is simultaneously one of the funniest shows I've seen in years, and an excellent parody of hillbilly life. As an outsider living near where the show's supposed to be set, it is easy for me to relate to - and while it took a while, I'm addicted now!

    Since I started watching Adult Swim, I've enjoyed quite a few of their non-anime shows, but few of them have come close to being as funny as Squidbillies (perhaps Aqua Teen Hunger Force is closest; the two shows share a lot in terms of their bizarre nature, but Squidbillies is a more direct parody a theme than is ATHF).

    To the folks who claim to hate it, let me say this. I've gotten four or five close friends to watch Squidbillies. In every case, they claimed not to like it after the first episode. In every case, I twisted their arm into watching another one or two episodes, by which time they were falling about laughing and asking to see more. Each time, I then got them to rewatch the first episode and they've loved it.

    To summarise: Watch it a bit more; you'll like it. You just have to give it a chance, relax, and stop trying to find fault. ;)
  • Out of the Blue!

    "Five million years ago, the Atlantic Ocean covered North America all the way to the Ohio Valley. As the ocean receded to form our present-day geography, a family of squids was stranded in a remote setting in the North Georgia mountains. This motley melange of mischievous mollusks, influenced by the rural ways of the redneck locals, quickly "adapticise" to a world of fighting, feuding and fornicating with a Faulknerian flambé of ferocious sea creature livin'. The humor lies in the "adapticization.""

    That nails the hammer on the head. Squidbillies is suprisingly good, I can't wait for the next season to start!

  • Earl (Early) Cuyler, his son Rusty and his sister Lil are three of the most redneck squids you will ever find this side of the Mississip'! Their crazy backwards antics are approaching endearing, though oddly not far from the North Georgian truth.

    This show outright caught me off guard. The first time I watched it (the pilot episode) my first instinct was "what the hell???" The second episode too really only left me shaking my head in confusion. Sadly, I actually stopped watching this show for a time after this.
    Not much long after though, a friend pointed out that not only are they releasing new episodes, the later episodes of the first season were quite funny! After a bit of convincing, I tried again. I promise you, if you stick with it, you won't be disappointed!!!
    This show takes place in North Georgia. Early, an ex-con, his illegitmate son Rusty and his sister Lil live together in a shack of sorts, but the story takes place all over the town. Without delving into the specifics of the story, just imagine the most hickish people you can, given the above characters and you've got your story!
    The characters are extremely convincing down to the subtle nuances of hillbillishness! The humor is very dry, but if you have any experience with this sort of culture, you'll instantly see the writers of the show are very accurate. This show has quickly become a favorite of mine, and I cannot wait for the new episodes!
  • Same hillbilly steretypes, different squids.

    Now here\'s where they lose me, at this point in the evening, I just can\'t enjoy this or 12 oz. mouse al much as all the other shows. The animation is cruder and the plots are looser. In a mountain town in North Georgia, squid Early Cuyler lives with his sister Lil (who looks like a squid version of Hedwig and the Angry Inch), and illegitimate son Rusty. Other residents are a Sherriff who likes jazzercise, a giant snake and a guy named Dan Halen who looks a lot like a troll doll. Remember that Comedy Network show Kevin Spencer? It\'s alot like that, only their squids. They embody pretty much every hillbilly stereotype you can think of in a way that\'s not as endearing as My Name Is Earl or as funny as Cletus and Brandine on The Simpsons. Crude in more than one way.
  • Its like driving past a car accident.

    This series reminds me of a guy I work with and my next door neighbor and maybe thats the only reason I watch it, or maybe just because its on before 12 OZ MOUSE. SQUIDBILLIES is wrong on so many levels, the revolting 1000 pound woman with enormous folds of fat who lives on a mattress in a closed down trailer park who is the mother of an unholy union between her and a land squid named Early is the worst of it. Followed next by the mother of Early who hangs suspended from a walker - her tentacles remain 2 feet above ground so why does she have a walker? I dunno.

    Most of the time when I record it I fly thru it in 5 minutes, pausing just long enough to figure out what the story is.

    On 2nd thought Ill have to cut the rating to 4 after thinking about it.
  • It's not bad.

    Yes, yes, a typical hillbilly show, expect there not humans, but squids. I like the random humor of the show. It's so friggin stupid that's it's actually almost good. However, the show lacks good storylines. also, it lacks character developement, even in terms of the main characters. I also like the animation of the show. It sure does beat mess like Assy Mcgee and 12 oz. Mouse. However, all of adult swim's pilots lack good storylines, which is why they don't last very long. None the less, this is likely the only decent pilot they have now besides Robot Chicken. I would of gave it a lower score, but the random humor is so stupid tat's is amazing.
  • Squidbillies--NOTHING like it--now or ever!!

