St. Elsewhere

NBC (ended 1988)





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  • Id describe this show as ER meet Scrubs. It was ahead of its time and real trailblazer.

    The colorful cast of characters rarely failed to rise to the challenge. I started thinking of St. Elsewhere again after watch Howie Mandel in "Deal or No Deal.

    St. Elsewhere did become tired at the end of its run but it was still very good when they pulled one of the most unusual series ending suprises where the entire show existed in the mind of an autistic child. Some hated, some loved it. Since it was a total suprise I liked it, although initially I had mixed feeling about it. Moments like the Peter White rape of a nurse was jarring but at the same time riveting. There was alot of dark humor like the time Mrs. Hufnagel was killed by the hospital bed when it folding her up like she was in a giant clam. Then Erlich said "Hufnagel on the half shell" I laughed for 10 minutes after he said that.

    Im surprised this isnt on TV Land instead of endless reruns of Gunsmoke and Bonanza on the weekends.