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  • A show for children that is know for many boring ideas!

    Quick review(5th worst show I watched)

    Art 10/10 - Outstanding!; Even shades and shadows are very great. But....Only one good does not make a good show. They should put more time and effort....you get the idea

    Music 5.5/10 - Boring, uninspiring, repitive, and just plain stupid(The intro music: a ripoff from one of the kiss band music song)

    Character 6.5/10 - not bad, but the people I depise are:
    Rodney, Mike, Kyle, Mr.J, the old lady, and frag. This people has the worst personality ever! Worst than Johnny test, and worst than kid vs kat and beaten two places from it.

    Voice-acting and dialogue 0/10 - **** it all. The worst part is the s**tty dialogue that is reptitve, has the poorest humor, and can get old very enough that even eating a meatball sandwich is better than this poop dialogue!

    Animation 1.5/10 - No excuses, but this animation doesn't come even close to real and decent. Watch this show and....well you know.

    Warning: This may contain the most boring and inexcusable scenes that it may not be suitable for people over and under the age of 6 or even 7, you been warned....

    Overall 4.0/10 - This show did poorly on its dialogue, animation, cheesy music, and the only the good part is the art and design. It doesn't matter. Avoid it at all costs! Not on PC, not on DVD, and thank god there is no games related to this. And also the plot and storyline is okay, but sadly it was too late. Watch Wayside the series or even watch any other show then this!! Sorry Andy, and rodney and the people in the show I hate, **** you! Bye, kids!
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