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  • Duckman was way better than this abomination!!

    I mean seriously, my God!! I can't believe that Everett Peck, the same guy who made Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man, one of the greatest cartoons of all time, has created a kids show for Cartoon Network!!! This has got to be one of the worst shows I have ever seen on Cartoon Network. This show makes no sense, it's unfunny, ungodly, the animation sucked ass!!, the plot is forgettable, AND IT'S MORE LIKE SQUIRREL HE'S NUTS!!!!!!! Screw Squirrel Boy!!
  • this show rox

    yes this show rocks it is not like duckman and rick and morty and sucmerican dad and arthur, this show rules and I give it a 100/10 best show eva
  • I've never liked it as a kid, and thank goodness I've never had the displeasure to revisit this show.

    I can't remember everything about this show, but all I know is that I've never really enjoyed it as a little kid. I actually tried hitting my TV with my baseball bat (not metal nor wooden, it's a fake one) from how crappy this show is.
  • I agree w/ KingCAWisma, a realy bad Beavis & Butt-Head rip-off

    I use to like this show now I think it's just another Beavis & Butt-Head rip-off & other B & BH rip-off such CatDog & Chalkzone are just as bad. & CatDog & Chalkzone are always an insault to "Current Events", Squrriel Boy is just as bad as both shows Beacause the episodes have NO plot, & The charater as complete idiots like the one on Bleach & the voice-acting is just lame as the episodes probaly the worst voice-acting I have heard 12 Oz. Mouse was better than this (beacause the main charater hardly gives a damn & the voice-acting was decent)

    What is it with Cartoon Network & their yen to foist the WORST cartoons they could possibly imagine? Squirrel Boy is one of the worst offerings the network has ever given us, so far that is.

    It is a very unfunny show about a dimwitted squirrel & these equally mentally challenged Bully & Bird & just about everybody involved in this porridge. This cartoon is not only insulting to the viewer, but heaps on even more insults towards bullies.

    I'm pretty sure animated shows can't sink any lower, at least that was before Nick's Tak and The Power of Juju arrived

    Billy West, if you're going to make a show for us, ACTUALY PUT SOME EFFORT INTO MAKING IT! This show, along with CatDog, are the worst things that Billy West have given us. The guys who made this must be total perverts. I mean, the show is about a squirrel getting bullied by a guy with a big butt. I mean, it's an original idea but ........... why, just WHY? Even if you get past the horrible disgusting perverted character designs, the show is really not all that funny. The only character who can be funny sometimes is Leon. But other than that, the characters are really annoying and make annoying and cheesy jokes all the time. Don't watch this. Watch Sanjay and Craig instead. At least that show has some good humour

    And to Caseyparkey There is fart jokes in this show, The bully has a butt that is th size of a watrmlon. Also Breadwinners is more classical than this fart of a show
  • Good show

    I actually like this cartoon it is way better than My Gym Partners A Monkey. The show is not funny but it doesn't have to be at least it doesn't have to butt jokes like My Gym Partners A Monkey. The animation is okay the characters are likeable 8/10
  • What the

    shit is this hell of a piece?
  • i wont say its crap, but its useless for sure

    i like this kind of idiotic shows, with stupid plots and stupid adventures. but the problem is that this show has nothing more than that, i mean, no peaks, no moments of LMAO, no mindless zaniness, nothing. i would say its an average show, but to be honest, its often boring in his uselessness. the only good thing is the graphics.

    shame on you cartoon network
  • For god sakes, this was from the creator of Duckman!

