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Welcome to the Squirt guide at TV.com.

Squirt is a cleaverly interactive New Zealand Childrens show, which comes to our screens every saturday, with the latest news, info, game reviews, food tips, and much much more!

For ten years Squirt was the home for a number of presenters, Tom, Matt, Dom and currently, Ryan. Their constant companion was the animated penguin, Spike as well as a number of other 3D characters...well after eleven years the penguin has finally grown up- everyone else remains fairly juvenile!

Spike now has his own room, after all his is a teenager and teenagers need space. Their appearance can also change...Spike's developed into quite a handsome penguin (his words) as well as being even cleverer than before, which he never believed was possible. During a quiet moment he ordered a robot kitset online and constructed his new friend, Bot. Bot is there to do Spike's leg work, a little electronic gofer. His room is 3D rendered and full of posters and food scraps at varying degrees of decay.

In theory, a door leads from Spike's animated room to the main set which is a physical set. Ryan and Jo hang out here, conducting interviews, perform experiments, review music and films have breakfast and generally just chill out.

As well as new features for '06 there will be a continuation of ASF (Astounding Squirt Facts) Gross and Yucky, getting to the nitty-gritty parts of the body but this year they will be joined by Rosa, our thirteen year old roving reporter/reviewer.

New features include Celebrity cereal - Ryan or Jo burst in on an unsuspecting celebrity and check out what they have for breakfast as well as explore other aspects of their lives.

NZ's Best Friends - We go in search of NZ's best friends to see how much they really know about each other. Trust, loyalty and team work are what matter most in a friendship and we aim to find the top buddies.

This year's game reviews will also be different - the presenters actually get into the game. They will be keyed over graphics, being able to appear as though they are walking beside the likes of Tiger Woods or standing on the edge of a Formula 1 track. A 'Wazzup' map will appear each week and we'll find out what's going on around NZ.

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