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  • Awful, Just plain awful

    The entire show revolves around the squirrel. The squirrel is stupid to start with so the entire plot is pretty pointless. Not to mention the secondary characters in the show. Andy(the kid) is the most uncool, nerdy, and stupid secondary character I have ever seen. The father is the most disgusting, ugly looking character in the show, not to mention hes twice as dumb as Andy. The mother is hardly ever used in the show and the bully in the show is always getting stomped on by Andy. The whole thing is just plain terrible. And while it fails to keep interest, Cartoon Network is quickly losing viewers. Cartoon Network, Don\'t make any new TV shows unless they\'re good!!!!
  • I might not have cable, but I don't need it to judge this show!

    This show is pitiful. It has no plot, its boring and idiotic characters are introduced. Before my cable got cut off, I've seen the commercials of this on CN and I could tell this show was going to be lousy. I don't even have cable anymore, but thats all right because I don't have to worry about watching any of this! And besides, the way Cartoon Network is going now, I would expect stuff like this to air on that channel. (TIP: If you haven't watched My Gym Partner's a Monkey, watch it to see what I'm talking about.) The only good show on Cartoon Network right now is Ed, Edd n' Eddy which is one of Cartoon Network's most popular shows anyways. I know I don't have cable anymore, but CN is going downhill at top speed, and unless the shows that are on there now aren't cancelled and the old shows come back and regain their stolen places, Cartoon Network will cease to stay on TV. But if you want Cartoon Network to remain on television, cancel all shows like this and My Gym Partner's a Monkey and bring back all the classics that have wrongfully been replaced.
  • My eyes were bleeding when I watched the first few minutes of it. It's amazing I didn't cut off my ears when I heard the theme song.

    OMG!! This show sucks. Why did CN have to air THIS??? This is the worst show ever! Lame title, lame art, lame theme song. It's a rip off!

    There are too many things wrong with Squirrel Boy. First of all, the art. THE ART'S HORRID. It looks like it was drawn by a kindergartener sleeping while scribbling on a piece of paper. Their heads are way bigger than their bodies. I mean, come on! It's like everyone in Squirrel Boy is deformed with tiny arms or scrawny legs smaller than their palms or something. Moving on.

    The theme song. Ugh....Don't even get me started. Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, Rodney. That's the whole theme song. It isn't something you can can dance to. It isn't something you can hum to. It's just Rodney. Lame, huh?

    A boy and an squirrel having wacky adventures...Hmm....Doesn't that sound like... A RIP OFF!!! Gah! I hate it! My Gym Partner's a Monkey is about a boy and a monkey having wacky adventures too! It's also a horrid show!! The only difference is that it's a monkey, not a squirrel.

    Well, I'm too tired to name all the weird things about Squirrel Boy, but, the main point of this review was, "Squirrel Boy Sucks." That is all. Thanx for reading!
  • Why this? Why not Duckman?

    It's nice that Everett Peck has a new TV series, and it's OK and all, but all I can think of when I watch it (because it looks just like it!) is why can't they bring Duckman back? That show was great! They bring other shows back. Why not that one?
  • It's okay for a cartoon.

    A boy and his squirrel... it's not as bad as everyone thinks. Sure, there are lots of better shows on Cartoon Network and other networks alike, it has some decency. After all, not everything is gonna appeal to everyone, right? Maybe it'll get better.

    I can't really think of anything else to say, but it's about a Squirrel name Rodney and his human friend Andy who have have fun together with each other.
  • I had to get eye surgery from watching the first 20 seconds of it.

    You know whats better than this show? Dirt Boy. Thats right,30 minutes of watching dirt. And if thats not interesting to you than you haven\'t seen anything. Squrrel Boy is about, you guessed it, a squrrel and a boy. Frst of all everything looks like it got painted by a baby chicken. Second this has nothing to offer. It tries being the 1000 of things that its trying to be but is just the opposite. I thought I was going crazy when they replaced the Friday night 6:00 new with this. CN was well ahead of Disney and Nick but then it dropped like a rock. I think I\'d still rather watch Dirt Boy.
  • horrible

    Squirrel Boy tells the tale of a boy named Andy and his best friend and pet squirrel Rodney who is constantly filled with many ideas and seems to know everything. Also known as "partners in crime," Andy and his friend Rodney are always involved in different adventures, and the adventures they embark on in Andy’s yard and around the neighborhood. i think that instead of a squrrel he should have got a chipmunk or in stead of a chipmunk he should get a african bull frog that would be nice i hope they take my idea i hope i hope
  • WTF? I thoght it was stupid the first time I saw it, and I was right! Read this!

    This show is stupid beyond reason. I mean first of all, who in thier right mind would buy a squirrel for a pet? The dad hates him so why buy him? Second, the music. From the sound of the music, it should be on Nick Jr. or Tickle U. They must like mental retardation or something. Third, the animation. Andy looks like a hot dog or tube. Their faces looks like one side of thier face got ran over and eaten. Overall, don\\\'t wacth it, or you\\\'ll be asking the same Q\\\'s.
  • Cartoon Network, Stop cranking out these stupid shows!!!

    I just watched the first episode. horrible. Here are the reasons this show stinks- 1- Unoriginality. In all the pet stores ive been in, not once has there been a squirrel. And this one, is a carbon copy of Bloo. Really, Andy and Rodney are just like Mac and Bloo. 2- Art. It's really weird, i mean the hands and feet are way to small compared to the characters' enormous heads. At least in KND its the other way around. Plus that eye indent doesnt look right. 3- age. i mean who remembers being 9? Really people remember being 8 and 10 more.
    Cartoon Network is really struggling. The only good shows that are still on in the day are:
    B&M Fosters Ben 10 Xiaolin Showdown.
    That and Toonami and adult swim
    Cartoon Network, please dont make cr*ppy copies of other good shows, as Squirrel Boy is somewhat a copy of Fosters Mac and Bloo. Just put some originality into your shows!!!
  • Cartoon Network: Please. Make the hurting stop!

