Season 2 Episode 1

Nobody Says I Love You

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 09, 2005 on FOX
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Skyler tells everyone in the bookstore that she loves them, but not Gavin. Harold thinks it's because she's infected with a life-threatening illness, while Katrina thinks she just wants money.

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    • Gavin: Morning everyone. Sorry I'm late. There was an accident on the freeway.
      Katrina: You should have seen the trainwreck that happened in here. (referring to Stuart)

    • Gavin: Stuart... I love you.
      Stuart: Thanks bro. I love you too.
      Katrina: Now kiss!

    • Delivery guy (after handing Skyler a package): Meet me in the back of my truck. I got a bed made out of bubblewrap.

    • Katrina (to Skyler): Look I don't care if you end up living in a box, turning tricks for food, selling your poochy. I am not giving you money. I just care about you that much.

    • Skyler: I know, it almost seems a waste after all the work I've had done.

    • Gavin: Well tell me why I'm unlovable.
      Katrina: I'll take that one.

    • Gavin (to Stuart): I don't care about this Stuart. If you want to pursue this idiotic game with Skyler so it on your own time, but at work let's try to keep an attitude of professionalism. (calls over to Skyler) Skyler.
      Skyler: Yes.
      Gavin (shouting): WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?!

    • Katrina: ... so I'll let her (Skyler) starve on the street before she gets a penny from me.
      Harold: Honey, you'd be the last person on Earth I think someone would go to for money.

    • Gavin: Um Skyler I gave you the discount, but your credit card was rejected.
      Skyler: Weird, can you try it again?
      Gavin: I'd love to.
      Skyler: Ok.

    • Skyler: Ok Gavin I don't know how you're going to take this...
      Gavin: Yes...
      Skyler: But... I need Friday off. My friend's getting married and she wants me to throw the bachelorette party. Is it weird to get a strip per for a strip per?

    • Stuart: Oh my God, how am I going to look her (Skyler) in the eye?
      Gavin: That's ok, that's not where you usually look anyway.

    • Harold: Skyler came in today and greeted each of us by saying, "I love you." Stuart took it romantically and made an ass of himself.

    • Skyler: Oh and Stuart, I love you!
      Stuart: What did you say?
      Skyler: I love you Stuart.
      Stuart: Oh my God, I love you too!

    • Harold: What the hell was that?
      Katrina: What?
      Harold: Skyler just said she loved me.
      Katrina: Oh yeah, she said that to me too. At first I thought it was weird, but now I think its kind of sweet.
      Harold: Go with your first instinct. It's weird. People just don't say I love you for no reason.

    • Skyler: Harold, I love you.
      Harold: Well, what a nice thing to say. You really brightened up my day. Thank you. (grinning)
      Skyler: You're welcome.

    • Skyler: See that's one of the reasons I love you. You always make me laugh.
      Katrina (grinning): I don't know where I come up with this stuff.

  • NOTES (1)

    • This is the second season premiere of Stacked. It returned after a short 5 episode season one run as a mid-season comedy on FOX, and received a rating score of 3.8/6 in it's 8:30 pm time slot.


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