Squirrel Boy

Cartoon Network (ended 2007)


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  • This show SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    This show has the most gross and hideous animation I've ever seen. Not only that but the plots are lame and Rodney is one dopey squirrel. This is perhaps one of the most crappiest animated television shows in all of history. There's a lot of horrifyingly bad tv shows these days, and this show is definitely one of them. This show makes me sick, if you have never seen this show then good! You aren't missing anything! Don't watch it please, it might scar you for life. This show is one of the leading vomit-inducing garbage animted shows of this era. (Well I know in my opinion.) I'm so glad this show is gone and got wiped off the face of the Earth. I hope its now back in hell from where it came from because it sure belongs there! Now for a quick recap of this show: This show is based on Andy, a kid living with both of his parents, and he has a pet squirrel Rodney. And all of his squirrel friends can talk. The animation is ugly and simply horrific. The characters and whole concept of the show is so ridiculous and poor that even my sister booed and hissed at it. And she loves some shows that I hate. This show is a disgrace and should have never existed. That's all so see you later.
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