    People, you know this is from the same guy who did Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man. And this show was in part of my childhood.
  • Really bad

    This show was really bad IMO so glad it was canceled 2/10 terrible .
  • What the guy below me said

    This show bored me to death. I tried to like it, I really did, but it was boring as hell. it was kinda decent, but extremely boring.
  • Squirrel Boy is on? Time for my 30 minute nap

    Squirrel Boy is one of those shows that will just make you fall asleep 5 minutes into the show. The show's premise may not have been the best, but it could have been a decent show. The show centers around a boy named Andy and his pet squirrel, Rodney, and together they get into various adventures that gets them into trouble. Each episode is full of terrible jokes that don't work for kids at all and it was so bland and stupid, I couldn't tell where the humor was. The artwork and animation aren't too bad, but they could have been approved significantly. The character designs look original, the colors are pretty good, and it's presented pretty well. The voice acting is where the shows starts to really fall apart, everyone sounds annoying, and some of the voices don't seem to match the character. The plots themselves are really lackluster and are forgettable and are plots that are recycled, but have no new things in it. I was glad this show was canceled and hasn't been seen again. What could have been a decent show for everyone, got turned into a mess because of poor plots and bad jokes.
  • Squirrel Boy

    Im not going to lie because everyone is writing bad reviews about this show to tell the truth I loved it most of the episodes and the other animals it was kind've like micky mouse kind;ve by a bit But I liked it was about a squirrel who lived with his bestfriend a human and they go on cool adventures
  • Garbage that annoyed me during 11.

    Yeah. It annoyed me of around like Pet Alien did. Man, those cartoons are dangerous in packs!

    Plot: Andy, a kid with an eyesight problems, has a pet squirrel named Rodney. They make fun around as a friend. Meet other animals. That's all folks.

    Characters: Somewhat stereotypical, they have an okay personality except for Rodney, which is the main annoyance of this show. Voice acting except also, for our only friend, Rodney.

    Humor: It's really pointless and provides no laugh at all.

    Others: Somewhat a copy of My Gym Partner's a Monkey. (Or is it a pig?)

    Art: They are poorly drawn! Animation is okay.

    Overall: 3. This show is just like Johnny Test, the protagonist is annoying, but this one has potential to step up from the dirt and go run along in the road.
  • Not that bad of a show, actually...

    This show is strangely amusing...While the Title, Plots, and Animation may not sound all that interesting, its actually quite a good new Cartoon on Cartoon Network! However, it still needs alot more improvement...It needs to thicken its plots out more and it needs better character developement. But, since the Show has just started, I won't expect too much out of it (Since shows usually get better, from when they first started). Anyways, Squirrel Boy is a pretty good Show, so give it chance and you'll know what I mean. Its better than other shows on Cartoon Network, thats for sure.
  • Squirrel Boy is a colossal waste of time.

    My 3rd Review after another poorly done show: My gym Partner's a Monkey.

    Another Horrbile Show on Cartoon network. Who in the right mind would want to watch this lame garbage? This is even worse then My gym Partner's a monkey! Expect you get a Brainless Squirrel Instead. It's about some Boy named Andy and he has a pet Squrriel named Rodney. Huh? wait-wait wait! A pet Squrriel?!?! That's Impossible for your parnets to have a Pet Squrriel in the House! I hate this show soooo much!!!
    This is a 1000 times more pointless then My gym partner's a Monkey! This show is gonna get an F-. Here's the Stinking Results:

    Voice-acting: F-- 1.9/10.0 The Voice-acting stinks! They must been eating bad drugs to voice the brainless chracthers!

    Animation: F- 2.3/10.0 The Animation is Horribly Designed! It looks all Pukish and Stuff! It looks like a 1-year old made it.

    Grapihcs: C 5.0/10.0 The grapihcs are the ONLY good part about this show. Too bad the Animation could not match it.

    Dialouge: F 3.2/10.0 WHAT THE HECK?! This is one of the worst Scripts they have ever made in a cartoon!

    Sound: D-- 4.0/10.0 Dorky music with Bad cartoony sound effects. The sound is sooooo Bad, it's funny!

    Lasting Appeal: F 2.7/10.0 This cartoon gets terrbily repetitive. Ha! It does not even Desvere to be released as a Video game! Overall: F- 2.0/10.0 This is one of the worst things they have ever came up with. Cartoon network has to wake up! Start bringing back great classics. But Thank god we have boomerang. A better cartoon would be "The Land before time" Series! Go watch that instead! Not this Piece of Junk.
    Burn this in heck you piece of Garbage Cartoon!!!!!!
  • My Gym Partner's A Monkey but with a Squirrel. WTF!?!

