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  • The worst show Cartoon Network has put on the air. Cartoon network is becoming nickelodean.

    Worst cartoon ever. The Animation is so bad that...Puffi Ami Yumi had better Animation, and that saying something. The plots have to be made by four year olds. Theres no way there not. I'm not ranting, this is the truth. The theme song is terrible. It least make catchy. The voice acting is mediorcre at best. One of the characters glasses hang off his face. I Mean wow..was the creator of the show trying to make everybody look stupid as posible? But overall I'll break it down.

    Plot: 4/10

    The plots will barely keep you enterained.

    Animation: 3/10

    One of the weakest points. Every characters face has some quirk to it.

    Voiceacting: 6/10 It has okay voiceacting. Mediorce at best.

    Humor: 1/10. Since all of the episodes I watched I haven't giggled once. I laugh very easily. Trust me.

    Overall: 3/10: No good points. Just take it off the air. CN you gotta try harder.
  • Another show I can't stand.

    This show is so stupid it almost makes "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" look good, and I hate that show. Like Gym Partner, this show is another show with lame jokes, lame episodes, a lame theme song, lame characters, and well..the show's pretty much lame all together. I seriously don't know how this show could be bringing in good ratings for CN. It can't be possible for this show to bring in good ratings for CN. The thing that sickens me the most is the fact that they cancelled the classic Cartoon Cartoons for this garbage. Like Gym Partner, I hope this show gets cancelled. It should have never been put on the air in my opinion.
  • Just saw "Flatbottoms Up" what a great episode. Loved the "Shuffiling Fish" song. It's great to see a show that allows Richard Horvitz to really showcase his broad range of vocal abilities, he gets a chance to do almost evrything in this show.

    It's nice to see a show that raises a little controversy! The other day CN ran a block of Squirrelboy and I was able to watch several in a row. That was the first time I was able to see a group of shows together. I was impressed with how varied and unique each episode was, I didn't get tired of seeing them. Several other things struck me about the show as well. It's very well crafted, they are really putting a lot of care and detail into every aspect of this show. The design is really great, the direction is flawless and the color and animation is fantastic. In an era when so many shows borrow from the UPA style of animation It's really nice to see a show pay tribute to the classic era. Also nice to see a show where the characters and stories have a full emotional range, it makes for really strong story telling. Finally I think this show has a perfect balance between edgy silly humor and a real sincerity. Very cool.
  • This was so wrong on so many levels.

    There was no way I was going to like this show. It's animtion was designed by Everett Peck. He also created Duckman which I didn't like either. He seems to like making downbeat depressive characters and tries to make it funny by adding stupidity and frantic whackyness. The humour down right annoyed me as did the voices. It quickly became obvious that Cartoon Network had entered a phase that they want to heavily push simple retro style humour. Many of the shows given many time slots throughout the day and evening. Though most were not to my level of liking, they did work on a "SpongeBob" level. but the black humour in Squirrel Boy was completely out of it's element in a childrens show. I'll be glad to see something else take it's places in the line up.
  • it kind of reminds me of the old cartoonnetwork shows

    this show has the old kinda cartoon planet feeling in it in the animatoin the stories and the whole show in paticular. I like how the voice of zim (invader zim) ddney im a fan of anything he does. the jokes are kinda lame but kind of funny but part of andy's face is missing and his glasses dont touch his face when he turns sideways and it look's weird some of the other characters are drawn not well either watch this is the kind of show where i wont watch it on purpose but when i do it is funny it is underapprecated and a rating of 5.7 is like whoa dang but overall i like it not bad but it should not be a staple of cartoonnetwork it should be a replacement untill they get a better show.
  • I mean really , when compared to My Gym Partner's A Monkey , at least this show has better opprunities then of the other. And that got a big fat zero out of ten in the score!

    From the creator of DuckMan , comes a show following the adventures of a Squirrel named Rodney , and a boy named Andy. Yes , it's the same thing as perhaps most , but it's underrated too much. Yet , this show will be getting the boot sooner or later. Where that also leads to no proof of a cancellation of the show. If I were to actually meet a person who hates Squirrel Boy , but loves My Gym Partner's A Monkey , then he/she should wake up with coffee , because Squirrel Boy is not like the other show. As stated , this show is at least watchable , and okay to watch. TV.com Rating : 8.5 out of 10.0
  • CN really needs some good shows and fast.

