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  • How can anyone hate this show?!!!

    I mean seriously, how can anyone hate this show? I actually like this show! I can't see any thing wrong with this cartoon! I loved this show from the beginning. My favorite character in this very good cartoon would have to be between Andy's dad and Rodney. Andy's dad is one of my favorites because I think that is so funny about how he hates Rodney! I remember one episode when Rodney was stuck in the wall and he thought that he was gone and started to have a party. Rodney was one of my favorites because he is just so funny and cute! I really don't find anything wrong with this show!
  • Boy, I used to watch this show, but I totally missed this episode! I wanna see it! Please!

    Yeah? And you ask why, huh? Well, I'll tell you why! This show is very funny at times and sometimes, you need to kick back with a funny cartoon. Why not watch Squirrel Boy!? It's a witty show that should have lasted longer than it did. And yes, there are a few shows that did not last for some reason. This was one of those shows I liked that got canceled. And now, I might not get to see this episode. If it ever comes out on DVD, I am buying it soon. If I can somehow watch this episode online, then I most certainly will, Brad! Brilliant show, Watson!

    By the way, Moose rocks!
  • Oh come on this show rocks how can any one hate it.

    Why do people have to hate this show it is one of Cartoon Network's Great Show no when you see this show you will no how good the show is.

    People how could you hate this show its wrong you guys that hate have no taste in humor this show makes me laugh i've whatched every episode and they were great and i'm up set that they will cancel the show i don't think they are making any new episodes.

    So really i love this show and i'll keep watching this show and i know they won't stop making shows i know it.
  • I Like This Show!

    This Show Is About A 10-YearOld Boy Named "Andy" And His Best Buddy Squirrel"Rodney".Each Episode Is An Adventure.
    Rodney Has A Chum Buddy "Leon"He Lives In A Tree Behind The Johnson,s House.Rodney Is In Love With A Cute Little Squirrel."Darlene".Andy Has A Bully Named "Kyle".With His Buddy"Salty Mike".And Andy Has A Human Friend Named "Oscar"He Has To Be Safe Alot.
  • Good show. But, this show needs a better title

    So. I like this show. It's waaaaaaay better than Out of Jimmy's head (Even though I like it). I see nothing wrong with this. It's not bad at all. And, when I get an I-pod. I'm downloading an episode. This was my favorite show and, I could'nt wait for Fridays to come! Anyways, this show isn't bad and, CN needs to show it more! You hear that CN? Nothing wrong. So don't say anything to me! Okay? >:( Nothing wrong. And, I'll watch this whenever this is on. So the big finish. No bad. Okay. This is one of my favorites.
  • it can get boring and very dull and it has to end soon heck my gym partners a monkey is better than this show

    when I first saw a commercal of this show it looked very interesting and the first episode 'in the line of the sandwich' was pretty but the show got worst and it started to get very dull and boring so it should end at episode 30 so I have to give this tv show a 6 out of 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... .. . . . . . ..
  • Good show

    I actually like this cartoon it is way better than My Gym Partners A Monkey. The show is not funny but it doesn't have to be at least it doesn't have to butt jokes like My Gym Partners A Monkey. The animation is okay the characters are likeable 8/10
  • Love this show!!!

    This show is so funny! It's about a 9-year-old boy named Andy and his squirrel pet, Rodney. They have a lot of funny adventures together, too. The only character I hate in this show is that Kyle Finkster. What a jerk! He picks on Andy and Rodney all the time, so does HIS pet parrot, Salty Mike. But, I like Salty Mike okay, eventhough, his name is funny to me. I like all the other characters except Kyle. So to me, I like this show. I also disagree with any other users' reviews who think that this show is boring, lame, and stupid.
  • this show rox

    yes this show rocks it is not like duckman and rick and morty and sucmerican dad and arthur, this show rules and I give it a 100/10 best show eva
  • A stupid title and an even stupid show.

    As if "My Gym Partner's A Monkey" isn't enough, another god awful cartoon has to show up in Cartoon Network of all network.

    "Squirrel Boy", created by Peck Everett of Duckman fame, revolves around the adventures of ten yr old Adam Johnson and his pet Rodney J. Squirrel, and together, they get themselves in very odd situations that one would normally find in a cartoon show.

    The show lacks humor to boost with, its pilot isn't impressive, the animation is horrendous and the general plot seems to be simply boring.

    Like I said about "My Gym Partner's A Monkey", stay away from this show at all cost.
  • A boy named Andy goes on adventures with his pet squirrel, Rodney.