    This show is the definision of crap. This show and My Gym Partner's A Giant Butt-Hole, are what started "The Downfall of CN." This show is probably one of the worst shows ever made and a huge example of why CN is turning into Crappy Network. This show is nothing but a kid who's best friends with a squirrel, what's with the kid's being best friends with animal shows!? It's like CN only care for all boy show's now! Ewwwww!!! CN are nothing now but sexist crackpots. This show shouldn't haven't even had a second season and it's amazing it's still on the air. If it gets a third season (which it won't) Then God help us all.
  • Now I see why everyone hates Squirrel Boy!

    When I first glimpsed at the show, and it's reviews, I thought everyone here was bonkers. Why did everyone hate this? And then I looked back into the show and analyzed it in my brain. Rodney's voice is strange...like Dag had turned into a squirrel instead of a beaver. Andy's voice is nerve-wracking after several episodes, and the colors are blindingly bright. The mom looked fit to be on QVC, and the dad looked as if he could have guest-starred on According To Jim instead of a cartoon show. It was a Fridays show, so of course I liked it then...

    ...but now I doubt whether it earned that spot.
  • Not the worst CN show ever,but just like Class of 3000,it can get boring at times


    Squirrel Boy is another CN show that I have mixed feelings about. This show is about a guy named Andy,and his pet squirrel,Rodney,who go on adventures. Now,the premise sounds stupid,but the show itself is pretty dull. I mean,it can be funny at times,but it's boring the rest of the times. The characters are unlikable,and have nothing special about them. Andy is just a boring kid,while Rodney is annoying,and stupid. In fact,I think these characters are rip-offs of Mac and Bloo. Leon is OK,but can be annoying at times. Andy's parents are just idiots,and the bully and the parrot are just stereotypical. To be fair,the yellow squirrel (Forgot her name) was the only good character of the show,since she wasn't annoying. The plots were ridiculous. I mean,getting trapped on an island in the middle on the street? Getting stuck in the wall? These plots are just as bad as trying to go through a mine field without dying. The animation is OK,but why does everything look so shiny? Overall,this was another CN show that wasn't THAT bad,but was still pretty lame and boring.

  • Underappreciated Show

    This show is obviously underappreciated. Everyone here seems to hate it but I dont and some people just dont have good taste! Even so I thought the show is good featuring Invader Zim's Richard Steven Horvitz and King of the Hill's Pamela Adlon both very talented Voice Actors! Richard Steven has also done the voices of Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Dagget from Angry Beavers. It makes me Laugh such as Rodney... Especially Rodney why... because hes an Idiot (not as much as Billy). But the show has made me laugh on the very first episode. Plus ive heard of Duck Man which was also created by the Same Guy so you would think if you like Duck Man you would like Squirrel Boy!
  • One of the shows that is the reason why Cartoon Network is dying.

    This show stinks. This is one of the reasons why Cartoon Network is dying. The humor in this show is boring. The stunts that Rodney do are not funny. The characters are horribly drawn. If you were to take of Andy's glasses, from the view he is drawn, it would appear that he has no eyes. The number one thing I hate about this show is the theme music. The music is babyish, and forgettable. If I had to listen to that music one more time, I would throw a brick at the TV. If I was president of Cartoon Network, I would burn this show to a crisp, and put back on classics like Time Squad, The Powerpuff Girls, and Johnny Bravo. I would rename the song "Chipmunks roasing on an open fire" by Bob Rivers to "Rodney the squirrel roasting on an open fire".
    Be gone with this show, and never come back.
  • Boring and stupid.

    the show squirrel boy is basicly about a boy named andey who has a squirrel named rodney for a pet. and his pet squirrel pretty much does a bunch of random stuff. this show is so boring. its just a stupid show all it is is a boy named andey who owns a sqiurrel the plot is just so unoriginal. and the jokes are something that only a 3 year old could find funny. the characters are annoying ecspecialy the main character rodney has to be one of the most annoying worst cartoon characters ever. the show itself is just stupid with all these annoying puns. what i mean by this is this seris has alot of puns it uses every once in a while in order to make it funny. well its not. as a matter a fact the puns make even more stupid and annoying. all i can say is this... this show suck!!!!!!!!!!

    this is trippy 2x4 signing off!!!!!
  • Painful to watch...

