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  • not worth the cable bill.

    Adult-swim/Williams Street is truly scraping the bottom of the barrel with crap like this. Crude humor, horrible animation, earbleed-inducing voices, dimestore plot and stories, it just plain sucks. Do yourself a favor, skip this, along with that \"12 oz Mouse\" crap. Just wait 15 minutes for something else to come on.
  • Without a doubt the WORST show I have ever seen!!

    This is so bad, I can't even think of how to begin to describe how awful this show is, but I will try. I have only seen about two or three episodes, or maybe four and I don't know how I lived through it. If you have never seen it, just do yourself a favor and never ever watch it because you will regret it for the rest of your life if you even watch more than 1 minute of this crap. The show is not really about anything, just squid-like creatures doing stupid stuff. This is so bad it makes adult men cry. I wish I could rate it 0.0 (or negative infinity), but the rating bar won't let me go below 0.5. So that's all I have to say because I think I'm going to be sick if I think about this show any longer. Just avoid Squidbillies forever.
  • A cartoon that uses hillbilly and redneck stereotypes for a show.

    This show is pretty damn horrible, I've been
    a fan of Cn shows but this one is like one
    user said the bottom of the barrel. There
    is really no incentive to watch this. The
    animation is cheap, the characters are
    unlikable and the show's quick gimmick
    of southern stereotypes gets old very quickly.

    If you want a better toon watch the Boondocks,
    Venture Bros of AQHF.
  • My god,this is worse than 12. oz Mouse

    You think this is good ?

    Then you are ret-arded

    This show is like drawn by me,director and writer can go to hell,and drink some wet sperm,and animators,only the poor people,they must doing this fack.
  • Please somebody tell me what the $*#% am I watching?

    Normally, I give a show three chances to impress me, but after seeing only one episode of Squidbillies, I couldn't handle another episode. The show has no plot, no story, and absolutely no comedy in it. The artwork is terrible to look at, colors are washed out, and everyone looks so poorly drawn. The animation leaves a whole lot be desired, its choppy and its confusing to tell what's going on a lot of the time and it seems very stiff. The humor is nonexistent in this show, there is not to be a single laugh, chuckle, or even a snicker to be found in this show at all. All the episodes seem to rely instead is rants about certain things that contribute nothing to the episode and it makes the audience try to laugh at it but it's so stupid and unfunny. The episodes themselves are just flat out confusing, it starts with a single plot point but then in 2 minutes, 50 more appear and the show becomes a jumbles mess filled with plot points that are never resolved. There is absolutely no story at all in each episode and it seems like I am watching a bunch of rejected jokes. I truly can't believe a show like this exists, it has no plot, the stories are all over the place and makes no sense, plot points are introduced and forgotten, it has bad artwork, there is no humor, it just no appeal. I urge everyone to stay far away from this ugly mess of a show.
  • Two wrong things don't make one good

    This series mixes the comedy of a psyco with the drawing of a little kid. It's as bad as 12 oz. mouse.
  • Just terrible....

    Squidbillies, where do I begin? This show is just insanely awful. I think I'll begin with the characters. The characters are boring and unfunny, much like this entire show. Unless you are a hard core hill-Billy, you can not connect to the characters at all! They are stupid, uneducated, and unfunny! Let's move on to the episodes. I have only seen a few episodes and they were terrible. They were plain and very boring. They were also unoriginal. I can't help but feel that my cat could write better episodes, hell - my cat could create a better series! Now to my last factor, the plot of the show. A television show that revolves around the lives of ignorant hill-Billy squids just sounds stupid. And hey guess what?, IT IS!!! Squid hill-Billys has got to be the worst idea for a show since TV Funhouse (the comedy central tv show, not the SNL skits - those were actually okay). Squidbillies will go down in the TV hall of shame alongside the likes of Jersey Shore and Flavor Of Love! That is why I have rated it a ONE!
  • @%#^%^*%#$!!!!

