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  • I agree w/ KingCAWisma, a realy bad Beavis & Butt-Head rip-off

    I use to like this show now I think it's just another Beavis & Butt-Head rip-off & other B & BH rip-off such CatDog & Chalkzone are just as bad. & CatDog & Chalkzone are always an insault to "Current Events", Squrriel Boy is just as bad as both shows Beacause the episodes have NO plot, & The charater as complete idiots like the one on Bleach & the voice-acting is just lame as the episodes probaly the worst voice-acting I have heard 12 Oz. Mouse was better than this (beacause the main charater hardly gives a damn & the voice-acting was decent)

    What is it with Cartoon Network & their yen to foist the WORST cartoons they could possibly imagine? Squirrel Boy is one of the worst offerings the network has ever given us, so far that is.

    It is a very unfunny show about a dimwitted squirrel & these equally mentally challenged Bully & Bird & just about everybody involved in this porridge. This cartoon is not only insulting to the viewer, but heaps on even more insults towards bullies.

    I'm pretty sure animated shows can't sink any lower, at least that was before Nick's Tak and The Power of Juju arrived

    Billy West, if you're going to make a show for us, ACTUALY PUT SOME EFFORT INTO MAKING IT! This show, along with CatDog, are the worst things that Billy West have given us. The guys who made this must be total perverts. I mean, the show is about a squirrel getting bullied by a guy with a big butt. I mean, it's an original idea but ........... why, just WHY? Even if you get past the horrible disgusting perverted character designs, the show is really not all that funny. The only character who can be funny sometimes is Leon. But other than that, the characters are really annoying and make annoying and cheesy jokes all the time. Don't watch this. Watch Sanjay and Craig instead. At least that show has some good humour

    And to Caseyparkey There is fart jokes in this show, The bully has a butt that is th size of a watrmlon. Also Breadwinners is more classical than this fart of a show
  • What the

    shit is this hell of a piece?
  • My Gym Partner's A Monkey but with a Squirrel. WTF!?!

    This show is the definision of crap. This show and My Gym Partner's A Giant Butt-Hole, are what started "The Downfall of CN." This show is probably one of the worst shows ever made and a huge example of why CN is turning into Crappy Network. This show is nothing but a kid who's best friends with a squirrel, what's with the kid's being best friends with animal shows!? It's like CN only care for all boy show's now! Ewwwww!!! CN are nothing now but sexist crackpots. This show shouldn't haven't even had a second season and it's amazing it's still on the air. If it gets a third season (which it won't) Then God help us all.
  • Now I see why everyone hates Squirrel Boy!

    When I first glimpsed at the show, and it's reviews, I thought everyone here was bonkers. Why did everyone hate this? And then I looked back into the show and analyzed it in my brain. Rodney's voice is strange...like Dag had turned into a squirrel instead of a beaver. Andy's voice is nerve-wracking after several episodes, and the colors are blindingly bright. The mom looked fit to be on QVC, and the dad looked as if he could have guest-starred on According To Jim instead of a cartoon show. It was a Fridays show, so of course I liked it then...

    ...but now I doubt whether it earned that spot.
  • One of the shows that is the reason why Cartoon Network is dying.

    This show stinks. This is one of the reasons why Cartoon Network is dying. The humor in this show is boring. The stunts that Rodney do are not funny. The characters are horribly drawn. If you were to take of Andy's glasses, from the view he is drawn, it would appear that he has no eyes. The number one thing I hate about this show is the theme music. The music is babyish, and forgettable. If I had to listen to that music one more time, I would throw a brick at the TV. If I was president of Cartoon Network, I would burn this show to a crisp, and put back on classics like Time Squad, The Powerpuff Girls, and Johnny Bravo. I would rename the song "Chipmunks roasing on an open fire" by Bob Rivers to "Rodney the squirrel roasting on an open fire".
    Be gone with this show, and never come back.
  • Boring and stupid.

    the show squirrel boy is basicly about a boy named andey who has a squirrel named rodney for a pet. and his pet squirrel pretty much does a bunch of random stuff. this show is so boring. its just a stupid show all it is is a boy named andey who owns a sqiurrel the plot is just so unoriginal. and the jokes are something that only a 3 year old could find funny. the characters are annoying ecspecialy the main character rodney has to be one of the most annoying worst cartoon characters ever. the show itself is just stupid with all these annoying puns. what i mean by this is this seris has alot of puns it uses every once in a while in order to make it funny. well its not. as a matter a fact the puns make even more stupid and annoying. all i can say is this... this show suck!!!!!!!!!!

    this is trippy 2x4 signing off!!!!!
  • Painful to watch...

