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Cartoon Network (ended 2007)


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    [1]Mar 3, 2009
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    Yikes, I was watching Cartoon Network today, and I discovered that they still air this show! It showed up like at around 1 or 2 PM today. Well you all saw me spread the news... and just sayin' that its probably bad news to a lot of you guys around here that lurk around the forums.

    But I will say that its good news to the few likers of this show.

    Huh, wow, I was just amazed to see it show up on my tv screen today. Its been ages since I last saw this show.

    It showed two times today with two sets of episode pairings. The first one was the very last episode: Gumfight at the S'Okay Corral and I, Stan, Corrected. But I forgot what the second pair of episodes that showed up today were already.

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