St. Elsewhere

Season 1 Episode 15

Monday, Tuesday, Sven's Day

Aired Unknown Mar 01, 1983 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • At the beginning of the episode, Fiscus is treating a patient dressed in a homemade spacesuit with J. Masius written on the outfit. John Masius was a writer for many of the series' episodes as well as producer. Masius says one word of dialogue but is uncredited for the episode.

    • At Dr. Craig's party, Shirley Daniels (from the bottom of her heart) calls Victor Ehrlich "a pig". This remark will become a running gag throughout the rest of the series as a variety people in a variety of circumstances enjoy the pleasure of calling Ehrlich "a pig".

  • Quotes

    • Fiscus: Dr. Cavenero, I see you're working the halls like everyone else. (gesturing to prostitutes gathered in the hallway) Don't get caught under any red lights.

    • Vijay: (looking at woman on operating table) She doesn't look like a prostitute.
      Samuels: Come on, Vijay. We're all selling something. It's just a matter of setting the price.

    • Morrison: I guess I never had to be concerned with the big issues of race relations. I always dealt with people one on one. I mean, we're friends aren't we? (silence) Aren't we?
      Chandler: Look, Jack, I'd like to say "Sure. No problem. We're friends. Everything's fine." But I can't. There's things you'll never understand because you're white. I'm not trying to pass judgment but there are things you'll never understand about your wife because she's a woman.
      Morrison: Yeah, but she's still my wife and we're still friends.

    • (Dr. Ehrlich is hung over after getting embarrassingly drunk at a party thrown by Dr. Craig)
      Craig: I went to a lot of trouble, Ehrlich, and you let me down. Now, I can understand you being nervous or uncomfortable and I've been known to hoist a few in my time but what disappoints me the most is that you are on call today. And I don't think you're capable of doing the work.
      Ehrlich: But I am.
      Craig: Your responsibility is to your patients, damn it. Twenty four hours a day. I thought you were the brightest. I thought you were the best. Now, I'm not so sure any more. (pause) I'll be down in five minutes. I'll drive you to the hospital. (Mark exits as Ellen walks towards Ehrlich)
      Ellen Craig: Just ignore him, Victor. That's what I do.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Early on in the episode, Fiscus treats a faux astronaut named "Mr. Masius," his ailment being that he has his head stuck inside a water jug. This was an in-joke that poked fun at Masius' participation in the '60s counterculture (the spaceman outfit) and that he was "drowning in frustration" over the show's low ratings (the water jug).

    • Norwegian Wood

      As Dr. Craig describes all the Scandanavian delicacies he is getting for his party in celebration of Dr. Sven Holstrum's visit, Ehrlich jokingly suggests the addition of Norwegian Wood. Norwegian Wood is a song that first appeared on the Beatles album Rubber Soul (1965). As usual the song is credited to the song writing team of Lennon and McCartney. Evocatively describing the end of a relationship, the song is notable for the first use of Indian instrumentation in a western pop song.