Squirrel Boy

Season 2 Episode 5

Treehouse Broken / My Brand New Salty Mike

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 06, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • I liked this episode

    In "Treehouse broken"Andy&Rodney challenge Kyle and Salty Mike to a tree house building competion.But it starts that they bring along new budies. Kyle&Salty Mike got Oscar.And Andy&Rodney got Leon.Who would win?In "My Brand New Salty Mike"Salty Mike get"s sold to another owner.But kyle wants to stay with the johnsons.And after,Andy comes up with a plan that can help them get Salty Mike back.
  • Treehouse broken and my brand new Salty Mike....

    are one of my most favorite Squirrel Boy episodes of all times! Just one word describes these two: A-MAZING!!
    In the first episode, Andy and Rodney have a treehouse building challenge against Kyle and Salty Mike, which ends with both having built atv the same treehouse that doesn't belong either to Rodney and Andy nor to Kyle and Salty Mike, but the neighbor in whom's garden Kyle and Salty started building the treehouse who was against it from the start but gets a BRAND new house in the end!
    The second episode is about Salty Mike getting sold to the creepy lady from down the street, like Andy calls her.
    This episode is definitely one of my most favorite episodes of all times! The lady takes Salty Mike into her mansion and feeds him all sorts of foods, like cake, shrimps, etc., making the viewer think that she wants to eat him in the end.
    Kyle on the other hand gets Rodney as his personaly servant or substitute for Salty Mike and Rodney has got to do all of the things Salty used to do for him, a gruesome job, so Andy now being alone, decides to get Salty back for Kyle and so the three of them go down to the creepy lady who happens to have a bird graveyard in her yard!!
    It is unclear what she's done to her former pets but I think she probably overfed them so they either ran off or died.

    Two very good episodes yes indeed!