    Let's try this again! Ok so a boy named Andy makes a friend names Rodney and they have fun. That's it. No plot, no character development, just a squirrel and a boy having "fun". CartoonNetwork only has Toonami and a couple of good shows left, this not being one of them. I mean seriously(no offense to anyone) I really dislike this show. Way too childish, and it's not as funny as I thik it's exposed to be. That's my review as I cannot think of any other insults or in fact any good things about this show. That's my review.
  • I Like This Show!

    This Show Is About A 10-YearOld Boy Named "Andy" And His Best Buddy Squirrel"Rodney".Each Episode Is An Adventure.
    Rodney Has A Chum Buddy "Leon"He Lives In A Tree Behind The Johnson,s House.Rodney Is In Love With A Cute Little Squirrel."Darlene".Andy Has A Bully Named "Kyle".With His Buddy"Salty Mike".And Andy Has A Human Friend Named "Oscar"He Has To Be Safe Alot.
  • Squirrel Boy!!!!

    This show is the most underappreciated show I've ever seen. I don't understand why there are so many negative reviews. The animation is great, the characters are funny, the episodes are fun to watch and it has everything a great cartoon needs!
    This show is about a squirrel, a talking squirrel who lives with the Johnssons, three ordinary people who happen to have a talking squirrel in their house! It's new and original and not boring. The episodes are filled with fun adventures and teh characters are very friendly. I think that people should just give it a chance.
  • A kid named Andy has a best friend thats a squirrel.

    The show is kinda dumb. The people look deformed and messed up. The characters try to take the personalities of good tv show characters. Andy is... well he has a huge forhead and is a nerd in the show. Rodney is a squirrel that trys to be like Bloo from Fosters Home for Imaginary friends. There is a kid in it who is trying to be like Butters or Carl from Jimmy Neutron. I hate this show, but i laughed once or twice. The humor is for second graders and the animation could use work. Watch this show and then Blues Clues will look like a god.
  • Another bad show rises from the drawing room floor. {sigh}

    Yes, I am another anti-Squirrel Boy person, but bear with me. Squirrel Boy is another one of those badly written adventure shows with a boy and his animal friend going on adventures and whatnot. Yawn. Didn't we learn a lesson from, "My Gym Partner's a Monkey"? Anyhow, I see this as a less discusting version of that show. I am not insulting anyone who watches this. I'm just expressing my opinion. It shares the unorigionality (racetrack and recipie grinds) and the humor(Rodney is NOT funny) of its butt obsessed relative. Again, no offence to its viewers. I just don't like it.
  • What is it going to take to get better shows on this acursed channel?! CN- you fools. Don't give in to Disney!!

    What is this review implying- exactly what the title summary says.

    Squirrel Boy, like MGPAM, proves that cartoon animal shows were better left to the animals of Disney (Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck,etc. of course), Tom and Jerry (MGM), and Looney Tunes (Warner Brothers). Anyone who hasn't caught on to this yet, you're not reading this list of shows you should be watching, other than this crap and MGPAM:

    -Teen Titans
    -Dragonball Z/GT
    -Xialoin Showdown
    -One Piece
    -Family Guy
    -The Simpsons
    -King of The Hill
    -Code Lyoko

    The list, unfortunately, as it includes shows I hate, but are way better than this, goes on and on...

    Let me just point out why I do not like it, and people should actually agree:

    -The main character and his pet fall under these clasiifications- stupid, annoying, and above all, nothing to relate to that won't get you labeled a loser yourself...

    -The backgrounds and animation are BEAT UP CRAP! It's like no one who made this can draw at all.

    -The story and plots only encourage the viewer to lose something (sleep, sanity, time taken out for watching it.).
    I mean, who can or would want to relate to an idiotic kid who doesen't know anything or any better, and his even more idiotic pet squirrel? No one.

