Squirrel Boy

Season 1 Episode 12

Birthday Boy / Freaky Fur Day

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Nov 10, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Andy's birthday is on October 28.

    • This marks the second time Andy's name is misspelled as "ADNY" in "Birthday Boy" when Rodney is typing Happy Birthday Andy on the grass. This could be a running gag as the same thing happened in "Islands in the Street".

    • Listen closely, when Rodney goes to live with the weird people down the street and when they watch TV, the same music can be heard, like in "Speechless", when Andy and Rodney watched the Video "Milton the Cow".
      They might be watching the same video.

    • Running Gag: In Freaky Fur Day, Oscar tries to talk his parents into buying him a pet after showing how Andy is normal with a pet although the complete opposite happens when Andy becomes the pet and Rodney the pet owner.

  • Quotes

    • Rodney: (open's Oscar's present to find out it's a bust of himself) I can't give Andy this!
      Oscar: Actually, I gave it to him to give to you.

    • (Rodney makes a cake for Andy, and looks for a plate)
      Rodney: Now where did I put those plates?
      (turns back to the cake)
      Rodney: A cake? I loves cake!
      (Rodney eats the cake. He starts to look for the plates again, but again, looks back at the cake)
      Rodney: Wheres my cake? Man, somebody is out to get me...

    • Rodney: (eats a hot dog) Yeah, as a pet owner, I believe pets are here for one reason: give me something to be superior to and to give me something to point at and laugh.
      (dog removes leash and leaves the park)

  • Notes

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