    I don't understand why people hate this show. This show is pretty decent. Though it tries a bit too hard to be funny but certain parts do make me laugh. When I first heard about this show I didn't think much of it but after watching some episodes tonight I come to this conclusion. This is why I am rating this show an 8.2
  • Don't watch it. If you are having insomneia then watch it. still Worst tv show ever.

    Squirrel boy is about a boy and a pet squirrel. The writing is terrible "Look away! I'm Ghastly!".What the heck. Who ever thought of this show should bang his head on the wall for making this disappointment. What's worst then being stranded on a deserted island? I'll tell you what's worst than getting stranded on a deserted island. Watching a whole half hour of squirrel boy. I would rather watch Catscratch than this and I hate catscratch. Another pointless quote is: Andy- do you like cake, Parrot- this is a trick question no? How stupid can you get. I bet you in August of 2007 this show will be cancelled.

    You advertise a show everywhere, push it as far as you can, try to shove it in our faces and it\\\'s SUPPOSED to be good. This show is horrible. It\\\'s about the biggest piece of trash ever drawn. How can they still push it after seeing one episode. Noone wants to see this. I wish they would spend more energy on something funny like Foster\\\'s or even on returning Teen Titans or even producing Season Four of Xaiolin Showdown...

    I think they tried to rip off Spongebob and create antics but this time of Rodney J. Squirrel (original name) and his boy owner. Come on CN, you can do better. By here, I\\\'ve changed the channel.

    Anyway, the show is unfunny, unoriginal, insulting to my inteligence, a waste of presious tv time, and should be taken off the air.
  • It's not great, but it's not terrible either.

    Squirrel Boy is one of those cartoons that's hard to explain in a review. I like the overall subplots, I like the characters' personalities, and, people are going to disagree, but I like the animation for everyone except Andy. That's what got it the 5.5, which is actually leaning more towards perfect than abysmal. But, the show itself doesn't have one big plot to understand and even though I like the animation, the drawing of the characters isn't really good. I watch it most of the times it's on and sometimes I regret it, but then look back and say "They made an attempt to make a cartoon, let's just see how it goes and if it gets better". It's not even really bad, so this show deserves more than a 5.5 overall, but still, it's not really good either...I don't know! Don't judge me!
  • Squirrel Boy

    Im not going to lie because everyone is writing bad reviews about this show to tell the truth I loved it most of the episodes and the other animals it was kind've like micky mouse kind;ve by a bit But I liked it was about a squirrel who lived with his bestfriend a human and they go on cool adventures
  • Somehow I just can't see the horibleness of this show like the others are seeing...

    Squirrel Boy is a boy with a pet Squirrel named Rodney by Andy, and now lives with Andy's family in the neighborhood! However different neighbors have different personalities and there is a whole gang of neighbors to get to know in this show! So that seems to be the starting storyline of this show! Basically, I think its a show that is fair, I agree that this is definitely not the best show and is a show with poor graphics. but the episodes with different plots involve some form of entertainment and is a show that I can actually sit through! I would just recommend, I'm not forcing at all, just recommend that at least watch this show once and see what it is like, because you may not find it as bad as you think like me! Well, I guess that is my opinion of this show, so I guess that wraps up my Squirrel boy Review, over and out! Wait one more thing is that I wonder what may happen in the future in this show and if they are gonna make any new episodes, ah well, no promises because I can see that a lot don't like this show! So again, I'd say that this show isn't the worst, and there's worse shows you can see that is lower that this! So now I guess that's it!
  • Kool

    squirrel boy must be pretty hated but i don't know why, the show is pretty interesting and sometimes funny but it keeps me watching for more than 10 minutes! probably because the animation style reminds me of duckman... i've only seen about one or two episodes of it and so far i was impressed especially for a new show (cause most new shows are just commercial and not pure... if you know what i mean) the dialogue, well i don't remember much but my captions kept going on and on so i guess it has good scripting, and the animation itself isn't lazy so.... its cool
  • Underappreciated Show

    This show is obviously underappreciated. Everyone here seems to hate it but I dont and some people just dont have good taste! Even so I thought the show is good featuring Invader Zim's Richard Steven Horvitz and King of the Hill's Pamela Adlon both very talented Voice Actors! Richard Steven has also done the voices of Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Dagget from Angry Beavers. It makes me Laugh such as Rodney... Especially Rodney why... because hes an Idiot (not as much as Billy). But the show has made me laugh on the very first episode. Plus ive heard of Duck Man which was also created by the Same Guy so you would think if you like Duck Man you would like Squirrel Boy!
  • Squirrel Boy!!!!