    I also find it patetic the the kid's dad doesen't even like or give a damn about Rodney... What a lousy parent you are- one of you need to move out; I wouldn't mind if it was Andy's dad; he's a loser for getting his kid a squirrel anyway ( A squirrel is not a pet but a rodent best left outside to be roadkill, to begin with.) when this **** needs to give his kid attention at best himself. What a lousy parent. I will say his wife is hot, however. Now if only she weren't on a show that sucks, rather than in my bed!!

    Overall, I say shame on you, CN. Your viewers deserve better. Don't make us hate you more than we do now... Otherwise, I wouldn't mind replacing this channel with only Toonami and Adult Swim shows, as that might just solve the problem with this channel... A 1 out of 10. =F91- Am I Right Or What?=
  • It's still new, and can be fixed before it's a complete flop with viewers.

    Not not even close to being the worst show, I actually don't mind it all too much, but there is something thats amiss and the tv viewers don't like it. Could it be the unoriginal story plots, and almost too predictable plots? Or is it the unique almost line free animtion and design elements? It's a style not used as much or shown at least. It's got professional voice talents like Tom Kenny (Spongebob) and Richard Hourvitz (Invader Zim) in it. It's got a lot of good elements, but not enough apparently.Some of the characters in the show I can tell were added, just so they could have a villian, per say. Yes, there are certain elements that aren't great, but it can be fixed. It is the shows first season only right now.
  • To paraphrase a hit movie: I Heart "Squirrel Boy!" :idea:

    One thing this cartoon is good for is evoking memories of a more care-free time. A time when Hanna-Barbara cartoons reigned supreme with ideals of innocence and a general happy-go-lucky attitudes. So it's quite fitting the hit network founded by Hanna-Barbara would one day produce such a warm, loving, classic rendition of a cartoon show evoking Hanna-Barbara's humble origins as a low budget production company & doing it with 21st century technology. There are clearly defined good guys & bad guys to be sure, but for what it's worth this show is really devoid of genuine malice and nastiness. Instead this show focuses on a really ideal picture of a child-hood life. I don't know of anybody who hasn't wished that they could have a talking animal for a best friend & get in all sorts of interesting adventures for the both of them! Hanna and Barbara may be gone, but their spirits live on in all the great cartoons that are produced by Cartoon Network. This is one of those great cartoons. Enough said, true believers! :D
  • Why in the world would someone think up such horrible waste of animating talent!

    Basically this show was so hard to watch I thought I would have died of boredom. I would have thought that cartoon network would have made a better choice on what they choose to air. One of the main problems with this show is that the animation style is some what of a put off and when you couple that with the poor characters it makes Squirrel Boy seem rather crummy. The last problem I have with this show is it doesn't differ in type of plot every episode it's for the most part the same thing. Watching this show was hard even if you ignore the problems at least that’s what I think.
  • A show that is REALLY horrible and I don\'t know who would like this crap but I know it\'s not me. Has lame characters, lame graphics, and such - the only reason why I wouldn\'t change the chanel is because I\'m too busy playing my DS.

    Crappiest show on Cartoon Network. Horrible introduction, with \"HEY RODNEY!!!\" That was almost about to pierce my ears, and the music is all dumb too. That blue squirrel has horrible design ... and Rodney is just a dumb idiot. Andy ... I just want to puke when I look at his ugly face ... his face looks like someone punched it ... and if I ever saw him, I\'d punch his face so hard, his head would fly off ... the designs suck, and the episodes are pretty dumb too. Rodney just does something dumb that causes one thing after another to happen. Even Class of 3000 is better than this crap.
  • Love this show!!!

    This show is so funny! It's about a 9-year-old boy named Andy and his squirrel pet, Rodney. They have a lot of funny adventures together, too. The only character I hate in this show is that Kyle Finkster. What a jerk! He picks on Andy and Rodney all the time, so does HIS pet parrot, Salty Mike. But, I like Salty Mike okay, eventhough, his name is funny to me. I like all the other characters except Kyle. So to me, I like this show. I also disagree with any other users' reviews who think that this show is boring, lame, and stupid.
  • How do people like this? Cartoon Network, along with Nickelodeon, has really been picking crummy shows.

