St. Elsewhere

Season 1 Episode 6

Legionnaires (1)

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 1982 on NBC



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    • Fiscus: Ehrlich, sitting on concrete, holding a stick with a string dangling in the water and ducking into the woods every time a cop car passes is not fun. Cardiac arrest in the middle of REM sleep, that's fun. Ah, a wino with an EEG of two spikes, that's fun.

    • Wade: Nice dress. You know, I've never seen you wear white.
      Cathy: I'm going to a funeral.
      Wade: Cathy, usually people wear black to a funeral.
      Cathy: I've noticed that.

    • Craig: You know, that Cummings kid may be a good hospital administrator, but sometimes he can be a real hard nose. I don't like people like that.

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