Squirrel Boy

Season 2 Episode 9

Ice Cream Anti-Social / Dog & Phony Show

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 30, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Ice Cream Anti-Social / Dog & Phony Show
Ice Cream Anti-Social: While Martha is cutting wood but doesn't tell what she's making, Andy and Rodney decides to ride on a ice cream truck to find out. Dog & Phony Show: After getting annoyed with the barking dog, Andy and Rodney must find the solution and make it stop. Problems go by when Kyle and Salty Mike enter the house and attempt to pull off a prank, it leads to major trouble.moreless

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    Let Me Start off by Saying This was Fuh-nee! Ice Cream Anti Social: What was Martha Doing in Andy's Yard? Why Building A Snare of Course! It Is True That no one Ever has A Snare Any more. I'd Build one If I Had the Time. When Andy And Rodney Snuck In The Truck To Listen to People's Secrets. The Most shocking One Was Ranger Stu's. "I Littered" Rodney and Andy Were Left Gasping. As Kyle And Salty Mike Were Taking The Matress Out, The ice Cream Truck (Which Was Driving Out Of Control) Crash Into the matress, Nothing, Then Samba! Ha Ha! And Oscer was Running From the Truck While Avoiding To Step on A Crack. Then at the End Rodney Cased Sluggy Dave Around. Feet in Mayo Rule!

    Dog And Phony Show: Andy And Rodney Sucreed in the Oppsite Of What they Were Trying To Do, The Complaint Express, (I Don't Like It, I Don't Like It, Woo Woo!) I Like Murry. Kyle And Salty Mike Attempt At Pranking Andy And Rodney. To Quote: Salty Mike: What Say We Open Up with A Wet Wally Balloon And Top It off With A Sackatuan Suprise

    Kyle: Intreging...Let's Do It!

    With Most Cartoons Fallowing The Same Principal Is nice to See Some Suprise!. Secret Door Sales Men, Its Funny And With All The Confusion You Can Only Imagine what Happens Next. And Rodney Smashes Murry Over And Over Again. Secret Doors Everywhere In The Barrel, The Microwave, My Favorite Quote Was:

    (Kyle And Salty Mike Hide In The Barrel And Are Missing)

    Kyle: (Falls Out Of Microvave) Cool! The Barrel Has Its Own Kitchen!

    Mildred Was A Funny Addition to The Episode. And A Secret Door On The Sidewalk Of their House Into the Master Bed Room. Salty Mike: (Answers Phone) Hello? Yes. (To Everyone) Mildred Wants To Know If You Would Like Carrot On Your Tea.

    Everyone: Ah!

    Then They Leave on the Complaint Exprees

    Episode Over

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    • End Credits: When no one is looking, the Crazy Dog makes his way out of the house utilizing the many secret doorways and goes in his doghouse. When he is inside, he sees his Mildred wig laying on the floor. He puts it on, and admires himself in the mirror looking at himself.

    • A running gag in this episode is that all the characters appearing in The Dog and Phony Show keep running in and out of trick doorways that lead to the most unexpected of places. Also, Rodney keeps hitting Murray thinking it's the Crazy Dog.

    • It's learned in this episode that the Crazy Dog that always chases Rodney and Andy around either is a girl or disguises himself as a girl dog named Mildred and can talk while being Mildred (wearing a blond wig.) The Crazy Dog also has a twin brother named Murray who is the opposite of the Crazy Dog and is completely nice.

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