    For god's sake, what would happen if Mighty-B and Fanboy and Chum Chum had a baby the baby threw up and a dog crapped a TV show? Five seconds to gueeeeesssss...... well this show would be the crap, this show is stupid, not funny the characters don't look like humans (or squirrels) the characters suck, the show sucks, come on what is really annoying is the character design... come on my 5-year-old brother could do better drawings, I don't know how this show lasted over a MONTH, no, not a month, how did Cartoon Network allow this disgustingness to be broadcast over a WEEK? Gee, the things they have to do know to stuff something in mouths, but come on their jokes suck, I am just GLAD that my brother couldn't have the chance to watch this disgustingness with his fragile little mind, Thank Cartoon Network for recovering sense and stop broadcasting this bullcrap...thanks...XD
  • Can someone PLEASE tell me what I just watched!!!

    God, this is such a lame show, CN went insane after 2004, now they have this show on it? Well, atleast it's cancelled, what person ever thought of this show, it sucks so bad! Second of all they made all the character very ugly, the animation was very bad, the music was terrible, and it doesn't even want me to think of the stupid theme song!!! In which case this show has to be one of CN's worst, I can't believe I ever gave this show a chance, what in the world was I thinking?!?! Final grade: A big fat giant F-
  • This show SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    This show has the most gross and hideous animation I've ever seen. Not only that but the plots are lame and Rodney is one dopey squirrel. This is perhaps one of the most crappiest animated television shows in all of history. There's a lot of horrifyingly bad tv shows these days, and this show is definitely one of them. This show makes me sick, if you have never seen this show then good! You aren't missing anything! Don't watch it please, it might scar you for life. This show is one of the leading vomit-inducing garbage animted shows of this era. (Well I know in my opinion.) I'm so glad this show is gone and got wiped off the face of the Earth. I hope its now back in hell from where it came from because it sure belongs there! Now for a quick recap of this show: This show is based on Andy, a kid living with both of his parents, and he has a pet squirrel Rodney. And all of his squirrel friends can talk. The animation is ugly and simply horrific. The characters and whole concept of the show is so ridiculous and poor that even my sister booed and hissed at it. And she loves some shows that I hate. This show is a disgrace and should have never existed. That's all so see you later.
  • I love animals, especially rodents. But, I seriously hate this show.

    I'll be honest, I did actually see a few episodes. Unfortunately during those times, there isn't much other shows to watch. So, I watch this and I'd drift off. I cannot really watch this show. I hate all the characters, the art is nothing special, and their personality is the worst part. Just like almost everyone else, they don't like the show. I can't really write that much, since I couldn't really watch this. The plot, well, it isn't interesting enough to even pay that much attention. I am a bit sorry for the creators, they probably put in more effort than a 1. So, love real squirrels and watch something else on television, like CNN news.
  • really really bad show.just waste of time.

    This show is horrible!there is no humor in it!the graphics is too colorful and it hurts my eyes.animation is lame.people look ugly but not "funny ugly" like in "cow and chicken" just lame and uncreative.characters:rodney is very annoying and a failed comic releif.how could they named him "rodney"?!thats not suitable for squirrel and think about all the people named "rodney" they are embarassed!andy is shaped like a bean and very annoying.he looks smart but does everithing rodney tells him so he has no personality whatsoever.and i dont think he has any human friends so he plays with a squirrel all day.loser!and there is a stupid fat kid kyle who is suppost to be a bully and his ugly annoying parrot(btw i love parrots but this one is hidious!)but kyle doesnt do real bullyng just some lame pranks.he is huge!he could give a good wedgie to andy(that would make this show funnier)instead he does lame pranks that fail everythime!and the dyaloge is lame!and rodney and andy never have real adventures infact they never leave their backyard!dont wach this lame show it will make your eyes and ears bleed lame
  • Why has Cartoon Network changed from a good, enjoyable cartoon channel into a channel filled with crap like this?

    This show is GOD AWFUL! This show is one of hte shows that is destroying CN and also making it lose my viewing. I watched half an episode and was appauled.

    Plot: This is one of those boring shows where the characters go on lame-ass, stupid adventures that no one cares about. How about some creativity, people!?

    Voice Acting: Average.

