Stacey Stone

BBC (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Kiss Chase (2)
      Kiss Chase (2)
      Episode 8
      Stacey has too many problems of her own. The Grundy gang get together when Nat stages a barbecue to celebrate Matt's return. Ed takes Stacey's advice and tells the truth. Stacey resigns as agony aunt and decides maybe it's time to give it a rest.... ... for now.
    • Tangled Web (1)
      Tangled Web (1)
      Episode 7
      Erika, AKA ‘ Snogger Smith' wants Stacey to settle a bet and it concerns Erika's boyfriend, Andrew. But Stacey has other plans for Erika's boyfriend. It's Ed's birthday and he doesn't want Priya to organise it for him. Matt ‘s on holiday and Nat's not going to be seen moping around missing him.moreless
    • Football Crazy
      Football Crazy
      Episode 6
      Matt gets his big break when Football scouts want him to trial for the School Boys' team. Will Jo's horoscope predictions come true?
    • Artistic Differences
      Talent scouts are rumoured to be attending Grundy High's talent competition. Nat reveals that her mystery musical partner is ‘Shug the Thug' Thorburn. If only talent went her way. New girl Priya shows Ed that she has talents of her own.
    • Big Hugs
      Big Hugs
      Episode 4
      Power went out this night. Any information on the show would be greatly appreciated.
    • The Fashion Victims
      Now that Mel has perfected Ed's kissing skills - dont get the wrong idea - he's out to set Ed a new wardrobe... This IS Ed Reekie we're talking about. Nat and Matt are out to gain more popularity in the schools fashion show - and they don't care who they quash to be victorious. Conor - the most popular - asks Stacey for help as his mum drives him round the bend getting him rich clothes when all he wants to be is normal. Nat overhears this and publishes the story with Conor's "concent" - the article lands in the wrong hands - his mum. The fashion show goes ahead with Pryia and Ed winning the contest. This makes Stacey wonder - is Ed different that she thought he was?moreless
    • Stars In Their Eyes
      Pryia makes her debut by making a suggestion of making Jo the new Astrologer for the paper - due to her recent interest to the subject. But she soon finds herself in competition with Stacey and her problem page. Meanwhile, Ed figures Stacey does not want to go further due to his "technique", so Mel gives him lessons. Stacey's problem is of Kirsty - worried of exams, and she's the smartest person in class.moreless
    • Mixed Messages
      Mixed Messages
      Episode 1
      Nat and Matt are now back together. After the kiss at the disco, Ed gets some romantic feelings towards Stacey but does not look hopeful the other way round. Nat and Matt are back out like tabloids, looking for their next victim - which turns out to be a celebrity. Meanwhile, the Grundy High gets a new reporter.moreless
  • Season 1