Squirrel Boy

Season 1 Episode 1

A Line in the Sandwich / Tree for Two

Aired Friday 7:00 PM May 29, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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A Line in the Sandwich / Tree for Two
A Line in the Sandwich: Andy and Rodney make sandwiches. Rodney thinks that his hat is making the customers buy the sandwiches and Andy thinks that it is his sauce. The two argue and refuse to speak to each other. How will they settle their conflict? Tree for Two: Rodney dents Andy's rocket and it gets stuck in a tree. Andy has Rodney fetch it. But then Rodney gets stuck. How will he get the rocket and himself down?moreless

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  • Okay pilot.

    The first episode line in the sandwich is about Andy and Rodney selling sandwiches for summer money which is starting to turn out great except they start to argue and their friendship starts to whither, this one was okay not that humorous or anything but I did like Tree for 2 a lot, the way Rodney was trying to get up to the tree, that was entertaining. But that's the slight problem that I have with this show, they really rely on the slap stick humor and all of the physical stuff that goes on, the verbal jokes aren't that good but still I like this show and these episodes were a good start to this show.moreless
  • I Did Not Like This Storyline But A Goodway To Start The Season

    In"Line In The Sandwich"Andy&Rodney Want To Raise Up To Buy A Fobject.By Selling Sandwhiches.But Rodney Thinks His Hat

    Makes The Customers Buy The Sandwiches,Andy Thinks His Secret Sauce Sells The Sandwhich,In"Tree For Two" At The Park Andy Launches His Rocketship Into A Tree.Rodney Has To Climb To Get It Back Before Mr.J Knows.
  • This was kinda lame.

    When Rodney started bragging about his hat selling the sandwhiches and getting on Andy's nerves I didn't think that was the acual plot at first. I just figured that Rodney thinking his hat was the reason why people bought the sandwhiches instead of Andy's sause could be overlooked. But that was the plot. That right there was the plot for the first episode. What was so awful about Rodney thinking his hat sold the sandwhiches that he and Andy stop being friends? They still sold sandwhiches and made money. If all of the episodes are like this then I wont be watching this show again.moreless
  • Not the best not the worst

    This episode was pretty on the line to me. Like i said not the best not the worst.

    Line in Sandwich: This one did'nt really get to me. Ok so Rodney saw this commercial on tv showing a fobject costing $499.99. So after Rodney tries one of Andy's sandwiches he thinks they taste great so he gets the idea of selling these sandwiches to get the money to buy a fobject.

    Tree for Two: Now this one got my attention it had more of a plot in my opinion. After getting a rocket stuck in a tree Andy needs Rodney to get it.

  • The amazing beignning to an amazing series.

    Line in the Sandwich was about Andy and Rodney making money off of sandwichs to get enough to buy a Fobject. Rodney annoys Andy because he thinks that his hat sells the sandwichs. In the end, they both give up what they believed sold the sandwichs and became friends again. Tree for Two was about Rodney denting Andy's rocket. It gets stuck in a tree and Rodney has to get it down before Andy's dad finds out. After many attempts, Andy's dad get is down and when Rodney comes down, it takes off again and Rodney gets stuck in the tree.moreless
Richard Horvitz

Richard Horvitz

Boy Wood Gnome, Customer #3

Guest Star

Brad Abrell

Brad Abrell

Announcer, Motorist #1, Customer #1

Guest Star

Corey Burton

Corey Burton

Park Ranger Stu

Guest Star

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    • Rodney: Hey, pal. It's Wednesday Night. (comes in with boxers, vacuum cleaner and drum) You know what that means?
      Andy: (grabbing and using his baseball cap as a puppet) Hey look, Cappy. It's that guy that lives under your friend, Hat.
      Cappy: Gosh, Andy. I sure wish Hat was here so he can teach me the finer points of sandwich based comers.
      Rodney: OK! I get it. You don't want to be friends anymore. Well, fine!! I got my loyal vacuum cleaner, snare drum and over-sized pair of underwear. So friends are the least of my problems.
      Andy: FINE!!!
      Cappy: Gosh, Andy. It sure seems it be more fun to go out with your pal than to sit here by yourself.
      Andy: Your very wise, Cappy. Maybe I better try and make things right.
      Cappy: Can we still be friends to?
      Andy: No. I'm sorry. (makes choking sounds and drops his hand on his pillow)

    • Bob: Hi boys. (seeing Rodney eating Andy's sandwich)Remember that talk we had about pets touching our food?
      Rodney: It's okay, Mr. J. Andy's hands are clean.

    • Bob: Hey, son. Got a new friend there? (sits on hat)
      Andy: This is Hat. He's a fellow entreprenuer with a head for business. (continues playing video games)
      Bob: Well, it's better than a squirrel.

    • Driver 1: Was that caused by a squirrel wearing giant underpants?
      Driver 2: I ain't see nothing.

    • Rodney: I'm so bored you could surf me.

    • Rodney: (to his hat) My hats off to you. (pauses) You see what I did there with the whole 'hats off to you' thing? (laughs)

    • Bob: (drinks the soda) This taste like my toothbrush.

    • Rodney: Hey, Andy! Buddy! This sandwich has taken my mouth on an all expenses paid trip to Deliciousville. (takes another bite out of the sandwich) With a two-hour layover in Yumtown.

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