Squirrel Boy

Season 2 Episode 10

He Got Blame / I Only Have Eye For You

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Whoever thinks this show is dead couldn't be any wronger! :idea:

    To reference a 1969 John Lennon song: "All I am saying, give this show a chance!" Because Everett Peck made this show, you know it's going to have a good quality to it! That's what this episode does, it has good quality! Even when Rodney causes Mr. J the biggest mess he has ever seen in his life, Mr. J just doesn't see any point in getting mad at Rodney because he's been down that road way too often to know what's going to happen next! But to Andy's surprise, just because he got a little mustard on his shirt, he has to go without shirts, pants, shoes, and socks for a week! Andy complains that Rodney is impervious to blame, but Rodney isn't so sure, so he decides to test the theory out! To Rodney's surprise, the theory works! Soon he becomes a professional Blame Taker! But will he be able to handle whatever kind of blame may come his way? Not if Darlene should get involved! And the biggest celebrity in Andy and Rodney's life is a one-eyed dog named Puggo! They actually get to spend time with him, and it ends up being more time than they could've ever hoped for! Puggo wants to be with them a little bit longer so he ends up in Andy and Rodney's room! Puggo helps them out by altering Mr. J's mind so he will take the four of them to the local mall where Andy and Rodney can show Puggo off! They have the time of their lives, and Oscar Finally gets lucky when Puggo gives Oscar his autograph! And best of all, when Andy discovers that Puggo's crew Needs him to do the show that Puggo stars on, he's unselfish enough to let Puggo bring happiness and joy to all the other kids that deserve it, and Andy and Rodney are rewarded as Puggo has magically finished a puzzle for them which is a picture of Puggo! Whatever fun activities Andy and Rodney will come up with next is something I will watch! Enough said, true believers! ;)
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