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NBC (ended 1988)





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  • St. Elsewhere was one of the first ensemble shows, a trend that continues today. This show was willing to push the envelope, daring some storylines others would avoid.

    The show last aired in 1988, yet there are so many scenes and images I remember clearly. One of the best episodes was a two-parter called “Time Heals.” The episode featured several stories over different eras in the history St. Eligius. The writers really tied everything together beautifully. Many of the guest stars made an impact on me. A young Tim Robbins appeared in the first season as an Irish terrorist who is angry at the world, and Doris Roberts won an Emmy playing a wise and compassionate homeless woman. There was some “stunt casting,” such as when several cast members of the old Steve Allen show appeared in one episode as parents of some of the regulars, and when Oliver Clark played a man who thought he was Mary Richards, and Betty White just happened to be a guest star that he called Sue Ann. Many of the regulars have become big stars since then, including Denzel Washington, Mark Harmon, Alfre Woodard and Helen Hunt.