Squirrel Boy

Season 2 Episode 8

Get a Lifeboat / Bully For You

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 23, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Rodney continues to prove he can cause trouble without meaning to, with either Mr. J, Leon, and/or Andy! :lol:

    One thing all families like do to during summer is vacation. And for Mr. J, he can think of no better vacation than a trip to Lake Pleasant. But there's something there he didn't expect to be there: Rodney! Now the only choice Mr. J has if he wants to go fishing, is to let Rodney share the last boat with him since both his son and his wife don't want to go out with him! But no sooner do they leave the docks then they get Hopelessly lost out in the middle of the lake! They try to paddle out to safety, but three hours later, they've gotten nowhere, Fast! They can't paddle in the same direction! Even worse, Rodney doesn't know that Mr. J Didn't decide to quit trying to row so he burns the oars when it starts to get cold! Although it looks like Ranger Stu might save them, ironically enough Andy without meaning to, keeps disturbing Ranger Stu's train of thought! Now Mr. J is starting to hallucinate and Rodney isn't helping out matters! But maybe through sheer luck and determination on Mr. J's part, he just might save them both, but not before he learns to put a little faith in Rodney's sewing abilities when their boat gets broken! It turns out Rodney can sew very well! Who knew? Best of all, they find their way back to shore, Mr. J's and Rodney's friendship having become all the stronger for it! And Rodney continues to apply his problem solving abilities when he tries to help Leon get back the tree that's rightfully his! Of course, it's hardly Rodney's fault that the tough city park squirrel named Butch has a very simple solution to all of Rodney's fool-proof plans! Rodney tries to stink him out? Clothespin on nose. Sound Pollution? Ear Plugs. Drowning? Butch finds Leon's old time diving suit! So Rodney just decides to end the trouble quickly by cutting Leon's tree down! Butch immediately leaves, only to enter Rodney and Andy's house! :shock: Here we go again! :lol: Enough said, true believers! ;)