    This show is not even funny at all and to make matters worse, it is on late at night when the majority of people are sleeping. I would rather sleep. It completely reminds me of ATHF with all the crude humor involved. Please do not watch this and watch Family Guy!!!

    It is not worth staying up and drinking Red Bull to watch this.
  • Rednek squids?

    What I hate about this show, is the fact that it does not make any sense. Racist, rednek, crappily drawn squids are the main characters. They live in a human's world on land with no water and live. And to top that off none of the human characters don't find that odd. Why did we get a second season?
  • its terrible

    this show just sucks its just people getting shot and explosions. the plot to it is just stupied sqids are rednecks and they just blow $h!t up it will make you brain dead aqua teen is atleast good this is just stupied. i dont know what is wrong with these people giving this show a ten its pathetic. the people that like this show probably have adhd and they have to see explosions and guns every second. i tried watching this one episode i couldnt even watch it through till the end. so thats my review for this crappy show.
  • i dont get this show?

    the graphics are horrible, the caracters are lame, why??? why would they put this on adult swim!! Futurama and Family guy are ok but the others and squidbillies rot! ugh! it doesn't even make sense! Squids on a show for adults, how lame! You know what, no wonder its before the good shows, this i can't stand, i just wish i can go to the place were its running and destroy it! and they sound so stupid, i hate this show so much! ah, its just my opinion, i don't really care who likes it or not, so theres my opinion.
  • Squid + Hillbilly = wasted 15 minutes of your life...

    After forcing myself to watch two episode, this is easily the second worst idea Williams Street has had (12 oz. Mouse being the first).

    The writers/animators at Comedy Central could have done a better job with this idea... even FOX could have done better, but the concept is bad from the start.
  • Why would Adult Swim use squids for a show?

    I really don't like this show. I mean, it's just a pathetic show about redneck squids! 'Squidbillies' has got to be one of the dumbest shows that Adult Swim has come up with, I mean REALLY!!! I don't even know why someone would watch this! If you want to watch something on Adult Swim, watch 'FullMetal Alchemist'. I am warning you, do not watch this! I don't care if more than 5,000 users disagree with my review.
  • A poorly drawn cartoon about hillbillies... in the form of squids

    This show has a bad background. All the characters seem to be able to randomly die, it's not funny anymore. It was good with Kenny (south park). The jokes aren't funny, it's just proving how retarded they are and we're supposed to enjoy that? The art is equally horrible. Doesn't give much to want to watch, I could enjoy/dislike it just as well without watching and just listening to it while I do other things, there's nothing there in terms of visual. The characters are also random to a degree where it's got funny lines like my favorite quote from this
    "But I want one of those tiny babies... you know... the kind that I can cuddle and hug and leave in the backseat of a hot car as I go play Video Poker". As entertaining as that one was, it's not enough to have one laugh every few disturbing episodes to make up for it.
  • This show is horrible!

    Okay, I'm from the south, and we don't act like these stupid squids do! All of the jokes are not funny to me. Some of it is just gross! The plot is uninteresting, just some squids acting stupid in the south. The characters(can't remember all of their names because I haven't seen the show in a while) are not good either. I'm sorry if my review makes people that like this show mad, it's just my opinion. Watch Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad, or anything else other than this. You will waste 15 minutes of your life watching this. Bad plot, characters, and jokes.
  • This show is odd

    This show really confuses me. After watching about ten episodes, I can honestly say that, next to ATHF, this is one of the oddest shows I have ever seen. Sometimes there is some real humor, but most of the time its just crude. The artwork and animation is terrible, but I guess that's intentional. Overall, I wouldn't recommend it, unless its to a strange friend who has nothing else better to do.
  • Aqua teen is funny but this isn't.

    this may be one of the worst shows ever made. its just squids that are rednecks?! and they just shoot stuff and talk about something stupid and half the time i dont even know whats going on. the animation is lazy and so are the jokes and the overall show. ive seen three episodes and they all sucked its 15 minutes like most shows on adult swim and i dont ever see commercials for it i dont watch adult swim all that much but i dont see any commercials i dont know if the show is still running either way i dont know anyone that watches it.
  • A huge dissapointment

    I respect everything the William Street people are doing. Having programs with off-kilter humor and showcasing great adult cartoons that don't have to be Southpark or Drawn Together (Filled with unnecessary amount of unfunny profanity). So when I heard they were coming out with two new original shows 12 oz. Mouse and Squidbillies I was completely stoked. Then I saw them.

