Season 2 Episode 1

Nobody Says I Love You

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 09, 2005 on FOX

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  • Skyler says 'I love you' to people in the shop...

    Nobody would have thought that Pam Anderson and her cast members could be so funny...

    Skyler starts saying 'I love you' to everyone and this results in many funny situations. First there is the brothers who run the shop - one is upset that he doesn't get an 'I love you' while the other one has fantasies about Skyler. Then Stuart also has some funny moments with an obsessed shopper and an older customer! Katrina thinks Skyler wants money, the Doctor thinks Skyler is dying and a delivery man thinks Skyler wants him...This episode is well written that even the smaller roles are acted to the hilt by the guest stars. A very funny episode!
  • If you didn't like this show, this episode will get you to fall in love with it.

    SO FUNNY!!! Oh, my god I couldn't believe it. Skyler walks in on a regular morning and starts by saying hello to Katrina then she says "I love you, Katrina" where Kat is stunned. During the whole episode, Kat thinks Skyler might want money, and being a friend Kat can't BUT give Skyler money.

    Later, Skyler says "I love you Harold" then to Stuart, who--sooo funnily--goes nuts. "Oh, my god. I love you too Skyler. Oh, my god I love you...Ever since you walked in..." when Harold later tells him she's been saying that to everybody else!

    Gavin walks in. "Morning. Sorry I'm late. There was an accident".
    "Oh, you should've seen the train wreck that happened in here," Kat points to Stuart who is nervous after realizing the whole Love-You thingy. When Gavin finds out, he thinks it is ridiculous then when Skyler talks to him privately in his office, he goes nuts for she didn't tell him she loved him!

    ...So Funny.
  • Skyler greets everyone in "Stacked" with I love you...except Gavin. Hilarity ensues as everyone searches for the reason(s) Skyler says it.

    I had my doubts about this show. Pam Anderson, right? But I was told that the show was wittier than one might expect, and it's this episode that shows us that. By this time the characters are established--we know how each character will react to "I love you" from Skyler. This episode uses different techniques to get us to laugh: characterization, like Gavin's frustration over not being included or Stuart's over-enthusiasm--to sitcom stalwarts like misunderstandings--Harold's and Kat's misinterpretations of things Skyler's said. Even making Pucci to sound dirty gives the audience some titilation other than Pam herself. Sure, having Kid Rock make an appearance seems like throwing in the kitchen sink, but the plot/dialogue is so tight that it can't help but to be funny. And since it's so sincere, something that I might not put in the same breath as Anderson, and done in such a way that we can connect, well, it gets an A and a laugh!
  • Pam tells everyone that she loves them, as a friend of course, and it is taken the wrong way. Those three words cause alot of trouble. Really funny.

    I thought that this episode was brilliant. The writing and the performances were wonderful. I really enjoyed this episode. I love to laugh and this show did it. Christopher Lloyd is just as funny as ever. Brian Scolaro had me in stitches. I wish I had taped it. I would surely watch it again.