    I can not find a good reason why people like this show. Shows just seem to be getting worse and worse. This show is about a pet squirrel that gets into trouble over and over again. He just ruins something else in order to ge him out of trouble. I'm surprised that Cartoon Network would pick this show. What happened to the great shows that were cancelled. I do not have much to say, but do not watch this show. It is terrible. Of course this is my opinion and not yours, so, to see if you may like it, then just watch it.

    This is MY opinion and the reason I gave it a 1.0 is because it is TERRIBLE and STUPID. It is not bad if you like it, it's just that I don't and won't like it.
  • i used to love cartoon network with all those great shows courage,johnny bravo and the list goes on but this show is cartoon networks low.

    when i seen a new show on cartoon network i was excited to see if it would be a good show well i watched it and hated it and its not like i didn't give the show a chance i mean i watched about 10 episodes and none of them were funny.and where have i seen a show with a human and a talking animal friend maybe on the last new CN show so thats all i got to say about this show but if cartoon network dosen't soon do something right its going to make me go crazy so if you want my opinion stay away from this show
  • What is Cartoon Network thinking? This idea has been done before. This was just too soon after Gym Partner.

    Squirrel Boy is about a boy and his pet squirrel. Is this familiar? Its storyline usually involves the boy, and his squirrel having adventures. The problem is the adventures are boring. I can't pay attention to them. The artwork is pretty bad. The worst artwork was done on Andy. What happened to his face? The voices are okay. The show is a little funny at sometimes. Usually more than average jokes. The good thing is the humor. Making the show average. If you want to watch this show. Then, watch it for humor. Otherwise just stay away from this show.
  • Who came up with THIS garabge?

    How much more gay can this show get? I don't think it's possible! It's about some really fugly kid with a squirrel as a pet. An orange squirrel. And you should see the characters! Especially Andy! His face has GOT to be the most repulsive thing I've ever seen! Most of the new Cartoonetwork shows are pretty bad, with the exception of Class of 3000, and this show takes 1st place! Every time this show comes on I feel like screaming! You wouldn't BIELIEVE how fast I change the channel. Come on Cartoonetwork, let's pick up the pace and get some GOOD shows out there!
  • What's wrong with it?

    I don't understand why anyone would hate this show. It may not have the same animation as Spongebob. It may not have the same humor as Spongebob. (I use Spongebob because it's the mainstream)
    Why does that matter? The creators took the original direction rather than copy whatever is popular. If there was no originality there would be no progress.
    Just watch one episode with an unbiased mind and you may just find a great show. Everyone who hates this show for no good reason needs to shut up. One guy said he watched 'a few minutes or so'. That's not enough time to appreciate anything.
    I think it is a hilarious show that doesn't need constant fart jokes and nonsense phrases to get a laugh. If you can't laugh without those things then I'm embarrassed for you. Try to expand your humor. Give this show a chance, please.
  • Oh. My. God. ANOTHER show about fluffy talking animals? Didn't CN just bring on My Gym Partner's a Monkey a few months ago? This is the LAST show we need!

    This show is horrible to say the the least.

    First of all, I'd like to point out the whole concept. I ask you, who (including small children) want to watch yet ANOTHER show about talking animals? With all of the movies out and current shows, I think they'd be sick of it by now. Really....why not make a unique show?

    The next thing I have to talk about is the plot. It, again, is very frequently used. Rodney is a trouble maker that always gets into, well trouble. He drags the common-sense-blessed Andy with him, while he complains and corrects him. I can name about 5 other shows off the top of my head with the exact same plot. Once again, why not try something different?

    Then, there is the animation. I know it is a style of it's own, but it irks me. For crying out loud, Andy's eyes aren't even attached to his head! They're heads look like hotdogs, and there is no detail, just plain cell color. I can tell that this show was produced very hastily and hadn't had much thought put into it.
  • The crap is this?

    Wasnt there a time when cartoons on CN [CartoonNetwork] were shown as pilots to the public then voted on if they would become a offcial show or not? Now they just let any show get through and on the air even if its complete crap.