    Dialogue: This left me speechless. What the heck was that!?!?

    Humor: Terrible humor made for eight-year-olds. However, I doubt too many eight-year-olds were laughing.

    Animation: What is it with cartoons these days that make kids look 3 times shorter than kids in the real world?!?

    Characters: Boring and unorigional, with no development.

    Overall: I would rather watch 12 episodes of Pokemon, Naruto and Mr. Meaty than watch this.
  • the reason cartoon network has failed.

    i feel for this show i cant give it higher 0.1 actually, the score i gave it was generous.im going to piecethe show apart.

    characters: take a look at them. their colorful, but look at their heads. especcially andy's. it seems like the producers spent 2 minutes on them.

    plot: it doesnt have a plot. theres a new gay "adventure" in every episode.

    Common sense: this is the worst thing about it. a talking squirel who is a boy's best friend. wow. and the squirels friends talk! gawd.

    theme song: after this i was rushed to the emergency room.

    overall: sucks.

    one good thing about it is that its ended.
  • If you haven't seen this show (first of all, I envy you) but see that banner up there? yeah, that's what passes for "entertainment" these days.

    Terrible. Absolutely terrible. I feel like I just died inside after watching this horrid, fetid, piece of- you know. What kind of animation is this? since when are squirrels blue? Since when are humans' ears below their mouths? Since when did this pass for entertainment? The voice acting and plots are absolutely, gut-wrenchingly awful. Those drool monkeys down at CN must've been drunk when they thought of this. Talking animals? Man, I would never have though of that! It doesn't matter. We can still watch other shows on CN. We have... my gym partner's a monkey, chop socky chooks, out of jimmy's head and... camp lazlo. Great. Skip this show- better yet, the whole channel, and watch something DECENT. Like the History Channel. Or Comedy Central.But not Nick. That's hardly any better than CN.

    If you value your life, don't watch this show.
  • What a bad show.

    Squirrel Boy is a terrible show; There is absolutely nothing good about it. The jokes are really corny and just plain stupid. The storylines and the overall plot sound like the writers are trying to hard to come up with something good. I mean, come on! A show about a annoying, talking squirrel and a little brat? It totally sucks! Also, the animation is appauling. I really do not see why some people like this show. I honestly can't wait for this show to get cancelled, since, it my opinion, this show's only purpose is to take up space in Cartoon Network's timeslot.
  • A squirrel named Rodney is adopted by a boy named andy.

    I have no idea why cartoon network thought of this show in the first place I mean I liked Duckman sort of haven't seen much of it though but this is the opposite. There is no humor in it and the animation is terrible and what kind of boy would want a squirrel for a pet I heard this show is cancelled I'm not sure if it is true or not. No one I know likes the show and I don't think they ever watched the show or ever will. I at least give this show a 1.0 out of 10.
  • Does anybody actually watch this show? It's stupid, unoringinal, and boring.

    Does anybody actually watch this show? It's stupid, unoringinal, and boring.

    There are three things I hate about squirrel boy and many other Cartoon Network Shows of this time.

    Bad Animation- Characters and places look very bad. Frame rate is terrible.

    Talking Animals- Enough is enough, one talking animal is fine, but a bunch is pushing it.

    Bad Storylines- The plot rarley last more than one episode. No character devolpment past the first episode. Contradicting details. No relationship devolpment. Most of all, just plain unfunny.

    If you really want to be entertained and feel like it was worth your time, watch a real show like Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • why did i even look at the first episode

    ok this is the worst show ever even worse than my gym parnter is a monkey
    the artstyle looks like some kid drew it and threw up on it
    the episodes are silly and do not have any point
    that hat sells the sandwich thing is dumb
    and alot of my buddys on the3eds.com hate it too
    so do not even think of the first episode
    look at a good show like ed edd n eddy or fosters so please do yourself good and do not even look at this show for a dare please you will be happy you did not look at it you would have better luck not blinking then watching this
  • Eh,I dunno,it's a little to werid for my own enjoyment

    Ok,well I'm not trying to bash anyone but really all I see is a unnaturaly bright pallet of colors(ouch,enough to make your eyes hurt)some terrbiel drawing,mixed with some baldy timed jokes,put in the microwave and you get Squirrel Boy.So last year they were showing these ads to make it look like Rodney was cool nd the show was a must see.Ha ha,well it answers my question as to why the sixth season of Teen Titans was cancelled,and why Dexter's Lab,Johnny Bravo,and Power Puff Girls got the boot.The concept of a sensible human boy and his wacky non human companion going on misadventures is quite stale.The style of humour is medicore,it's ok when you want to get a few cheap laughs when you are really bored,but I still wouldn't recomend it.There are still some gemstones on CN like Ed,Edd n Eddy as well Naruto,Ben 10,Pokemon,and such,and have great potential,but sadly they are over shadowed by such shows like Reanimated:The Series/Out of Jimmy's Head,Santo,and Squirrel boy included.Which is saddening
  • What the?