    To start off Squidbillies and 12 oz are just not funny at all. They are way to weird (Not cool weird) that it's just like they were trying to hard. That is a perfect way to sum this show up trying WAY to hard to be funny. It just doesn't work although with ATHF which is sort of the same brand of humor but it actually works. ATHF has good characters an actual humor.

    So overall these shows are just trying to hard and it was a big let down. William Street I expect so much more with shows like Home Movies, ATHF, and Harvey Birdman you can do obscure humor. Squidbillies and 12 oz Mouse are just big bombs of a show I'm sorry.
  • Wait..What?

    What on earth is this? This isn't a show, its random compilation of redneck sterotypes and stupid jokes, complete with the fact that it doesn't really even make sense. I mean, I'm sure this was simply a last minute idea, that someone didn't expect to even make it to prime time, but somehow it did, and the result is a show that is now on primetime and does not deserve its timeslot. Hey, its the Beverly Hillbilles with squids that somehow got stranded on DRY land, which could not happen. I know this is a cartoon, but still, its pointless. There are better things you could be watching.
  • Average

    In the class of off-the-wall comedies like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, this show really doesn't enhance it's genre. It's just more of the same in a different setting. It could turn out to be a good show in another season if they let it grow, but I doubt it.

  • it isnt very good

    Squidbillies is about a bunch of redneck squids who live in the applachain mountains the is a father a son a grandma and another 1 i odnt rememberw ho she is. There is also a sheriff. They go around doing stupid redneck things trying to be funny but rarely suceeding. The animaiton is one of the worst I have ever seen besides home movies and 12 oz. mouse. If the animation was better the show would be a little better. The only really funny part was the patrick swayze epsiode when rusty was dancing on him. I have watched this show like 12 times it reminds me of athf.I wouldnt really care if it got cancelled.
  • Its a laugh at your own poor judgement and lack of character, but dont worry nobodys gonna notice, afterall its only comedy.

    How do you describe a masterpiece? using words like perfection, brilliant and fantastic. But that has absolutely nothing to do with what Im about to say about Squidbillies. Ok ehm umm this show is like a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bag of pork rinds, you know you shouldnt consume but you do so irregretably when your angry..and desperate..and alone. Squidbillies, is a random fusion of squids and hillbillies in case some of you couldn't have guessed that, in which case I pity you. Well anyway, this shows about Family values, patriotism, hard honest work, and so much more Bull..I mean Bologina, no actualy its about making fun of all those and poking jokes at minorites, handicap,and the lot. Watching this show youd expect the main character Early to just pop out of the TV set grab your throat and say "what you starin at boy?"
    So do take his advice and look away, then when hes gone get right back to staring until your eyeballs bleed. Don't worry about gettin a job or anything productive like that, just plop down and enjoy the obscene, outrageously offensive, perverse and insanely violent nature of Squidbillies. Yes Sir, thats what God and mother earth intened.
  • Alright but it could be better

    This show seems of been created in the image of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (An excellent show) but lacks the quality.

    The sloppy animation, though intentional and sometimes funny, takes away from the show (I feel the same with that 12oz. Mouse which isn't real funny at all).

    Early with the shotgun moments are probably the best and the sheriff adds pretty well to the story (especially in the job-search episode)

    It does indeed have its moments but wouldn't be too sad to see it cancelled.
  • It's not bad.