    This show is the most underappreciated show I've ever seen. I don't understand why there are so many negative reviews. The animation is great, the characters are funny, the episodes are fun to watch and it has everything a great cartoon needs!
    This show is about a squirrel, a talking squirrel who lives with the Johnssons, three ordinary people who happen to have a talking squirrel in their house! It's new and original and not boring. The episodes are filled with fun adventures and teh characters are very friendly. I think that people should just give it a chance.
  • i hate this show so very very much

    what has cartoonetwork come to this shows graphics, character, and plot stinks like moldy cheese it is so pitiful i can not find an adjective that expresses so much hate toward this whole show we expect more from cartoonnetwork then a cartoon about a squirrel and a boy,
    in conclusion this show is pitiful and i want this show taken off of the air.
  • Not the worst CN show ever,but just like Class of 3000,it can get boring at times


    Squirrel Boy is another CN show that I have mixed feelings about. This show is about a guy named Andy,and his pet squirrel,Rodney,who go on adventures. Now,the premise sounds stupid,but the show itself is pretty dull. I mean,it can be funny at times,but it's boring the rest of the times. The characters are unlikable,and have nothing special about them. Andy is just a boring kid,while Rodney is annoying,and stupid. In fact,I think these characters are rip-offs of Mac and Bloo. Leon is OK,but can be annoying at times. Andy's parents are just idiots,and the bully and the parrot are just stereotypical. To be fair,the yellow squirrel (Forgot her name) was the only good character of the show,since she wasn't annoying. The plots were ridiculous. I mean,getting trapped on an island in the middle on the street? Getting stuck in the wall? These plots are just as bad as trying to go through a mine field without dying. The animation is OK,but why does everything look so shiny? Overall,this was another CN show that wasn't THAT bad,but was still pretty lame and boring.

  • What is Cartoon Network thinking? This idea has been done before. This was just too soon after Gym Partner.

    Squirrel Boy is about a boy and his pet squirrel. Is this familiar? Its storyline usually involves the boy, and his squirrel having adventures. The problem is the adventures are boring. I can't pay attention to them. The artwork is pretty bad. The worst artwork was done on Andy. What happened to his face? The voices are okay. The show is a little funny at sometimes. Usually more than average jokes. The good thing is the humor. Making the show average. If you want to watch this show. Then, watch it for humor. Otherwise just stay away from this show.
  • It's still new, and can be fixed before it's a complete flop with viewers.

    Not not even close to being the worst show, I actually don't mind it all too much, but there is something thats amiss and the tv viewers don't like it. Could it be the unoriginal story plots, and almost too predictable plots? Or is it the unique almost line free animtion and design elements? It's a style not used as much or shown at least. It's got professional voice talents like Tom Kenny (Spongebob) and Richard Hourvitz (Invader Zim) in it. It's got a lot of good elements, but not enough apparently.Some of the characters in the show I can tell were added, just so they could have a villian, per say. Yes, there are certain elements that aren't great, but it can be fixed. It is the shows first season only right now.
  • it kind of reminds me of the old cartoonnetwork shows

    this show has the old kinda cartoon planet feeling in it in the animatoin the stories and the whole show in paticular. I like how the voice of zim (invader zim) ddney im a fan of anything he does. the jokes are kinda lame but kind of funny but part of andy's face is missing and his glasses dont touch his face when he turns sideways and it look's weird some of the other characters are drawn not well either watch this is the kind of show where i wont watch it on purpose but when i do it is funny it is underapprecated and a rating of 5.7 is like whoa dang but overall i like it not bad but it should not be a staple of cartoonnetwork it should be a replacement untill they get a better show.
  • What's wrong with it?

