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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • A Line in the Sandwich / Tree for Two
      A Line in the Sandwich: Andy and Rodney make sandwiches. Rodney thinks that his hat is making the customers buy the sandwiches and Andy thinks that it is his sauce. The two argue and refuse to speak to each other. How will they settle their conflict? Tree for Two: Rodney dents Andy's rocket and it gets stuck in a tree. Andy has Rodney fetch it. But then Rodney gets stuck. How will he get the rocket and himself down?moreless
    • Scout's Dishonor / Andy Had a Little Squirrel
      Scout's Dishonor: Andy and Rodney encounter their enemy, Kyle and his parrot, Salty Mike, in the woods. Andy Had a Little Squirrel: Rodney tries to impress Andy by learning new tricks.
    • The Big Haggle Hassle / Rolling Blunder
      The Big Haggle Hassle: At a flea market, Rodney shows off his haggling abilities, however he loses Andy's money, a ceramic figure that Mr. Johnson wanted desperately, and makes security guards and merchants angry. He does this while wearing a moose head. Rolling Blunder: Rodney and Mr. Johnson try to help Andy win the melon-crate derby by building carts, but because they want to win so badly, they forget to include Andy.moreless
    • Born to be Mild / Yer Out!
      Born to be Mild: Rodney tries to survive in the wild when Andy is on vacation. Yer Out!: Rodney and Mr. Johnson coach rival baseball teams.
    • Best of Best Friends / The Hairy Truth
      Best of Best Friends: Andy and Rodney have a fight and decide to audition new friends. The Hairy Truth: Rodney and Andy participate in a pet-shampoo contest after Rodney creates a new hair tonic.
    • Up All Night / Pool For Love
      Up All Night: Rodney and Andy try to stay up a whole night to see the Yellow Flash in the sky. Pool For Love: Rodney doesn't want to wreck Leon's tree by building a pool, but he changes his mind when cute Darlene wants to go swimming.
    • Islands in the Street / Speechless
      Islands in the Street: Rodney is stranded on an island with Salty Mike in the middle of a highway because of an accident. Meanwhile, Andy and Kyle team up to find them. Speechless: Watching a comedy movie makes Mr. J. laugh so hard it hurts his throat on the same night as his Badger Scout speech, so Rodney tries to speak for him.moreless
    • What's Sung is Sung / Wall of the Wild
      What's Sung is Sung: Andy uses karaoke to bridge the gap between Rodney and his father. Wall of the Wild: Andy thinks that Rodney ran away, but Rodney is actually trapped in the walls of the house. What's worse is that he's running from giant spiders who eat squirrels and an insane exterminator.moreless
    • The Greatest Schmo on Earth / Outta Sight
      The Greatest Schmo on Earth: Rodney's special time at the circus with Darlene is ruined when Rodney's cousin Eddie, a real flying squirrel, arrives. He's getting everyone's attention, including Darlene's. Outta Sight: Andy goes blind after losing his glasses, but strangely enough, his other instincts work much better. Coincidentally, Kyle receives new glasses and tries to adjust to them.moreless
    • Harried Treasure / The Rod Squad
      Harried Treasure: When Andy and Rodney find a map the Pirate Puffs Cereal treasure, they must make peace with their arch-enemies, Kyle and Salty Mike, to dig it up. Unfortunately, the treasure is buried under Mr. J's new dream lawn.The Rod Squad: Rodney enlists Leon and Darlene to join the Rod Squad, whose heroic mission is to prevent Andy from getting in trouble with Mrs. J and to figure who stole a box of sticky buns.moreless
    • A Line in the Sandwich
      Andy and Rodney make sandwiches to raise money, but soon argue over if it's Rodney's hat that is selling them or Andy's secret sauce.
    • The Endangered Species Twist / The Trojan Rabbit
      The Endangered Species Twist: To his delight, Rodney learns he is an endangered species, whose every whim must be catered to. To his dismay, Mr. J. learns Rodney is an endangered species, whose every whim must be catered to. The Trojan Rabbit: Archie the Rabbit turns out to be more perfect than Rodney. Rodney feels ashamed and runs away from home.moreless
    • Tree for Two
      Tree for Two
      Episode 1.2
      After Andy's toy rocket ends up on top of the tallest tree in the park, Rodney must climb up the tree and retrieve it.
