Weekdays 12:00 AM on Adult Swim Premiered Oct 15, 2005 Between Seasons





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  • A huge dissapointment

    I respect everything the William Street people are doing. Having programs with off-kilter humor and showcasing great adult cartoons that don't have to be Southpark or Drawn Together (Filled with unnecessary amount of unfunny profanity). So when I heard they were coming out with two new original shows 12 oz. Mouse and Squidbillies I was completely stoked. Then I saw them.

    To start off Squidbillies and 12 oz are just not funny at all. They are way to weird (Not cool weird) that it's just like they were trying to hard. That is a perfect way to sum this show up trying WAY to hard to be funny. It just doesn't work although with ATHF which is sort of the same brand of humor but it actually works. ATHF has good characters an actual humor.

    So overall these shows are just trying to hard and it was a big let down. William Street I expect so much more with shows like Home Movies, ATHF, and Harvey Birdman you can do obscure humor. Squidbillies and 12 oz Mouse are just big bombs of a show I'm sorry.