    For god's sake, what would happen if Mighty-B and Fanboy and Chum Chum had a baby the baby threw up and a dog crapped a TV show? Five seconds to gueeeeesssss...... well this show would be the crap, this show is stupid, not funny the characters don't look like humans (or squirrels) the characters suck, the show sucks, come on what is really annoying is the character design... come on my 5-year-old brother could do better drawings, I don't know how this show lasted over a MONTH, no, not a month, how did Cartoon Network allow this disgustingness to be broadcast over a WEEK? Gee, the things they have to do know to stuff something in mouths, but come on their jokes suck, I am just GLAD that my brother couldn't have the chance to watch this disgustingness with his fragile little mind, Thank Cartoon Network for recovering sense and stop broadcasting this bullcrap...thanks...XD
  • Somehow I just can't see the horibleness of this show like the others are seeing...

    Squirrel Boy is a boy with a pet Squirrel named Rodney by Andy, and now lives with Andy's family in the neighborhood! However different neighbors have different personalities and there is a whole gang of neighbors to get to know in this show! So that seems to be the starting storyline of this show! Basically, I think its a show that is fair, I agree that this is definitely not the best show and is a show with poor graphics. but the episodes with different plots involve some form of entertainment and is a show that I can actually sit through! I would just recommend, I'm not forcing at all, just recommend that at least watch this show once and see what it is like, because you may not find it as bad as you think like me! Well, I guess that is my opinion of this show, so I guess that wraps up my Squirrel boy Review, over and out! Wait one more thing is that I wonder what may happen in the future in this show and if they are gonna make any new episodes, ah well, no promises because I can see that a lot don't like this show! So again, I'd say that this show isn't the worst, and there's worse shows you can see that is lower that this! So now I guess that's it!
  • How can anyone hate this show?!!!

    I mean seriously, how can anyone hate this show? I actually like this show! I can't see any thing wrong with this cartoon! I loved this show from the beginning. My favorite character in this very good cartoon would have to be between Andy's dad and Rodney. Andy's dad is one of my favorites because I think that is so funny about how he hates Rodney! I remember one episode when Rodney was stuck in the wall and he thought that he was gone and started to have a party. Rodney was one of my favorites because he is just so funny and cute! I really don't find anything wrong with this show!
  • Boy, I used to watch this show, but I totally missed this episode! I wanna see it! Please!

    Yeah? And you ask why, huh? Well, I'll tell you why! This show is very funny at times and sometimes, you need to kick back with a funny cartoon. Why not watch Squirrel Boy!? It's a witty show that should have lasted longer than it did. And yes, there are a few shows that did not last for some reason. This was one of those shows I liked that got canceled. And now, I might not get to see this episode. If it ever comes out on DVD, I am buying it soon. If I can somehow watch this episode online, then I most certainly will, Brad! Brilliant show, Watson!

    By the way, Moose rocks!
  • Can someone PLEASE tell me what I just watched!!!

    God, this is such a lame show, CN went insane after 2004, now they have this show on it? Well, atleast it's cancelled, what person ever thought of this show, it sucks so bad! Second of all they made all the character very ugly, the animation was very bad, the music was terrible, and it doesn't even want me to think of the stupid theme song!!! In which case this show has to be one of CN's worst, I can't believe I ever gave this show a chance, what in the world was I thinking?!?! Final grade: A big fat giant F-
  • A show for children that is know for many boring ideas!

    Quick review(5th worst show I watched)

    Art 10/10 - Outstanding!; Even shades and shadows are very great. But....Only one good does not make a good show. They should put more time and effort....you get the idea

    Music 5.5/10 - Boring, uninspiring, repitive, and just plain stupid(The intro music: a ripoff from one of the kiss band music song)

    Character 6.5/10 - not bad, but the people I depise are:
    Rodney, Mike, Kyle, Mr.J, the old lady, and frag. This people has the worst personality ever! Worst than Johnny test, and worst than kid vs kat and beaten two places from it.

