Squirrel Boy

Season 2 Episode 1

Family Crude / Flatbottom's Up

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Feb 02, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Mrs. Flatbottom is no longer two dimensional and sometimes, opposites really Don't attract! :lol:

    This episode's living proof that even when Andy and Rodney aren't the ones at fault, they Still get in trouble without trying! Fortunatly for them, it seems Mrs. Flatbottom does have a lenient side to her, and is letting them off pretty easily when all Andy and Rodney have to do is help Mrs. Flatbottom do tasks around her house, or so it would seem! It turns out Mrs. Flatbottom has a twin sister who got rich and left an 'unusual' collection in Mrs. Flatbottom's basement: a whole bunch of icky, yucky, slugs! Needless to say, cleaning up after a bunch of slugs makes Andy and Rodney want to foreswear ever eating or drinking again! But when Mrs. Flatbottom offers the boy's lemonade, Andy and Rodney aren't the type to look a gift horse in the mouth so they try a glass. It would seem Mrs. Flatbottom has a knack for making lemonade that tastes like it comes from the kingdom of Ecstatic Happiness! Andy and Rodney like it so much, they're willing to help Mrs. Flatbottom do more potentially gross jobs and get rewarded with more lemonade because it's That delicious! It isn't long before Kyle & Salty Mike get jealous and try to cause unneccesary damage to Mrs. Flatbottom's house. Fortunatly, Andy and Rodney are well prepared for the nasty duo's nefarious attacks. But when Mrs. Flatbottom runs out of lemons and decides to use a different drink, Andy and Rodney have no interest in drinking it! Fortunatly Kyle and Salty Mike admit to the misdeed they pulled so they'll get the drinks! Kyle soon lives to regret this as the taste of Mrs. Flatbottom's other drink makes Kyle's tastebuds burn with grossness! But for Salty Mike, Mrs. Flatbottom's nasty drink is actually a delicacy for the flightless parrot. And it's learned when it comes to spending time at an acquaintances house, Andy and Rodney need to avoid Kyle's house at all costs as there's no telling what Kyle and Salty Mike will try pulling when his parent's aren't looking! This is a funny show! :idea: