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  • NOT!!!!! this show is one of the wrost to come out of Craptoon Network EVER.......

    hey everyone! this is my first review and I thought I should start with the wrost cartoon network show ever.....SQUIRREL BOY. squirrel boy, squirrel boy....where do I begin?
    this shows about a retarded looking boy named Andy who lives with his mom (who looks like dexters mom),his dad(hates squrriels), and Rodney, the most stupid, unorginal character on the show. Add dogs, other talking animals, a germphobic wussy, a bully,and a new crappy "adventure" every week and you have the plot. LAME....
    not only do we have a spongebob sterotype (rodney), but we also have other talking animals(3 squrriels and a bird) REALLY? One talking animal is enough but 5 is Bleh!
    overall this show is crappy. also it's cartoon networks only orginal series that didn't get an award. IT DID'NT EVEN GET A NOMINATION!!!!!! i feel sorry for those who like the show, and envy the people who have never seen it. I glad this show is in cartoon hell where it belongs.
  • This show SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    This show has the most gross and hideous animation I've ever seen. Not only that but the plots are lame and Rodney is one dopey squirrel. This is perhaps one of the most crappiest animated television shows in all of history. There's a lot of horrifyingly bad tv shows these days, and this show is definitely one of them. This show makes me sick, if you have never seen this show then good! You aren't missing anything! Don't watch it please, it might scar you for life. This show is one of the leading vomit-inducing garbage animted shows of this era. (Well I know in my opinion.) I'm so glad this show is gone and got wiped off the face of the Earth. I hope its now back in hell from where it came from because it sure belongs there! Now for a quick recap of this show: This show is based on Andy, a kid living with both of his parents, and he has a pet squirrel Rodney. And all of his squirrel friends can talk. The animation is ugly and simply horrific. The characters and whole concept of the show is so ridiculous and poor that even my sister booed and hissed at it. And she loves some shows that I hate. This show is a disgrace and should have never existed. That's all so see you later.
  • I love animals, especially rodents. But, I seriously hate this show.

    I'll be honest, I did actually see a few episodes. Unfortunately during those times, there isn't much other shows to watch. So, I watch this and I'd drift off. I cannot really watch this show. I hate all the characters, the art is nothing special, and their personality is the worst part. Just like almost everyone else, they don't like the show. I can't really write that much, since I couldn't really watch this. The plot, well, it isn't interesting enough to even pay that much attention. I am a bit sorry for the creators, they probably put in more effort than a 1. So, love real squirrels and watch something else on television, like CNN news.
  • It's not great, but it's not terrible either.

    Squirrel Boy is one of those cartoons that's hard to explain in a review. I like the overall subplots, I like the characters' personalities, and, people are going to disagree, but I like the animation for everyone except Andy. That's what got it the 5.5, which is actually leaning more towards perfect than abysmal. But, the show itself doesn't have one big plot to understand and even though I like the animation, the drawing of the characters isn't really good. I watch it most of the times it's on and sometimes I regret it, but then look back and say "They made an attempt to make a cartoon, let's just see how it goes and if it gets better". It's not even really bad, so this show deserves more than a 5.5 overall, but still, it's not really good either...I don't know! Don't judge me!
  • really really bad show.just waste of time.

    This show is horrible!there is no humor in it!the graphics is too colorful and it hurts my eyes.animation is lame.people look ugly but not "funny ugly" like in "cow and chicken" just lame and uncreative.characters:rodney is very annoying and a failed comic releif.how could they named him "rodney"?!thats not suitable for squirrel and think about all the people named "rodney" they are embarassed!andy is shaped like a bean and very annoying.he looks smart but does everithing rodney tells him so he has no personality whatsoever.and i dont think he has any human friends so he plays with a squirrel all day.loser!and there is a stupid fat kid kyle who is suppost to be a bully and his ugly annoying parrot(btw i love parrots but this one is hidious!)but kyle doesnt do real bullyng just some lame pranks.he is huge!he could give a good wedgie to andy(that would make this show funnier)instead he does lame pranks that fail everythime!and the dyaloge is lame!and rodney and andy never have real adventures infact they never leave their backyard!dont wach this lame show it will make your eyes and ears bleed lame
  • Why has Cartoon Network changed from a good, enjoyable cartoon channel into a channel filled with crap like this?

    This show is GOD AWFUL! This show is one of hte shows that is destroying CN and also making it lose my viewing. I watched half an episode and was appauled.

    Plot: This is one of those boring shows where the characters go on lame-ass, stupid adventures that no one cares about. How about some creativity, people!?

    Voice Acting: Average.

    Dialogue: This left me speechless. What the heck was that!?!?

    Humor: Terrible humor made for eight-year-olds. However, I doubt too many eight-year-olds were laughing.

    Animation: What is it with cartoons these days that make kids look 3 times shorter than kids in the real world?!?

    Characters: Boring and unorigional, with no development.

    Overall: I would rather watch 12 episodes of Pokemon, Naruto and Mr. Meaty than watch this.
  • God, it's bad. It's so horrible, it's not funny!

    Well, where do I begin? OH, to explain the plot!

    The Plot included a boy named Andy, who has a pet squirrle named Rodney. But, OH NOES?! Andy's parents said no! So, Rodney stays in a backyard tree... and...

    Oh, I can't continue! This show makes me cry!

    THe only good thing about this is the graphics, which makes you think, "Hmm... colerful. I wanna watch this show. It's fun!"

    But, oh no!

    The voice actors are big in the voice buisness, but horrible in this show, hands down. The animation is bad, comparing it to colorful graphics. Dialoge, I can't stand how not funny it is! And the sound? You wanna know? it's so bad, it's funny! That's the ONLY time I laughed!

    Bottom line, this helps you learn that you can trick everyone with good graphics to a bad show. Other than that, I don't like it.
  • the reason cartoon network has failed.

    i feel for this show i cant give it higher 0.1 actually, the score i gave it was generous.im going to piecethe show apart.

    characters: take a look at them. their colorful, but look at their heads. especcially andy's. it seems like the producers spent 2 minutes on them.

    plot: it doesnt have a plot. theres a new gay "adventure" in every episode.

    Common sense: this is the worst thing about it. a talking squirel who is a boy's best friend. wow. and the squirels friends talk! gawd.

    theme song: after this i was rushed to the emergency room.

    overall: sucks.

    one good thing about it is that its ended.
  • Squirrel Boy is the worst show on Cartoon Network!!!

    Okay so it's Saturday morning and most of Cartoon Network's loyal viewers (including me) turn on the TV after just waking up. We're all ready to start our day with another hilarious episode of Looney Toons or something similar. But when we turned on the TV, what were we greeted to? It wasn't the fimiliar *imitates the Looney Toons theme song*. Nope. It was *in a mocking Andy Johnson voice* Hey Rooodneeeyyyy!!!! *normal voice* I (and probably most other then-loyal Cartoon Network fans) decided to try watching thisand give it a chance. It was the most terrible thing I had ever seen!!! That show single-handedly ruined Cartoon Network for me and probably most then-fans!!! I didn't laugh---heck I didn't even CRACK A SMILE once!!!! Mr. Johnson is the only person in that family with any SENSE!!! He wants that RODENT out of his house!!! Anyone else notice that Andy's head is shaped like a bean? Squirrel Boy also paved the way for other terrible cartoons (Class of 3000, Robot Boy, Chop Socky Chooks, etc.). Richard Horvitz (the voice of Billy from Billy & Mandy, Zim, and Orthopox 13 from Destroy All Humans) should tell them he quits or his career will be ruined. To sum it up, Squirrel Boy is TERRIBLE!!!! And to the person who disagreed with me, you can not be serious...

  • If you haven't seen this show (first of all, I envy you) but see that banner up there? yeah, that's what passes for "entertainment" these days.

    Terrible. Absolutely terrible. I feel like I just died inside after watching this horrid, fetid, piece of- you know. What kind of animation is this? since when are squirrels blue? Since when are humans' ears below their mouths? Since when did this pass for entertainment? The voice acting and plots are absolutely, gut-wrenchingly awful. Those drool monkeys down at CN must've been drunk when they thought of this. Talking animals? Man, I would never have though of that! It doesn't matter. We can still watch other shows on CN. We have... my gym partner's a monkey, chop socky chooks, out of jimmy's head and... camp lazlo. Great. Skip this show- better yet, the whole channel, and watch something DECENT. Like the History Channel. Or Comedy Central.But not Nick. That's hardly any better than CN.

    If you value your life, don't watch this show.
  • This show is crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What hell is this show?Ill tell ya its crap!!!A stroy about a boy with hes best friend!A squierll?????How can a pet be a squierl??I dont even get it?It has very stupid episodes and jokes.I watched a few of them and they where so boring!!The only episode I liked was the one with go karts!This show really has no meaning.How can useing a can openar destroy a house!!!Its so stupid!They try to make the show funny with sucky and stupid things!Cartoon Network should cancel it right away!They have really stupid episodes to make you fall a sleep while watching!One of the worest shows on Earth!
  • What a bad show.

    Squirrel Boy is a terrible show; There is absolutely nothing good about it. The jokes are really corny and just plain stupid. The storylines and the overall plot sound like the writers are trying to hard to come up with something good. I mean, come on! A show about a annoying, talking squirrel and a little brat? It totally sucks! Also, the animation is appauling. I really do not see why some people like this show. I honestly can't wait for this show to get cancelled, since, it my opinion, this show's only purpose is to take up space in Cartoon Network's timeslot.
  • A squirrel named Rodney is adopted by a boy named andy.

    I have no idea why cartoon network thought of this show in the first place I mean I liked Duckman sort of haven't seen much of it though but this is the opposite. There is no humor in it and the animation is terrible and what kind of boy would want a squirrel for a pet I heard this show is cancelled I'm not sure if it is true or not. No one I know likes the show and I don't think they ever watched the show or ever will. I at least give this show a 1.0 out of 10.
  • Oh come on this show rocks how can any one hate it.

    Why do people have to hate this show it is one of Cartoon Network's Great Show no when you see this show you will no how good the show is.

    People how could you hate this show its wrong you guys that hate have no taste in humor this show makes me laugh i've whatched every episode and they were great and i'm up set that they will cancel the show i don't think they are making any new episodes.

    So really i love this show and i'll keep watching this show and i know they won't stop making shows i know it.
  • Seroiusly CN, you're driving me crazy with this. Is this the best you have to offer?

    I'm guessing it is. Let's start off. a Network needs to get another show to replace an ended show. To keep CN alive, is Squrriel Boy. I guess that you'd think this show would be good right haha WRONG!. When I saw this for the first time I was liked really bummed. What's the point of this no really what's the point. I'm serious WHAT'S THE POINT. It's a complete waist of time. I bet ya, If a child were to wacth this show, they'd be like WTF?. Well join the club along with Out of Jimmy's Head, and My Gym Partner's a Monkey.
  • Beh...

    Okay, I don't want to offend any Squirrel Boy fans but I really dislike this show. The only thing I like about this show is that the squirrel's voice actor is one of my favorites. But other than that this show is bleh.... First of all, the theme song is just plain annoying, it's just 'Rodney' over and over again with a little tune in the background. Secondly, the characters are very strange looking. I really really dislike the way it's drawn. As an artist, I think the character designer should've done a better job. People don't like watching ugly looking cartoons... And plus.. the jokes are very very corny. In my opinion, CN should cancel it. I'm sorry for if I offended any of you SB fans, but I think Squirrel Boy is bringing Cartoon Network down..
  • Good show. But, this show needs a better title

    So. I like this show. It's waaaaaaay better than Out of Jimmy's head (Even though I like it). I see nothing wrong with this. It's not bad at all. And, when I get an I-pod. I'm downloading an episode. This was my favorite show and, I could'nt wait for Fridays to come! Anyways, this show isn't bad and, CN needs to show it more! You hear that CN? Nothing wrong. So don't say anything to me! Okay? >:( Nothing wrong. And, I'll watch this whenever this is on. So the big finish. No bad. Okay. This is one of my favorites.
  • I'm actually watching the show right now.. and its Balls.

    I'm actually watching the show right now.. this is my first review and a must because i am a huge CN fan but in the recent years its been dying.. the glory days of Old School Cartoon network are real.. and now with the new crap it sucks... now on to the review. Presentation: 1.0
    The opening squecne makes completely no sense at all. It starts of as a 3d animated tree spinning which makes no sense other than the fact that one of the characters is a squirrel. Voices in the background continually yell out the name "Rodney" and if this is your first time wathing the show its going to piss you off because you don't know who Rodney is yet. Its very surreal with things falling from the sky and flickering windows. because of this you would think that the show would be a far out wacky comedy like 'Ren and Stimpy' or 'Roco's Modern Life' but know it just leads you on like a bad girl who wants only one thing... The sequence goes on with wierd music in the background that reminds me of some runoff nick Jr. song. it sounds very childish and preschool.. It ends with the family of characters in front of the house leaving you to believe they just moved in...

    a squirrel is adopted by noob parents andgoes on adventures with their fat geeky son, who has gained his parents noob traits. lame...

    Character Design:5
    Everett Peck is the character designer who made the Duckman series.. If this show allowed cussing and more extreme adult themes it might have become an underground cult favorite. the design would have worked.. but since they made the show for children it doesn't really flow and just looks sad.. oversized or miniatured heads, very small limbs with huge bodies, morphed foreheads and chins, no necks and more. The characters are actually suprisingly funny and well developed. Rodney is hilarious and is very random. he is loud and rude and he keeps the show interesting but fails because all the characters around him have know substance.

    average sub par movements and expressions. no engaging fluid animations. Lasting Appeal:2
    A couple of laghs but the design and the plot are soo bad you won't even char to come back to watch he flat characters perform random nonsense as they live normally lives.. Booty. SCORE: 2.8
  • Why did I like this BS before?!

    I realized how crappy this show is. The colors are bad, and the humor needs work. I'm too lazy to do a scale right now, so I'll mess with the theme song to this trash.


    *Half-assed theme plays*


    *Theme continues to pervert innocent children's minds*

    *I show up with a chain-saw and plow down the T.V, proceeding to turn on something good like Wayside*

    Overall: 1.0
    Squirrel Boy and Gym Partner are like a team: they brainwash little kids' minds and force them to watch the dumb things that goes on in them. I won't stand for this!! I might hate this show, but it's still better them Gym Partner. Still, don't waste your time on this pig crap.
  • Does anybody actually watch this show? It's stupid, unoringinal, and boring.

    Does anybody actually watch this show? It's stupid, unoringinal, and boring.

    There are three things I hate about squirrel boy and many other Cartoon Network Shows of this time.

    Bad Animation- Characters and places look very bad. Frame rate is terrible.

    Talking Animals- Enough is enough, one talking animal is fine, but a bunch is pushing it.

    Bad Storylines- The plot rarley last more than one episode. No character devolpment past the first episode. Contradicting details. No relationship devolpment. Most of all, just plain unfunny.

    If you really want to be entertained and feel like it was worth your time, watch a real show like Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • why did i even look at the first episode

    ok this is the worst show ever even worse than my gym parnter is a monkey
    the artstyle looks like some kid drew it and threw up on it
    the episodes are silly and do not have any point
    that hat sells the sandwich thing is dumb
    and alot of my buddys on the3eds.com hate it too
    so do not even think of the first episode
    look at a good show like ed edd n eddy or fosters so please do yourself good and do not even look at this show for a dare please you will be happy you did not look at it you would have better luck not blinking then watching this
  • Kool

    squirrel boy must be pretty hated but i don't know why, the show is pretty interesting and sometimes funny but it keeps me watching for more than 10 minutes! probably because the animation style reminds me of duckman... i've only seen about one or two episodes of it and so far i was impressed especially for a new show (cause most new shows are just commercial and not pure... if you know what i mean) the dialogue, well i don't remember much but my captions kept going on and on so i guess it has good scripting, and the animation itself isn't lazy so.... its cool
  • it can get boring and very dull and it has to end soon heck my gym partners a monkey is better than this show

    when I first saw a commercal of this show it looked very interesting and the first episode 'in the line of the sandwich' was pretty but the show got worst and it started to get very dull and boring so it should end at episode 30 so I have to give this tv show a 6 out of 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... .. . . . . . ..
  • Why am I not surprised?

