Squirrel Boy

Season 2 Episode 6

Stranger Than Friction / Don't Cross Here

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 13, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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    This is a very idiotic show. The computer animation is just terrible. Did the creators take steroids while making this show? The characters are also stupid. Rodney is an stupid jerk, Andy is disturbed, the villans are sadists, and the other kids are unoriginal. It's filled with pointless parodies, stupid storylines, and generic jokes. The creators must of been on acid to make this show. Sure, CN has aired some pretty bad shows (especially My Gym Partner's a Monkey and Scaredy Squirrel), but this show takes the cake. I'd rather kiss a male chimpanzee than watch this show. Thought Glenn Martin DDS was bad? Well this show is even worse.

    Presentation: F

    Dialogue: E

    Style: F

    Re-watch value: F

    Overall Grade:
  • Stranger than Friction/Don't cross here: Hilarious!

    Two really great Squirrel Boy episodes!
    In the first one, Kyle and Salt Malty actually planned to play a prank on Andy in which Salty Mike and Andy find out that they have one thing in common: collecting rocks that look like snack food! They decide to become buddies, much to Rodney's and Kyle's dismay, who want their buddies back!
    But Andy and Salty don't stay buddies for long, because they realize that they don't have altoomany things in common.
    In the end Rodney and Kyle have a little fight on "stelzes" and the prank which Salty and Kyle had actually planned as an revenge act on Andy (Kyle gave Andy a soda which he should've opened but instead he gave it back to him and he was covered in soda), the prank never gets "pranked", instead turns into a snack for Andy and Salty who watch Rodney and Kyle fighting.

    And to: Don't Cross Here, another appearance of Jack Royal! Andy wants to become a crossing guard, since the old one Elmer , is verrrry old and slow, so he tries out to become one; but there's hard opponent: Jack Royal!
    Even Andy's Dad who was really proud of his son wanting to become a crossing guard suddenly talks himout of it! At first.
    Andy becomes acrossing guard in the end, because Rodney has found a video from Jack Royal driving without his helmet!
    Andy wins and Jack Royal(not sad about losing) leaves and Kyle and Salty who played the crossing people (after getting thrown thru the air, attacked by electric eals, etc.) can finally cross the street!

    Two very funny Squirrel Boy episodes I really enjoyed! A lot!
  • Pretty thumbs up..

    In "Stranger Than Friction"Andy decides to hang out with salty mike.But Kyle has a plan to stop there friendship.In"Don"t Cross Here"An old crossing guard wants to retire.But to pick whos taking his place.He want"s Andy to enter in a test to see what andy really has to take over for Crossing Gaurd.