    • Birthday Boy / Freaky Fur Day
      Birthday Boy: Rodney forgets Andy's birthday. So, he races around madly trying to make things right. Freaky Fur Day: Andy thinks being a pet is easy and Rodney thinks being a pet owner is easy. So they switch each other's positions to see what it's like to be in each other's shoes.moreless
    • Hole in the Story / Screw-Up in Aisle Six
      Hole in the Story: Andy and Rodney seek the advice of Grandpa Squirrel to get out of a dangerous dare. Grandpa Squirrel recounts an erratic, ancestral space adventure that may or may not be true or helpful. Screw-Up in Aisle Six: When Andy has an allergic reaction to the cashew food samples Rodney gave him, he bloats up like a giant beach ball. Now Rodney has to roll his friend around the store without letting Mr. J know. Rodney also has to find lettuce juice to cure Andy's ailment.moreless
    • The Big Haggle Hassle
      Rodney shows off his haggling expertise at the flea market, and before long he's given away all of Andy's money, lost a ceramic figure Mr. J desperately wanted, and incurred the wrath of security and several merchants. All while wearing a moose head.
    • Rolling Blunder
      Rolling Blunder
      Episode 2.2
      Rodney and Mr. J both want to help Andy win the melon-crate derby, but they want it so bad they forget to include him when they build their carts. Andy seeks counsel from a kilt-wearing nemesis of Mr. J's - and angers his dad by taking up his foe's plaid mantle.moreless
    • Scout's Dishonor
      Scout's Dishonor
      Episode 3.1
      On a camping trip with the Badger Scouts, Andy makes a fun new enemy - the annoying Kyle Finkster! While tagging along with Andy on said camping trip, Rodney makes a fun new enemy - Kyle's obnoxious parrot, Salty Mike! Mayhem obviously ensues.
    • Andy Had a Little Squirrel
      The other pets in the pet parade can do lots of cool, exciting tricks, which makes Rodney look bad. So Rodney becomes determined to prove he can perform ridiculous stunts as well, which is a bad idea, especially when those stunts involve dressing in a rocket suit.
    • Born to be Mild
      Born to be Mild
      Episode 4.1
      After Rodney is accidentally left behind while the Johnson's go on vacation, he goes to bunk with Leon in the wild. But Leon isn't about to let Rodney off easy, and is determined to school his "pet" pal in the ways of the "wild" life, baby!
    • Yer Out!
      Yer Out!
      Episode 4.2
      When Rodney replaces Mr. Johnson's position as coach of a baseball team, Mr. Johnson becomes the coach of a rival team and Rodney put Andy out of the team.
    • Up All Night
      Up All Night
      Episode 6.1
      Andy and Rodney resolve to stay up all night and see the legendary Yellow Flash in the sky.
    • Pool For Love
      Pool For Love
      Episode 6.2
      Rodney doesn't want to wreck Leon's tree by building a pool, until a cute squirrel named Darlene wants to go swimming.
    • Speechless
      Episode 7.2
      Mr J loses his voice the night before he's supposed to give an important speech. Will Rodney's voice-throwing plan save the speech?
    • What's Sung is Sung
      What's Sung is Sung
      Episode 8.1
      Andy tries to bridge the gap between Rodney and his father through the timeless art of karaoke. Will the cutthroat neighborhood karaoke circuit finally create harmony or drive them further apart?
    • Wall of the Wild
      Wall of the Wild
      Episode 8.2
      When Rodney gets trapped in the walls of the house, Andy thinks he's run away from home. But he's actually running for his life from giant squirrel-eating spiders and a lunatic exterminator.
    • The Greatest Schmo on Earth
      Rodney's special time at the circus with Darlene is ruined by the arrival of his Cousin Eddie, who in addition to being arrogant and self-centered can also fly, which makes everyone adore him.
    • Outta Sight
      Outta Sight
      Episode 9.2
      Andy goes blind after losing his glasses, but his other senses start working better. Rodney takes advantage of this while Kyle adjusts to his new glasses.
    • Harried Treasure
      Harried Treasure
      Episode 10.1
      When Andy and Rodney find a map to a buried treasure, they must make peace with their archnemies Kyle and Salty Mke to dig it up.
    • The Rod Squad
      The Rod Squad
      Episode 10.2
      Rodney enlists LEon and Darlene to join The Rod Squad, whose heroic mission is to prevent Andy from getting in trouble with Mrs. J.
    • Trojan Rabbit
      Trojan Rabbit
      Episode 11.1
      Rodney really is the perfect pet, until the arrival of Archie, a rabbit who REALLY is the perfect pet.
    • Hole in the Story
      Hole in the Story
      Episode 13.1
      Grandpa Squirrel tells an ancestral, erratic space adventure to help Andy and Rodney escape a dangerous dare, but is it helpful to them at all?
    • Screw-Up in Aisle Six
      Screw-Up in Aisle Six
      Episode 13.2
      Andy bloats up because Rodney gives him food samples that he's allergic to cashews. Now, Rodney must roll Andy home without Mr. Johnson knowing.
  • Season 2