Squirrel Boy

Season 2 Episode 2

Eddie or Not... / Trouble Date

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Feb 09, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • A clash of the cousins and Rodney tries to deepen his relationship with Darlene with hilarious results! :D

    I don't know the dark recesses that the people who don't like this show come from, but I'm glad that I don't live there! This show is funny and zany, which is actually a tougher combo to combine together than most people realize! To start with, Rodney's cousin Eddie drops by claiming to want to make amends with Rodney. Andy however, has his doubts as he has a healthy sense of skepticism. It seems that Andy's concerns were not unfounded as three ugly rats come looking for Eddie as the flying squirrel made the mistake of insulting the leader. Andy and Rodney manage to save Eddie's life (sort of!) by awakening the vicious dog that has threatened Rodney's own life on previous occasions (but not before letting Eddie suffer a little though for his misdeed!) Still, you got to feel sorry for Eddie. I'm sure that if Eddie had just told Andy and Rodney the truth, they would've been more than happy to help the cousin out! Also, even when Rodney tries to commit critical information to his memory he Still can't trust his brain to remember it as Darlene likes daffodils more than anything else in the world. Rodney really messes up though as he orders a whole mess of bumper cars which Darlene unfortunately holds some bad memories of! Now Rodney must make a desperate attempt to hide his grevious mistake from Darlene, not that it's going to be successful or make a bit of difference, but to salvage his caring reputation for Darlene. In spite of this fiasco, (or perhaps because of it!) Darlene still had a good time with Rodney and can't wait to hang out with him again! Even Andy got into the love game by going on an unintentional date with the neighbor girl named Martha! This show has got spirit, and that spirit is one of a classic, funny comedy! That's why I love this show! Enough said, true believers! ;)