Season 1 Episode 2

Take This Job and Love It

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Oct 23, 2005 on Adult Swim
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Early seeks employment in a difficult job market.

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      • Earlie Cuyler: What time is it?
        Lil: 'Bout 2:30.
        Earlie Cuyler: What the? Damn, I'm two days and six hours late for work.

      • Dan Halen: So, under experience, you've listed here on your hat-shaped resume that you can skin a buck, run a trout line and that all your rowdy friends...
        Early: ...are comin' over tonight, y'sir.
        Dan Halen: Early, you're the most impressive squid I've interviewed for this position. Let's talk briefly about your work ethic.
        Early: Well, I don't think ethnics do no work. I mean, that's they problem, really. If you ain't like me, go hang from a damn tree.
        Dan Halen: Overt racial prejudice... impressive, Early.
        Early: I thank you, kindly.

      • Dan Halen: I think what most impresses me, Early, is the effort and detail which you've clearly shown in urinating on my laptop.
        Early: I don't care to consort with those of the robot race.
        Dan Halen: ...and why would you? I think that covers it. Early, welcome to Dan Halen Sheetrock, International.

      • Early: I do appreciate the generous offer, but knife here is the tool of the idiot. I listen to my gut and my gut tells me this ain't a fit, but my heart says this could work, and gut's a damn moron. So they get to carryin' on and then my brain chimes in saying I got to try my hand at the fast sex paced world of adult literature.
        Sheriff: Hey Early, this here's a four-figure opportunity. You sure you don't want to sleep on it?
        Early: You wanna sleep forever? I said Adult Literature!

      • Early: Where do I see myself in five beers?
        Sheriff: Years.
        Early: Uhh, I don't know. Jail?

      • Dan Halen: The point is people are dumb, not like you.

        Early: Is my. Is my mind goin on me or am I watching you jibber jabber like some sort of jibberty box.

        Early:(Starts pushing Dan Halen) Jibber Jabber on! Jibber Jabber on!

      • Early: If you don't look like me you can go hang from a tree.

      • Mattress Christ Manager: Brother Early. I FIRED you!
        Early: Great, so you have an opening.
        Mattress Christ Owner: I HAVE a restraining order!

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