    The only thing I don't like about Squidbillies is that it's only 15 minutes long! More episode please and make them at least one half hour! I lived in New York City for 25 years and moved to West Virginia two years ago--Early--you are my role model!--Those city slickers have nothing on you!!! You got the wisdom. guts and glory of the "Hills" coursing through your veins!!! Love the way you cut through all the crap--so refreshing after living with pretentious New Yorkers for SOO many years!! Would be great if you made your hats available to the public! Think up a few more logo's and sell "Early" hats, folks!! Hang in there Rusty--it's hard to be a teenager--but you'll make it--You're country folk--!!!! Hope to see this cartoon unfold like the rare wildflower that it is!!!! MORE!! Bravo!!!!!!
  • This show is ok lol.

    There are lots of things I can say about this show. But I will only say this. It is ok. Just thinking about some of it makes me luagh. The show has virtually no plot accept this. They are squids... in the deep south. Now there is no story line for this show it begins and ends in thirty minutes. Now sometimes they die in the end of the episode and they come right back in the next one. That right there is a weird part. But overall the weirdest episode is the first one. Showing how Rusty grew up. The sheriff is my favorite character.
  • A bunch of squids live in the georgia mountains and are always getting into trouble

    I was hook when I first saw this show one of the best shows on adult swim urly cyler and rusty are so awsome and dan halen has to be the best villian ever created for a cartoon and I know alot of people who would say the animations are crude and the topics for episodes are a little dirty but thats whats funny about it that aspect of the show really adds to the trashy redneck story just the things they do are hilarious like making pine cone liqur or pulling a random weapon out of thin air one of my personel favorites
  • I laugh harder than ever when I see this show

    Anyone who hates this show has absolutely no taste. The show revolves around a family of anthropomorphic hillbilly squids-The Cuyler family-that live in the north Georgia mountains in poverty.

    Frankly when I saw this first I just fell in love with it instantley. I love how the Characters are always killed like in South Park and Drawn Together. Dan Halen would have to be my favorite as hes Bad A** and his hair is long and Red like mine! My first guess for his voice would have been Kelsey Grammer instead of Todd Hanson. Also Early would have to be my second Fav. Overall I just love this show and to those with no sense of Humor would only hate this show!
  • whats the point of a summary again?

    This is one of the best and the worst shows i have ever watched!!! You feel kinda bad after laughing at some of the things on the show but then you forget about it and end up laughing all over again. And for all you people who dont get it, well let me tell you its not one of those shows that you're supposed to get. Its pointlessly funny. Like many other shows. That includes: Family Guy, American Dad, even kids shows like Spongebob are stupid. With that I conclude, Squidbillies is one that best shows in the whole adult swim lineup if not in the whole world.
  • Possibly one of the best shows out there!

    Even though the animation isn't entirely professional, it's possibly one of the most artistic show on [adult swim]. These days, television isn't really based on animation, so we have to look at another point of view. I'm not a southerner, yet this is one of my favorite shows out there. It's a very funny show, normally having random events. Since it's created by the people of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the story plot is sort of the same, just with hillbilly squid paint. If you give it a chance, you'll see more emotion and the plot of the show. So, just give it a chance and you'll be amazed.
  • Funny, and awesome to look at.

    I checked this show out because it's from the guy who does Meatwad and Carl on Aqua Teen. It's not exactly like Aqua Teen but that's cool because Squidbillies is awesome in its own way. Aqua Teen is great because of the stream of bizarre talking coming out of the characters mouths. Squidbillies is pretty similar when it comes to Early Cuyler, who is an obnoxious violent outlaw redneck squid. His rambling is hilariously musical much like the best Master Shake lines.

    The backgrounds in this show are amazing. The crookedness and the colors and the texture looks cooler than any cartoon I've ever seen. The lines on the characters are squiggly, and some of them look like childrens drawings. In a totally awesome way. The animation is way better than I'd expect an Adult Swim show to have. The characters move smoothly and gesture and make expressions very well.
  • Squidbillies isn't laugh-out-loud-until-you-spray-milk-out-your-nose funny, but it is enjoyable.

    Squidbillies is about hillbilly squids that live in the Georgia mountains. The characters are Early Cuyler, the prejudiced father who hates white people, Russel "Rusty" Cuyler, Early's son that often tries (and usually fails) to emulate his father in every way, Lil Cuyler, Early's sister, and Granny Cuyler, Early and Lil's grandmother and Rusty's great grandmother. The show has no real plot, it just centers on the Cuyler's daily lives. The premise is one of the most absurd of any TV show. It somewhat resembles Aqua Teen Hunger Force in the fact that most episodes have little to no continuity. Grade: C
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