St. Elsewhere

NBC (ended 1988)





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  • Day to day goings-on in an underfunded, rundown hospital. Part soap opera, part character study, part social commentary, part what-were-they-thinking?

    This was an amazing show. The writing, the acting and the direction all seemed to be what television was all about - or should have been. All the characters were believable. When they were followed from the hospital to their homes, they lived in exactly the type of place you would have expected. That is character definition. The audience knew them, liked them and talked about them with their friends. (I remember talking about an episode at work and someone else thinking we were discussing people we actually knew.) The only actors who went over the top were the ones whose characters seemed to need it. The worst one of the bunch (and looking back, it's funny) was a man whose name reminded me of a type of gasoline but who turned out just fine - a young Denzel Washington. He was as expressive as a telephone pole.

    Except for the most bizarre episodes in the final season (which we will all pretend were never aired), the program was exceptional. Ms. Hupfnagel in the bed was priceless. I could never figure out how such a critically acclaimed show could be so consistently unpopular. It was absolutely outstanding.