Squirrel Boy

Season 2 Episode 3

Winner Fake All / Rodney Darling

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Feb 16, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • CN, are you on crack?

    What the heck is this?! Just when you thought CN were going through the right path, they air this crap!

    The plot revolves around a dumb Squirrle You just know that when a place won't air a cartoon not only because it's too cute, but also too stupid, you know something's wrong.

    The characters are annoying as heck. Rodney is boring, Kyle is horrid comedy relief and Salty Mike is supposed to be the smart one, but is just as dumb as the others. The minor characters are utterly forgettable and add nothing to this already decrepit show and get ready; they're also annoying! Also, Kyle literally looks like a monkey with a giant poopy diaper on, which really says something.

    The artwork has to be the worst art ever seen in a cartoon. It looks like a failed CGI test turned 2D that somehow aired on TV. And speaking of the animation... it's horribly choppy and some lip-syncs are off. The character designs are extremely ugly, the background settings look uncreative and there's so many bright colours and sick. Also, it's too seizure-inducing. If they were going for Stylistic Suck, then they've failed here.

    The voice acting is also terrible. It sounds like they're were reading off the script. There's no life to it.

    The show's humour consists of butt jokes and toilet humour. And it epically fails. Not one joke was funny. Not one joke!

    It's digusting that this travesty took off the anime MAR. If you missed the premier, well done for missing this and protecting your mind. Do not watch this show, EVER, especially if you're prone to seizures. This needs to be cancelled
  • Nice Episode

    Andy Always Loses At A Game So Mrs.J Told Rodney
    To Fake A Game Then Andy Went Crazy Because He Won
    Then Kyle And Salty Mike Let Andy And Rodney Do
    A Challenge Andy Got Mad Because He Lost

    This Episode Was Cool

    Andy And Mr.J Won,t Let Rodney In Their Club
    Because He Is A Squirrel So Rodney Joins
    Mrs.Js Club And He Won