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Squirrel Boy

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Squirrel Boy tells the tale of a boy named Andy and his best friend and pet squirrel Rodney, who is constantly filled with many ideas and seems to know everything. Also known as "partners in crime," Andy and his friend Rodney are always involved in different adventures, and the adventures they embark on in Andy's yard and around the neighborhood.

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Fan Reviews (108)

  • About average.

    This show is definitely not the best show I've ever seen, but it's pretty underrated if you ask me.

    The show was about a young boy named Andy who owns a pet squirrel, the 2 of them go on adventures that eventually lead them in to trouble. Now here is one flaw worth gripping about, how can Andy have a squirrel as a pet? Squirrels have rabies so isn't it impossible for him to have a pet squirrel in the house? Oh well, it's a cartoon, so I really shouldn't be questioning its logic. Now the show itself it actually pretty good, but there are quite some flaws.

    I think this is a decent cartoon with likeable characters and good storylines. There are much worser cartoons out there than this one.

    The animation is a mixed bag. Sometimes it can look good, but a lot of times it looks bad and its pretty pukish from time to time and a lot of the characters move very slowly in some scenes. The artwork and colors are great and colorful. While Rodney looks OK, all the other characters look ugly and have pretty bizarre designs to them, but the sets look good.

    The background music is dorky and mediocre to say the least.

    The humor is sometimes childish, while there are funny moments in this show, it gets ruined ocassionally by its dorkiness.

    Overall, this show is a very mixed bag. It can be good sometimes, but it does have a lot of flaws. It's definitely underrated, and while its not the worst show out there, it surely isn't the best either. I'd say it's worth a few chances to see if you like it or not.moreless
  • I agree w/ KingCAWisma, a realy bad Beavis & Butt-Head rip-off

    I use to like this show now I think it's just another Beavis & Butt-Head rip-off & other B & BH rip-off such CatDog & Chalkzone are just as bad. & CatDog & Chalkzone are always an insault to "Current Events", Squrriel Boy is just as bad as both shows Beacause the episodes have NO plot, & The charater as complete idiots like the one on Bleach & the voice-acting is just lame as the episodes probaly the worst voice-acting I have heard 12 Oz. Mouse was better than this (beacause the main charater hardly gives a damn & the voice-acting was decent)

    What is it with Cartoon Network & their yen to foist the WORST cartoons they could possibly imagine? Squirrel Boy is one of the worst offerings the network has ever given us, so far that is.

    It is a very unfunny show about a dimwitted squirrel & these equally mentally challenged Bully & Bird & just about everybody involved in this porridge. This cartoon is not only insulting to the viewer, but heaps on even more insults towards bullies.

    I'm pretty sure animated shows can't sink any lower, at least that was before Nick's Tak and The Power of Juju arrived

    Billy West, if you're going to make a show for us, ACTUALY PUT SOME EFFORT INTO MAKING IT! This show, along with CatDog, are the worst things that Billy West have given us. The guys who made this must be total perverts. I mean, the show is about a squirrel getting bullied by a guy with a big butt. I mean, it's an original idea but ........... why, just WHY? Even if you get past the horrible disgusting perverted character designs, the show is really not all that funny. The only character who can be funny sometimes is Leon. But other than that, the characters are really annoying and make annoying and cheesy jokes all the time. Don't watch this. Watch Sanjay and Craig instead. At least that show has some good humour

    And to Caseyparkey There is fart jokes in this show, The bully has a butt that is th size of a watrmlon. Also Breadwinners is more classical than this fart of a showmoreless
  • Good show

    I actually like this cartoon it is way better than My Gym Partners A Monkey. The show is not funny but it doesn't have to be at least it doesn't have to butt jokes like My Gym Partners A Monkey. The animation is okay the characters are likeable 8/10
  • What the

    shit is this hell of a piece?
  • i wont say its crap, but its useless for sure

    i like this kind of idiotic shows, with stupid plots and stupid adventures. but the problem is that this show has nothing more than that, i mean, no peaks, no moments of LMAO, no mindless zaniness, nothing. i would say its an average show, but to be honest, its often boring in his uselessness. the only good thing is the graphics.

    shame on you cartoon network
  • Public Service Annoucment
    This show tends to be more less humorous and more aimed at 5 year old kids who like to watch kids getting bullied. Not as good a...
  • Rodney
    Rodney Sometimes Gos Crazy In Almost Every Episode
  • Is it at all possible to save this show?
    Do you think that its at ALL possible that when they start the new season for this show, it could be fixed?Honestly, if they would...
  • Uh-oh...
    Yikes, I was watching Cartoon Network today, and I discovered that they still air this show! It showed up like at around 1 or 2 PM...
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    I made this thread because when YamataDragon retired, the original epsiode ideas thread got deleted. So, post away your ideas for ...

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