    I gues they decided they would do what every other network does and air almost anything they get. Im not saying that this show is a complete flop it does have its moments, but come on its a cartoon about a talking squirrel and a kid. Half of the jokes they have [or try to have] arnt funny unless your so tired [or in some other other-worldly state] you dont even understand what the heck there saying and people who are in that state laugh at just about anything you throw at them.
  • Not to bad, but not great

    First off, I'm not sure why everyone seems to hate this show. It's probably the best show that has premiered in quite a long time (it sure beats Camp Lazlo and My Gym Partner's a Monkey). I do chuckle a bit when watching this show. Though it's no Courage the Cowardly Dog, it does have some good moments. I'm glad Richard Horvitz voices Rodney. He's such a good voice actor who is really able to bring his characters to life. He really helps to make Rodney into a somewhat interesting character.

    But like I said, the show isn't really great, either. It just seems to be to nice and friendly. The theme song is also kind of annoying and the music in general is something you would hear on a two year old's show. I also think that there is to much color, but this is only a very minor point. Of course, cartoons can't get away with much anymore with all the censorship now. I'm sure that many of the newer Cartoon Network shows would be better if they had less censorship. It's like that they don't allow for modern creators any artistic freedom anymore.

    So anyways, before I get further off topic, I just want to say that this is a decent show. I'm sure it will get better with time. Hopefully it will continue.
  • It may be better than Atomic Betty, but it's still horrible.

    I know the 2000s have been getting a lot of unoriginal shows but this takes the cake. A show about a boy (shaped like a lima bean and only has squirrels for friends) and his squirrel and is called Squirrel Boy? That's so lame! Also the episodes are duller than seeing 50 walls of paint dry, the animation is atrocious, and it's really really really unfunny. I can't believe there are actually people who like this show (there's only a few thank god). Avoid this lame show with a lame name. However, there is 1 good thing. Rodney's voice actor is the same guy who did Dagget from the Angry Beavers, I loved Dagget.
  • As Newgrounds would put it, this makes poop look good.

    It's all about some loser kid and his "special" squirrel who's the loser of the family. What did the creator of Duckman do before he made this show? Ingest LSD? I can't believe I actually gave it a chance. I've never seen a kid so pathetic before. The parents obviously want to get rid of him if they send him to a camp where they believe that wallets can fend off wild bears. A pet squirrel? At least get a real pet, like a dog or something. Squirrels are not pets and shouldn't be made into one. This show proves that pretty soon, whether the kids like it or not, their parents will have to make them watch educational shows with all the idiocy on TV. Either that, or kids will have to retreat to video games and books.
  • Don't watch it. If you are having insomneia then watch it. still Worst tv show ever.

    Squirrel boy is about a boy and a pet squirrel. The writing is terrible "Look away! I'm Ghastly!".What the heck. Who ever thought of this show should bang his head on the wall for making this disappointment. What's worst then being stranded on a deserted island? I'll tell you what's worst than getting stranded on a deserted island. Watching a whole half hour of squirrel boy. I would rather watch Catscratch than this and I hate catscratch. Another pointless quote is: Andy- do you like cake, Parrot- this is a trick question no? How stupid can you get. I bet you in August of 2007 this show will be cancelled.
  • Getting Back To Basics

    I loved seeing classic looking animation with traditional sight gags and one liners. I think this style is a dying art form and I was very glad to see it back. It may not be entertaining for people 20 years old or older, but aren't cartoons supposed to be for kids?
  • Better than I expected, but not perfect.

    To tell you the truth, I really couldn't see what people found really wrong with this show. Sure, it wasn't really great, but it wasn't abysmally boring. It was kinda funny. Don't complain about Squirrel Boy, which has it's moments, when there are other shows out there to complain about: Krypto the Superdog, My Gym Partner's A Monkey, and (maybe) Camp Lazlo are a few that are worse. Sure, Squirrel Boy's no Foster's, but when it comes to kicking off shows, this wouldn't be the first one. So, just please accept that it might be a little boring at times, and stuff may be wrong, but in the words of Rodney: "The hat sells the show."
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