Weekdays 12:00 AM on Adult Swim Premiered Oct 15, 2005 Between Seasons





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  • This show is deliciously weird. I love it's complete disregard for sanity and plot-line. This is not for everyone.

    I must admit that the first time I watched this show I wasn't very impressed especially with the animation but once I put that aside I began to enjoy it.
    The characters are just so crazy! The story is off the wall and the show defys all the laws of story-telling. It constently chooses to leave the plot completely and start a new one. Not everything is comprehensable and that's why I liked it.
    It is unapologetically random. The music is intentionably laughable. I absolutely love the main character. This is the first time I can say I love a talking hill-billy squid. His bursts of anger and violence are so Funny. The cop is also hilarious. Oh! How could I forget about the grandma. She is absolutely hilarious. One of the best things about this show is it's characters
    This is a show that crosses the line. Then it goes back, crosses it again and almost to spite your expectations repeats and rinses.