    I don't understand why anyone would hate this show. It may not have the same animation as Spongebob. It may not have the same humor as Spongebob. (I use Spongebob because it's the mainstream)
    Why does that matter? The creators took the original direction rather than copy whatever is popular. If there was no originality there would be no progress.
    Just watch one episode with an unbiased mind and you may just find a great show. Everyone who hates this show for no good reason needs to shut up. One guy said he watched 'a few minutes or so'. That's not enough time to appreciate anything.
    I think it is a hilarious show that doesn't need constant fart jokes and nonsense phrases to get a laugh. If you can't laugh without those things then I'm embarrassed for you. Try to expand your humor. Give this show a chance, please.
  • To paraphrase a hit movie: I Heart "Squirrel Boy!" :idea:

    One thing this cartoon is good for is evoking memories of a more care-free time. A time when Hanna-Barbara cartoons reigned supreme with ideals of innocence and a general happy-go-lucky attitudes. So it's quite fitting the hit network founded by Hanna-Barbara would one day produce such a warm, loving, classic rendition of a cartoon show evoking Hanna-Barbara's humble origins as a low budget production company & doing it with 21st century technology. There are clearly defined good guys & bad guys to be sure, but for what it's worth this show is really devoid of genuine malice and nastiness. Instead this show focuses on a really ideal picture of a child-hood life. I don't know of anybody who hasn't wished that they could have a talking animal for a best friend & get in all sorts of interesting adventures for the both of them! Hanna and Barbara may be gone, but their spirits live on in all the great cartoons that are produced by Cartoon Network. This is one of those great cartoons. Enough said, true believers! :D
  • I like this show.

    Squirrel Boy is a show about a kid named Andy and his best friend and pet Rodney. They do all sorts of whacky things. I liked the pilot a lot. Line in the Sandwich was about Andy and Rodney making money off of sandwichs to get enough to buy a Fobject. Rodney annoys Andy because he thinks that his hat sells the sandwichs. In the end, they both give up what they believed sold the sandwichs and became friends again. Tree for Two was about Rodney denting Andy's rocket. It gets stuck in a tree and Rodney has to get it down before Andy's dad finds out. After many attempts, Andy's dad get is down and when Rodney comes down, it takes off again and Rodney gets stuck in the tree. I know this show will last. It is so hilarious.
  • The crap is this?

    Wasnt there a time when cartoons on CN [CartoonNetwork] were shown as pilots to the public then voted on if they would become a offcial show or not? Now they just let any show get through and on the air even if its complete crap.

    I gues they decided they would do what every other network does and air almost anything they get. Im not saying that this show is a complete flop it does have its moments, but come on its a cartoon about a talking squirrel and a kid. Half of the jokes they have [or try to have] arnt funny unless your so tired [or in some other other-worldly state] you dont even understand what the heck there saying and people who are in that state laugh at just about anything you throw at them.
  • My eyes were bleeding when I watched the first few minutes of it. It's amazing I didn't cut off my ears when I heard the theme song.

    OMG!! This show sucks. Why did CN have to air THIS??? This is the worst show ever! Lame title, lame art, lame theme song. It's a rip off!

    There are too many things wrong with Squirrel Boy. First of all, the art. THE ART'S HORRID. It looks like it was drawn by a kindergartener sleeping while scribbling on a piece of paper. Their heads are way bigger than their bodies. I mean, come on! It's like everyone in Squirrel Boy is deformed with tiny arms or scrawny legs smaller than their palms or something. Moving on.

    The theme song. Ugh....Don't even get me started. Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, Rodney, Rodney. That's the whole theme song. It isn't something you can can dance to. It isn't something you can hum to. It's just Rodney. Lame, huh?

    A boy and an squirrel having wacky adventures...Hmm....Doesn't that sound like... A RIP OFF!!! Gah! I hate it! My Gym Partner's a Monkey is about a boy and a monkey having wacky adventures too! It's also a horrid show!! The only difference is that it's a monkey, not a squirrel.

    Well, I'm too tired to name all the weird things about Squirrel Boy, but, the main point of this review was, "Squirrel Boy Sucks." That is all. Thanx for reading!
  • I might not have cable, but I don't need it to judge this show!

    This show is pitiful. It has no plot, its boring and idiotic characters are introduced. Before my cable got cut off, I've seen the commercials of this on CN and I could tell this show was going to be lousy. I don't even have cable anymore, but thats all right because I don't have to worry about watching any of this! And besides, the way Cartoon Network is going now, I would expect stuff like this to air on that channel. (TIP: If you haven't watched My Gym Partner's a Monkey, watch it to see what I'm talking about.) The only good show on Cartoon Network right now is Ed, Edd n' Eddy which is one of Cartoon Network's most popular shows anyways. I know I don't have cable anymore, but CN is going downhill at top speed, and unless the shows that are on there now aren't cancelled and the old shows come back and regain their stolen places, Cartoon Network will cease to stay on TV. But if you want Cartoon Network to remain on television, cancel all shows like this and My Gym Partner's a Monkey and bring back all the classics that have wrongfully been replaced.
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