    I have to write this again cause someone else reported my last review of this show for some reason! Squirrel boy, what kind of name is that? I cant beileve this show is broadcast to our lives! I really wished this show can go away and bring back the good shows! Is people really trying to make good shows, or are they trying to do this for more money? The old shows, they really tried and got there fans attention! No one will even dare to get the creater of this show`s autograph! I wont be stupid enough to do that! I wish I had a time machine to stop this show from airing! One more wish to go! I really wish I had a hammer, to break my dang Tv!
  • Another show I can't stand.

    This show is so stupid it almost makes "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" look good, and I hate that show. Like Gym Partner, this show is another show with lame jokes, lame episodes, a lame theme song, lame characters, and well..the show's pretty much lame all together. I seriously don't know how this show could be bringing in good ratings for CN. It can't be possible for this show to bring in good ratings for CN. The thing that sickens me the most is the fact that they cancelled the classic Cartoon Cartoons for this garbage. Like Gym Partner, I hope this show gets cancelled. It should have never been put on the air in my opinion.
  • What is it going to take to get better shows on this acursed channel?! CN- you fools. Don't give in to Disney!!

    What is this review implying- exactly what the title summary says.

    Squirrel Boy, like MGPAM, proves that cartoon animal shows were better left to the animals of Disney (Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck,etc. of course), Tom and Jerry (MGM), and Looney Tunes (Warner Brothers). Anyone who hasn't caught on to this yet, you're not reading this list of shows you should be watching, other than this crap and MGPAM:

    -Teen Titans
    -Dragonball Z/GT
    -Xialoin Showdown
    -One Piece
    -Family Guy
    -The Simpsons
    -King of The Hill
    -Code Lyoko

    The list, unfortunately, as it includes shows I hate, but are way better than this, goes on and on...

    Let me just point out why I do not like it, and people should actually agree:

    -The main character and his pet fall under these clasiifications- stupid, annoying, and above all, nothing to relate to that won't get you labeled a loser yourself...

    -The backgrounds and animation are BEAT UP CRAP! It's like no one who made this can draw at all.

    -The story and plots only encourage the viewer to lose something (sleep, sanity, time taken out for watching it.).
    I mean, who can or would want to relate to an idiotic kid who doesen't know anything or any better, and his even more idiotic pet squirrel? No one.

    I also find it patetic the the kid's dad doesen't even like or give a damn about Rodney... What a lousy parent you are- one of you need to move out; I wouldn't mind if it was Andy's dad; he's a loser for getting his kid a squirrel anyway ( A squirrel is not a pet but a rodent best left outside to be roadkill, to begin with.) when this **** needs to give his kid attention at best himself. What a lousy parent. I will say his wife is hot, however. Now if only she weren't on a show that sucks, rather than in my bed!!

    Overall, I say shame on you, CN. Your viewers deserve better. Don't make us hate you more than we do now... Otherwise, I wouldn't mind replacing this channel with only Toonami and Adult Swim shows, as that might just solve the problem with this channel... A 1 out of 10. =F91- Am I Right Or What?=
  • Why in the world would someone think up such horrible waste of animating talent!

    Basically this show was so hard to watch I thought I would have died of boredom. I would have thought that cartoon network would have made a better choice on what they choose to air. One of the main problems with this show is that the animation style is some what of a put off and when you couple that with the poor characters it makes Squirrel Boy seem rather crummy. The last problem I have with this show is it doesn't differ in type of plot every episode it's for the most part the same thing. Watching this show was hard even if you ignore the problems at least that’s what I think.
  • A show that is REALLY horrible and I don\'t know who would like this crap but I know it\'s not me. Has lame characters, lame graphics, and such - the only reason why I wouldn\'t change the chanel is because I\'m too busy playing my DS.

