Season 2 Episode 11

Terminus Trouble

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Nov 26, 2006 on Adult Swim



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    • Sherrif: Stone Mountain. World's most appropriately named mountain in the South East. And look carved there on the side, the four horseman of the confederacy. Stonewall Jackson, Robert Eilee, Jefferson Davis, and Pacman!
      Early: A rebel's hero. Come up to Gettysburg to kick some damn ass! If it weren't for Pacman, we might'a lost the damn war!

    • Sherrif: This is CNN. the world's only 24-hour all news network.

      Rusty: Oh! So this is where that liberal jew-run propaganda machine shoves their spin down our throat.

      Sherrif: That's right, Rusty! And lookit here, I bought you a liberal jew-run snowglobe!

      Rusty: Thank you! (Early jumps up and smashes it to pieces)

      Early: Catharsis! Woo!

    • Sherrif: Well, here we are! Terminus, capital of the dirty south. Rising like a pheonix from the ashes of the civil war. Y'all recongnize this place here?
      Rusty: Wait a minute, this the place where Kenny Rodgers shot that scene with the kids of Six Pack, ain't it?
      Sherrif: 1982! The coward of the county's own self stood right here!

    • Sherrif: Well, this warrent is over 20 years old. I guess they figured out your real name ain't (pause) Awesome Bill from Dawsonville.
      Early: Well yeah it is.
      Sherrif: No, no its not.
      Early: Damnnit to hell!

    • Sherrif: You know, we do have statewide water restrictions, don't you?
      Early: Nah ah ah ah! Stop right there! (Sherrif stops walking) Now go away.

    • Sherrif: (to himself) You are under arrest. For havin a damn good time!

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