Squirrel Boy

Season 2 Episode 7

More Flower to You / New it or Lose It

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 16, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • As Starship once sang: "It's Not Over Until It's Over!" And it's Not over yet! :idea:

    Everett Peck seems to be trying the Tex Avery approach to humor with this episode. That is to say, he's emulating one of the masters of screwball cartoon antics with this episode effort and it works! I mean, Rodney obviously doesn't have the first clue about how to take care of flowers but who would've guessed his yodeling could actually make those plants die?! And it was only through the power of sheer begging that Andy and Rodney can make Mr. J's flowers spring back to life! Of course, they make a lot of promises to those plants and now they've got to keep them or else they're going to die on them again! And then, it's a battle of the presses as Mr. J, Rodney, and Andy all vie for Mrs. J's attention with their own attempts at making a newspaper! Too bad they all go too far! They go so far in fact, Mrs. J decides to stop reading All of their journalistic efforts! But their attention grabbing wasn't all for nothing! They got into a story in a Real newspaper and it was one they could relate to because they were in it! This show's 15 minutes of fame isn't over yet! :idea: That's why I wrote this review! :D Enough said, true believers! ;)
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