St. Elsewhere

Season 6 Episode 22

The Last One

Aired Unknown May 25, 1988 on NBC

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  • WTF?!

    When I saw this ending, it was just stupid! I wasted 2 weeks watching this whole series on like a billion video tapes, and it's all in the mind of an autistic boy(sorry, if I didn't spell that right)?! If that's the case, that kid has talent! I mean the emotion, the lighting, the comercials and the people? That kid needs an agent, who will mooch of that autistic boy's talent. If that kid want's to go make up series, go invent The Facts Of Life or at least Full House. I hate the "It was all a dream or it's in an autistic boys mind" endings, they did it for Dallas, and the show still went down hill!
  • What an ending!

    I loved this show. The final episode was bittersweet. I was happy to see Dr. Westphal again and that the Craigs were reconciling. Victor and Lucy Ehrlich were expecting a baby. Yet, I was sad to see Dr. Auschlander succumb to liver cancer. They ended it weird. It was all in the mind of Tommy the autistic son of Donald Westphal. That kid has a wild imagination. I hated to see the show come to an end. In my opinion, there hasn't been a decent medical show on TV since St. Elsewhere went off the air. I'm glad that it is being released on DVD so that I can watch it again.
  • St. Eligius existed in the mind of an autistic boy? Here's proof the show should have ended a season earlier.

    It seemed to me that many of the actors were just "phoning it in" in this episode. Loose ends were tied up, a little (very little) mystery was left for the viewers, and it turned out to be nonsense: the imagination of a little autistic boy. OK, not so little, but autistic nonetheless. I think this episode did not do credit to all the fine writers, actors and directors who had helped shape the show in the years prior. The show had been limping along for quite some time, running out of steam, but this was the pits. What a disappointment!
  • Shakin' that globe......

    God, I don't remember the whole episode, and the ending is hazy in my mind. I know that the ending is one of the best, but one of the weirdest and non- sensical in the history of TV.
    Still, it spawned other tv shows and their surprise endings, too. Hopefully someone can return that @#@$&*! videotape of the last episode including the "After Life" episode. I've seen the other three videotapes of the best of the show. Hopefully sometime in my life there will be DVD releases of every season. I'm praying, dudes! I'm out!
  • It was just my imagination

    Who would have thought? TV that formed a generation, just a wonderful show like many I grew up on. I was sad to see it go. I miss the old shows of yesteryear (something I wish I video taped and can remember). But the memories of my mind and watching them are still there