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  • squidbillies is one of those shows that you see a comercial for or pass while flipping channels that either disgusts you or dosnt realy peak your intrest. but as you scratch the surface, you find a syterical comedy on par with southpark.

    at first glance, everything about squidbillies seems below par. far below infact. the art, the voices and the jokes all apear cheap and hastily concocted. but as one delves into the depths of tbe squidbillie world you will find it as intricate in detail as any sitcom.

    while most of the steriotypical jokes are often poor or far off from fact, as in any topical comedy, the storys and characters often end up leaving a deep feeling of resonance as they strugle with real if not exagerated problems.

    not all episodes are gold and not all of the jokes there in worth while. but each episode i have watched has offered at least a single diamond of comedy or even a spec of philosophicle insight.

    while adult swim continues its downword spiral in a asinine attempt to forge new comedy ground while simultaniously keeping the old gaurd of "midnight runners", "what a cartoon cartooners" and even canadian lovers happy... its nice to see that shows like squidbillies and moral orel actualy get off the ground. if quality shows like those keep soaring, space ghost might finaly stop rolling in his grave.

    long live zorak!