Squirrel Boy

Cartoon Network (ended 2007)


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  • Not the worst CN show ever,but just like Class of 3000,it can get boring at times


    Squirrel Boy is another CN show that I have mixed feelings about. This show is about a guy named Andy,and his pet squirrel,Rodney,who go on adventures. Now,the premise sounds stupid,but the show itself is pretty dull. I mean,it can be funny at times,but it's boring the rest of the times. The characters are unlikable,and have nothing special about them. Andy is just a boring kid,while Rodney is annoying,and stupid. In fact,I think these characters are rip-offs of Mac and Bloo. Leon is OK,but can be annoying at times. Andy's parents are just idiots,and the bully and the parrot are just stereotypical. To be fair,the yellow squirrel (Forgot her name) was the only good character of the show,since she wasn't annoying. The plots were ridiculous. I mean,getting trapped on an island in the middle on the street? Getting stuck in the wall? These plots are just as bad as trying to go through a mine field without dying. The animation is OK,but why does everything look so shiny? Overall,this was another CN show that wasn't THAT bad,but was still pretty lame and boring.