    I tried to be fair. I gave it an honest chance. I endured the pain of watching a whole episode. And my final conclusion?
    I honestly have not seen a show so downright flipping horrible since Cartoon Network aired "Dragon Hunters". Like I said, I always give new cartoons a chance before I judge by watching at least one whole episode of this show. It was actually PAINFUL to pay attention to.

    First off, music wise, it makes you want to cut your ear off. And what's with the theme? It makes it sound like it's for three year olds!

    Second, for the most part, I'm supportive of any animation style, no matter how odd it might be. But good god, this one really takes the cake. It's hard to look at. It's not even the drawings themselves, it's the coloring... everything's so bright, like my brother said, it's overexposed which makes it an eyesore.

    Finally, the characters lack serious emotion. This makes it hard to connect to the situation and actually stir anything in the viewer.

    Dare I even give this show a 2? It seems too high for it. The only reason I even venture to give it this score is because it made me chuckle a few times; but that's the limit of its humor.

    I can't even continue to write a decent review about this... it just fails in every aspect of it's existance. Please, if you value your brains; don't watch squirrel boy. Cartoon Network, you're slipping. You need to listen to your fans and improve on the few good points of your channel, and maybe you can save yourselves. But "Squirrel Boy" fails to live up to the hype you gave it. Besides, didn't you already attempt this with "My Gym Partner's a Monkey"?
  • It is okay so far....

    I do not like the opening of Squirrel Boy it is dumb. All they do is call out "Rodney". It gets very annoying. And they also did this in "Hey Arnold!" when they called out Arnold's name the whole time. Both openings are really pointless.

    Squirrel Boy isn't bad. I have watched it a few times and I have found nothing that I hate in it. But so far I haven't found anything that I like in it either. I don't think anything in that show has made me laugh really loud or anything yet, and I'm going to give this show a chance, because I don't hate it, and I probably won't change the channel whenever it comes on.

    You advertise a show everywhere, push it as far as you can, try to shove it in our faces and it\\\'s SUPPOSED to be good. This show is horrible. It\\\'s about the biggest piece of trash ever drawn. How can they still push it after seeing one episode. Noone wants to see this. I wish they would spend more energy on something funny like Foster\\\'s or even on returning Teen Titans or even producing Season Four of Xaiolin Showdown...

    I think they tried to rip off Spongebob and create antics but this time of Rodney J. Squirrel (original name) and his boy owner. Come on CN, you can do better. By here, I\\\'ve changed the channel.

    Anyway, the show is unfunny, unoriginal, insulting to my inteligence, a waste of presious tv time, and should be taken off the air.
  • Ok.Cartoon Network has been raveing about this for a long time.

    Cartoon Network is going down hill fast!The only thing keeping it up is:
    [adult swim]
    Ben 10
    and tonami.
    From all the praising,it seemed like a good show.I was wrong.I only watched the first part and hated it!Horrible!
    This show needs to be canceled asap!The charicter style is drawn so bad that it makes Pokemon look good.The story line is stupid.(A pet squirl?!)I mean come on!A note to Cartoon Network.Please get better shows and quit cancelling all the good ones!!!
  • i hate this show so very very much

    what has cartoonetwork come to this shows graphics, character, and plot stinks like moldy cheese it is so pitiful i can not find an adjective that expresses so much hate toward this whole show we expect more from cartoonnetwork then a cartoon about a squirrel and a boy,
    in conclusion this show is pitiful and i want this show taken off of the air.
  • I like this show.

    Squirrel Boy is a show about a kid named Andy and his best friend and pet Rodney. They do all sorts of whacky things. I liked the pilot a lot. Line in the Sandwich was about Andy and Rodney making money off of sandwichs to get enough to buy a Fobject. Rodney annoys Andy because he thinks that his hat sells the sandwichs. In the end, they both give up what they believed sold the sandwichs and became friends again. Tree for Two was about Rodney denting Andy's rocket. It gets stuck in a tree and Rodney has to get it down before Andy's dad finds out. After many attempts, Andy's dad get is down and when Rodney comes down, it takes off again and Rodney gets stuck in the tree. I know this show will last. It is so hilarious.
  • Did anyone else happen to notice.

    There used to be a short lived cartoon on called screwy squirrel. In this sneak peak episode of Squirrel Boy, the squirrel is wearing a Napoleon style hat...which is a complete rip off from screwy squirrel. >_< On a side note I do like the voice actors that they used. I
  • A weird looking show from the creator of Duckman.

    I saw the pilot episode and all I have to say is pretty good. I mean, it's better than all the other crap they have released this year (and don't forget last year). I could tell that this would be a pretty good show since most cartoons with Richard Horvitz doing a voice doesn't suck so bad. It's very strange that they had to show the preview earlier since the series won't be able to air as I've written this until many more days to come but still, I'm okay with that. Even though the animation is weird looking, I'm okay with that too. I hope the best for this soon to be CN cartoon.
  • A stupid title and an even stupid show.

    As if "My Gym Partner's A Monkey" isn't enough, another god awful cartoon has to show up in Cartoon Network of all network.

    "Squirrel Boy", created by Peck Everett of Duckman fame, revolves around the adventures of ten yr old Adam Johnson and his pet Rodney J. Squirrel, and together, they get themselves in very odd situations that one would normally find in a cartoon show.

    The show lacks humor to boost with, its pilot isn't impressive, the animation is horrendous and the general plot seems to be simply boring.

    Like I said about "My Gym Partner's A Monkey", stay away from this show at all cost.
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