Squirrel Boy

Cartoon Network (ended 2007)


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  • Somehow I just can't see the horibleness of this show like the others are seeing...

    Squirrel Boy is a boy with a pet Squirrel named Rodney by Andy, and now lives with Andy's family in the neighborhood! However different neighbors have different personalities and there is a whole gang of neighbors to get to know in this show! So that seems to be the starting storyline of this show! Basically, I think its a show that is fair, I agree that this is definitely not the best show and is a show with poor graphics. but the episodes with different plots involve some form of entertainment and is a show that I can actually sit through! I would just recommend, I'm not forcing at all, just recommend that at least watch this show once and see what it is like, because you may not find it as bad as you think like me! Well, I guess that is my opinion of this show, so I guess that wraps up my Squirrel boy Review, over and out! Wait one more thing is that I wonder what may happen in the future in this show and if they are gonna make any new episodes, ah well, no promises because I can see that a lot don't like this show! So again, I'd say that this show isn't the worst, and there's worse shows you can see that is lower that this! So now I guess that's it!