Squirrel Boy

Cartoon Network (ended 2007)


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  • Squirrel Boy is a colossal waste of time.

    My 3rd Review after another poorly done show: My gym Partner's a Monkey.

    Another Horrbile Show on Cartoon network. Who in the right mind would want to watch this lame garbage? This is even worse then My gym Partner's a monkey! Expect you get a Brainless Squirrel Instead. It's about some Boy named Andy and he has a pet Squrriel named Rodney. Huh? wait-wait wait! A pet Squrriel?!?! That's Impossible for your parnets to have a Pet Squrriel in the House! I hate this show soooo much!!!
    This is a 1000 times more pointless then My gym partner's a Monkey! This show is gonna get an F-. Here's the Stinking Results:

    Voice-acting: F-- 1.9/10.0 The Voice-acting stinks! They must been eating bad drugs to voice the brainless chracthers!

    Animation: F- 2.3/10.0 The Animation is Horribly Designed! It looks all Pukish and Stuff! It looks like a 1-year old made it.

    Grapihcs: C 5.0/10.0 The grapihcs are the ONLY good part about this show. Too bad the Animation could not match it.

    Dialouge: F 3.2/10.0 WHAT THE HECK?! This is one of the worst Scripts they have ever made in a cartoon!

    Sound: D-- 4.0/10.0 Dorky music with Bad cartoony sound effects. The sound is sooooo Bad, it's funny!

    Lasting Appeal: F 2.7/10.0 This cartoon gets terrbily repetitive. Ha! It does not even Desvere to be released as a Video game! Overall: F- 2.0/10.0 This is one of the worst things they have ever came up with. Cartoon network has to wake up! Start bringing back great classics. But Thank god we have boomerang. A better cartoon would be "The Land before time" Series! Go watch that instead! Not this Piece of Junk.
    Burn this in heck you piece of Garbage Cartoon!!!!!!