    Yes, yes, a typical hillbilly show, expect there not humans, but squids. I like the random humor of the show. It's so friggin stupid that's it's actually almost good. However, the show lacks good storylines. also, it lacks character developement, even in terms of the main characters. I also like the animation of the show. It sure does beat mess like Assy Mcgee and 12 oz. Mouse. However, all of adult swim's pilots lack good storylines, which is why they don't last very long. None the less, this is likely the only decent pilot they have now besides Robot Chicken. I would of gave it a lower score, but the random humor is so stupid tat's is amazing.
  • Same hillbilly steretypes, different squids.

    Now here\'s where they lose me, at this point in the evening, I just can\'t enjoy this or 12 oz. mouse al much as all the other shows. The animation is cruder and the plots are looser. In a mountain town in North Georgia, squid Early Cuyler lives with his sister Lil (who looks like a squid version of Hedwig and the Angry Inch), and illegitimate son Rusty. Other residents are a Sherriff who likes jazzercise, a giant snake and a guy named Dan Halen who looks a lot like a troll doll. Remember that Comedy Network show Kevin Spencer? It\'s alot like that, only their squids. They embody pretty much every hillbilly stereotype you can think of in a way that\'s not as endearing as My Name Is Earl or as funny as Cletus and Brandine on The Simpsons. Crude in more than one way.
  • Its like driving past a car accident.

    This series reminds me of a guy I work with and my next door neighbor and maybe thats the only reason I watch it, or maybe just because its on before 12 OZ MOUSE. SQUIDBILLIES is wrong on so many levels, the revolting 1000 pound woman with enormous folds of fat who lives on a mattress in a closed down trailer park who is the mother of an unholy union between her and a land squid named Early is the worst of it. Followed next by the mother of Early who hangs suspended from a walker - her tentacles remain 2 feet above ground so why does she have a walker? I dunno.

    Most of the time when I record it I fly thru it in 5 minutes, pausing just long enough to figure out what the story is.

    On 2nd thought Ill have to cut the rating to 4 after thinking about it.
  • Squidbillies isn't laugh-out-loud-until-you-spray-milk-out-your-nose funny, but it is enjoyable.

    Squidbillies is about hillbilly squids that live in the Georgia mountains. The characters are Early Cuyler, the prejudiced father who hates white people, Russel "Rusty" Cuyler, Early's son that often tries (and usually fails) to emulate his father in every way, Lil Cuyler, Early's sister, and Granny Cuyler, Early and Lil's grandmother and Rusty's great grandmother. The show has no real plot, it just centers on the Cuyler's daily lives. The premise is one of the most absurd of any TV show. It somewhat resembles Aqua Teen Hunger Force in the fact that most episodes have little to no continuity. Grade: C
  • this is pretty funny but......eh

    The thing about this show is that it comes with a catch, it is really funny but the artwork is horrible. I mean just take a look at the sherif, my dog can draw better than that. This show isn't bad its just that the artwork is bad and i cant really understand what's going on. There is so much clutter from the mediocre artwork i cant really tell what is happening. I like this show butt i cant give it a score higher than a 7.5, it doesn't deserve it.
  • Just sit down on the a bed. Stick your feet up in the air. And pass the home made pipe bomb around.

    Squidbillies is actually quite funny. It's definately a replacement for 12 ounce mouse or Tom goes to the mayor. It's another one of those "Relax'r" shows where you have your laughs without the annoying suspense following it. Except for some crude jokes the show has original comedy. (Going to the therapist which turns out to be the rapist.)

    7.6 is my score.
  • Wait. Wait for it. Wait.

    Many people think this show is stupid. I don't. I personally love this show. I even downloaded the theme onto my MP3. The animation may not be good, but its a LOT better then 12oz Mouse! Even though 12oz Mouse is a good show. So give it a shot. If ya don't like, or even hate it, well than, get ready for some serial pain, cause we still got 90 more episodes to go. >:^)
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