    You know what bothers me? In the good old days, only cartoonists with unique talent actually had their work published and aired. Those cartoons were original, entertaining, and humorous, and they often had moral values. Today, however, anybody can start a new cartoon, including those with crappy ideas and such, and it's always some senseless activities that influence kids badly. Well, this is how this loser was born. This just doesn't make any real sense. Why would Andy's parents even let him keep a wild animal? And if Rodney (the squirrel) is so much like a human, why doesn't he get treated that way? The same goes for all the other animals and kids. The plots are just stupid. I think there was one good episode that taught kids to be willing to share, but that's all I can think of. The rest is all mindless gibberish. Also, the episodes don't flow that well, and sometimes you'll feel like, "Did I miss something?" In fact, this is one of the most boring cartoons to date! Every minute literally drags by as you wait for it to end so you can watch what you actually enjoy. So this is a very bad way to pass time, because it never really passes. This show is just so stupid I can't really describe it.
  • Eh,I dunno,it's a little to werid for my own enjoyment

    Ok,well I'm not trying to bash anyone but really all I see is a unnaturaly bright pallet of colors(ouch,enough to make your eyes hurt)some terrbiel drawing,mixed with some baldy timed jokes,put in the microwave and you get Squirrel Boy.So last year they were showing these ads to make it look like Rodney was cool nd the show was a must see.Ha ha,well it answers my question as to why the sixth season of Teen Titans was cancelled,and why Dexter's Lab,Johnny Bravo,and Power Puff Girls got the boot.The concept of a sensible human boy and his wacky non human companion going on misadventures is quite stale.The style of humour is medicore,it's ok when you want to get a few cheap laughs when you are really bored,but I still wouldn't recomend it.There are still some gemstones on CN like Ed,Edd n Eddy as well Naruto,Ben 10,Pokemon,and such,and have great potential,but sadly they are over shadowed by such shows like Reanimated:The Series/Out of Jimmy's Head,Santo,and Squirrel boy included.Which is saddening
  • there's nothing much to say about this show

    a boy named andy gets a squirrel for a pet . a troublemaking squirrel named rodney who always makes problems and always ready to have fun . it's a little unoriginal and already seen before . there's also episodes which often don't make sence at all or with a boring plot . the animation is not all there and the characters look starge . especially andy who's head is a weird shape and his eyes are stuck to his glasses and seperated from his head . but that doesn't really matter that much . this show is mediocre , but when compared to robotboy or atomic betty , it's an oscar winner .
  • What the?

    I have to write this again cause someone else reported my last review of this show for some reason! Squirrel boy, what kind of name is that? I cant beileve this show is broadcast to our lives! I really wished this show can go away and bring back the good shows! Is people really trying to make good shows, or are they trying to do this for more money? The old shows, they really tried and got there fans attention! No one will even dare to get the creater of this show`s autograph! I wont be stupid enough to do that! I wish I had a time machine to stop this show from airing! One more wish to go! I really wish I had a hammer, to break my dang Tv!
  • I use to like this show.

    I use to like this show but after wating the episode where there best friend Kyle what then to cross the brige but Ranger Stu put them to the dog pound

    How can anyone not know thats not a real dog & I wonder why CN still do re-run. hmmm maybe because theyre idiots but I glad it not on any more.
  • What the hell is a Squirrel Boy?

    Hmm.What should I say about this show.Should I say how it is without a doubt one of the lamest concepts and names to air on CN for the past three years,no I take that back AmiYumi was worst than this.Its about a boy with a squirrel,pretty much it.Really I don't know this show's true fanbase.Being that today's cartoon watcher wants something like Fosters,but really this show is DULL.Its only saving grace is Richard Horvitz,who has made his entire VA career around characters like Rodney mind you.So really if they ever try to give Rodney to another VA the show will crumble faster than Paris when the cops got her.
  • A boy named Andy goes on adventures with his pet squirrel, Rodney.

    I don't understand why people hate this show. This show is pretty decent. Though it tries a bit too hard to be funny but certain parts do make me laugh. When I first heard about this show I didn't think much of it but after watching some episodes tonight I come to this conclusion. This is why I am rating this show an 8.2
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