    Voice-acting and dialogue 0/10 - **** it all. The worst part is the s**tty dialogue that is reptitve, has the poorest humor, and can get old very enough that even eating a meatball sandwich is better than this poop dialogue!

    Animation 1.5/10 - No excuses, but this animation doesn't come even close to real and decent. Watch this show and....well you know.

    Warning: This may contain the most boring and inexcusable scenes that it may not be suitable for people over and under the age of 6 or even 7, you been warned....

    Overall 4.0/10 - This show did poorly on its dialogue, animation, cheesy music, and the only the good part is the art and design. It doesn't matter. Avoid it at all costs! Not on PC, not on DVD, and thank god there is no games related to this. And also the plot and storyline is okay, but sadly it was too late. Watch Wayside the series or even watch any other show then this!! Sorry Andy, and rodney and the people in the show I hate, **** you! Bye, kids!
  • See my review..

    Cartoon Network... WHY!! did you make this boring show WHY!!!. Ok sorry about that, Ok I write this review seriously. I watch this show when I was 10 then I said "awesome", when I was 11, I realized this show stinks. Ok let's talk about the plot.

    Its all about a boy named Andy who lives in a condo-like house and had a pet named Rodney, Rodney sometimes act as a jerk at Andy including Andy's family. Like this show, nope.

    It was quite good, but with the combination of realistic.

    Voice Acting and Dialogue:
    Ok voice acting, and the dialogue is terrible.

    Rodney is the worst character in here and and the other characters were ok.

    Stale, childish and boring

    This is why I added "sound" because, the music is just simplistic.

    Plots and episodes:
    Pointless and messy.

    Overall: Poor
    Ok animation, stale,childish and boring humor, simplistic music, ok characters but not Rodney, pointless plots and episodes, ok voice acting and bad dialogues.

    Its just around in the bang.
  • I feel sorry for anyone who watches this...

    Title: awful. At first I thought about a hybrid between a boy and a squirrel...

    Theme song: neutral.

    Art: Bad. It's hard to believe someone can get PAID for doing **** like this.

    Story: A stupid lookin squirrel who is egoistical, narcissist and selfish, ruins everyone's lifes exscept a hideous lookin boy who is totally dumb...

    Characters: I mentioned two abbove, there is a neat-freak, super-squirrel, a green parrot who makes no sence, and my favorite - a crazy artist girl who is nuts in every artistic way. I have to admit that chars in this stupid show are quite original.

    Humour: the lamest american cliche jokes you can think off. Egzample:
    -It's priceless!
    -You got it free at the library, didn't you?
    -Yup. It was so valuable they couldn't write a price on it!
    Just one thing I can say - *YAWN* !!!

    Misc: The actor who makes squirrels voice is the same who made Billys (Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy) voice. So, it's not strange that Rodneys voice is REALLY annoing...

    In conclusion: BORING!
  • NOT!!!!! this show is one of the wrost to come out of Craptoon Network EVER.......

    hey everyone! this is my first review and I thought I should start with the wrost cartoon network show ever.....SQUIRREL BOY. squirrel boy, squirrel boy....where do I begin?
    this shows about a retarded looking boy named Andy who lives with his mom (who looks like dexters mom),his dad(hates squrriels), and Rodney, the most stupid, unorginal character on the show. Add dogs, other talking animals, a germphobic wussy, a bully,and a new crappy "adventure" every week and you have the plot. LAME....
    not only do we have a spongebob sterotype (rodney), but we also have other talking animals(3 squrriels and a bird) REALLY? One talking animal is enough but 5 is Bleh!
    overall this show is crappy. also it's cartoon networks only orginal series that didn't get an award. IT DID'NT EVEN GET A NOMINATION!!!!!! i feel sorry for those who like the show, and envy the people who have never seen it. I glad this show is in cartoon hell where it belongs.