    Crappiest show on Cartoon Network. Horrible introduction, with \"HEY RODNEY!!!\" That was almost about to pierce my ears, and the music is all dumb too. That blue squirrel has horrible design ... and Rodney is just a dumb idiot. Andy ... I just want to puke when I look at his ugly face ... his face looks like someone punched it ... and if I ever saw him, I\'d punch his face so hard, his head would fly off ... the designs suck, and the episodes are pretty dumb too. Rodney just does something dumb that causes one thing after another to happen. Even Class of 3000 is better than this crap.
  • How do people like this? Cartoon Network, along with Nickelodeon, has really been picking crummy shows.

    I can not find a good reason why people like this show. Shows just seem to be getting worse and worse. This show is about a pet squirrel that gets into trouble over and over again. He just ruins something else in order to ge him out of trouble. I'm surprised that Cartoon Network would pick this show. What happened to the great shows that were cancelled. I do not have much to say, but do not watch this show. It is terrible. Of course this is my opinion and not yours, so, to see if you may like it, then just watch it.

    This is MY opinion and the reason I gave it a 1.0 is because it is TERRIBLE and STUPID. It is not bad if you like it, it's just that I don't and won't like it.
  • Who came up with THIS garabge?

    How much more gay can this show get? I don't think it's possible! It's about some really fugly kid with a squirrel as a pet. An orange squirrel. And you should see the characters! Especially Andy! His face has GOT to be the most repulsive thing I've ever seen! Most of the new Cartoonetwork shows are pretty bad, with the exception of Class of 3000, and this show takes 1st place! Every time this show comes on I feel like screaming! You wouldn't BIELIEVE how fast I change the channel. Come on Cartoonetwork, let's pick up the pace and get some GOOD shows out there!
  • Oh. My. God. ANOTHER show about fluffy talking animals? Didn't CN just bring on My Gym Partner's a Monkey a few months ago? This is the LAST show we need!

    This show is horrible to say the the least.

    First of all, I'd like to point out the whole concept. I ask you, who (including small children) want to watch yet ANOTHER show about talking animals? With all of the movies out and current shows, I think they'd be sick of it by now. Really....why not make a unique show?

    The next thing I have to talk about is the plot. It, again, is very frequently used. Rodney is a trouble maker that always gets into, well trouble. He drags the common-sense-blessed Andy with him, while he complains and corrects him. I can name about 5 other shows off the top of my head with the exact same plot. Once again, why not try something different?

    Then, there is the animation. I know it is a style of it's own, but it irks me. For crying out loud, Andy's eyes aren't even attached to his head! They're heads look like hotdogs, and there is no detail, just plain cell color. I can tell that this show was produced very hastily and hadn't had much thought put into it.
  • The crap is this?

    Wasnt there a time when cartoons on CN [CartoonNetwork] were shown as pilots to the public then voted on if they would become a offcial show or not? Now they just let any show get through and on the air even if its complete crap.

    I gues they decided they would do what every other network does and air almost anything they get. Im not saying that this show is a complete flop it does have its moments, but come on its a cartoon about a talking squirrel and a kid. Half of the jokes they have [or try to have] arnt funny unless your so tired [or in some other other-worldly state] you dont even understand what the heck there saying and people who are in that state laugh at just about anything you throw at them.
  • As Newgrounds would put it, this makes poop look good.

    It's all about some loser kid and his "special" squirrel who's the loser of the family. What did the creator of Duckman do before he made this show? Ingest LSD? I can't believe I actually gave it a chance. I've never seen a kid so pathetic before. The parents obviously want to get rid of him if they send him to a camp where they believe that wallets can fend off wild bears. A pet squirrel? At least get a real pet, like a dog or something. Squirrels are not pets and shouldn't be made into one. This show proves that pretty soon, whether the kids like it or not, their parents will have to make them watch educational shows with all the idiocy on TV. Either that, or kids will have to retreat to video games and books.
  • Don't watch it. If you are having insomneia then watch it. still Worst tv show ever.

    Squirrel boy is about a boy and a pet squirrel. The writing is terrible "Look away! I'm Ghastly!".What the heck. Who ever thought of this show should bang his head on the wall for making this disappointment. What's worst then being stranded on a deserted island? I'll tell you what's worst than getting stranded on a deserted island. Watching a whole half hour of squirrel boy. I would rather watch Catscratch than this and I hate catscratch. Another pointless quote is: Andy- do you like cake, Parrot- this is a trick question no? How stupid can you get. I bet you in August of 2007 this show will be cancelled.
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